Zhao Liying officially announced divorce: you must know these three truths of marriage.
Zhao Liying officially announced divorce: you must know these three truths of marriage.
May you all stay quietly in the firewood, rice, oil and salt and produce incense in the light food.

just now, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng Guan Xuan divorced!

news was announced, Weibo went viral. Zhao Liying's studio posted on the social platform that the two came together because of their work acquaintance and returned to friends because they were less separated from work.

later, Feng Shaofeng also formally responded:

the days are long, the past is good, and may the future be better.

the two chose to end amicably today, and a few numbers put an end to the marriage, which lasted only three years.

song, the singer left the show, leaving only two viewers.

I still remember the sensation when they announced their marriage in 2018, when Weibo crashed and moments browsed the screen was rare.

in fact, their marital status has been constantly concerned and speculated by all parties in the past two years.

although the two were photographed eating together some time ago, a statement today confirmed all previous bad guesses.

the true feelings of the past to the present "peaceful breakup" can not help but make people feel sad.

Marriage is much more fragile than we thought.

if you want to manage your happiness, please recognize these three truths as soon as possible!

sense of security in adulthood is all given by yourself

sense of security is something that everyone has different.

some people place sense of security on their lovers and become dodder, while others stand as poplars themselves.

before Zhao Liying married Feng Shaofeng, she worked alone in the entertainment industry for many years and was once known as "desperately San Niang".

after she married Feng Shaofeng, she did not regard "Mrs. Feng" as the label of her life.

she knows clearly that love and marriage are never the redemption of chaotic life, and sense of security has always been given by herself.

"in any industry, in any circle, if you want to do well and make progress, there will be no sense of security.

it is not that if a movie becomes popular today, it will be stable.

you always have to face the audience and always have higher requirements for roles and acting skills. "

therefore, she made a comeback after giving birth, filled her work schedule, and strived to see a good script and the roles she wanted to play.

she tries her best to balance the relationship between family and work, no matter what kind of relationship she is in, she always maintains her independence.

by contrast, Luo Zijun in the first half of my Life is willing to be a canary in a cage just because of "I raise you".

she reached out her clothes, opened her mouth, had a babysitter at home to take care of the children, and even brought a sip of water to her mouth.

Luo Zijun is deeply dependent on her husband and does not ask for her own growth, so when her husband betrays, she will cry and beg him not to leave.

in marriage, interdependence is important, but being yourself is more important.

as MiyazakiHayao once said:

"Don't rely on someone easily, it will become your habit. When parting comes, what you lose is not someone, but the pillar of your spirit."

learn to walk on your own no matter when and where. It will make you walk more calmly. "

it is not divorce that hurts children the most.

many people subconsciously think that divorce does great harm to their children, so even if they quarrel a little every three days and make a scene every five days, they are determined not to divorce.

do not realize that a marriage without love will do more harm to children.

on Zhihu, an anonymous netizen once told his story:

in my childhood, my only memory of home was my father's endless curses and beatings to my mother, and my mother's heartbreaking cries.

my mother often said that if it hadn't been for me, I would have divorced a long time ago, so from the beginning of my memory, I always thought that my mother's misfortune came from me, and my mother could only be relieved when I was gone.

suicidal thoughts have been in my mind for more than 20 years, and perhaps few people can understand how miserable it is for people like me to grow up.

I yearn for marriage, but I am afraid of marriage, of endless quarrels and abuse. It's really that contradictory.

Marriage is the decision of two adults, but often parents are unable to take responsibility for their actions, so the child becomes a shield.

the child is actually far more sensitive than we think, because his surviving marriage will only destroy the child's trust in family affection and even his vision for the future.

parents falling in love is the best gift and education for their children.

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but if two people's marriage really comes to an end, they might as well put aside their resentment against each other and love their children as always.

the meaning of family to children lies not in completeness, but in parents' complete love for their children.

Marriage is not everything in life,

divorce is not the end of life

Marriage is only a part of life for both men and women.

it cannot be an absolutely safe haven, nor is it as simple as carrying precepts and light promises.

if you manage wisely, you will naturally have a happy marriage, but not everyone is lucky enough to choose one person and decide for the rest of your life.

if this relationship does not nourish you, but instead consumes each other, you might as well let each other go and get rid of each other.

because in the end, whether it's marriage or divorce,The purpose is to get happiness.

just as life is not that hard, the breakup of a marriage is not that bad. Divorce is not the end of life, but it must be a new beginning.

Don't bet your life on marriage. Managing yourself is more important than anything else.

the best state of a relationship is that I have the courage to spend my life with you and am ready to leave at any time.

Love is a very light thing, but marriage is much more complicated, as Wong Kar-wai once said:

"I never thought that marriage was so complicated. I thought it would be good for one person to do it well, but it is not enough for two people to be together."

there are no shortcuts to a happy marriage, it all depends on business. No one can give you an eternal guarantee. If you want to have a thorough marriage, you must first understand it yourself.

No matter whether the marriage is cruel or not, I hope you will never give up your self-improvement and make yourself a better person.

everyone has a low point in life, no matter how desperate you are, don't give up on yourself, let alone give up your belief and pursuit of happiness just because you see the misfortunes of others.

May you all stay quietly in the firewood, rice, oil and salt and produce incense in the light rice.

if things go against your wishes, may you, like Yingbao, never lack the courage to go to the unknown and the courage to start all over again!

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