The pessimist is right, the optimist is lucky.
The pessimist is right, the optimist is lucky.
Correct pessimism is better than a smile.

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John Lennon has a passage:

"when I was five, my mother told me that the key to life was happiness. After school, people asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, and I wrote 'Happy'.

they said I misunderstood the topic, and I told them that they misunderstood life. "

We have all been naive and optimistic, and at first we were unworldly;

saw clearly the sufferings of life and began to frown.

but now we know that it is better to be pessimistic than to laugh.

pessimism is correct

Mu Xin once said: "in the final analysis, pessimism is a kind of foresight. People who are shortsighted cannot be pessimistic."

A friend who has been promoted is buying, knowing that he is not generous, but just wants to show off.

enter the marriage quickly, know very well that he is not love, just lonely, plus the family urges marriage …... These ideas are correct.

pessimists see through the nature of things.

come to the world for a visit, lively and noisy, it seems to change a lot, but dissatisfaction is the daily routine.

the days of wandering are naturally difficult, but settling down for a year, that is, the same days, repeated for 365 days.

work, home, two o'clock and one line, everyone is like this.

tired to paralysis every day, and then think about the pursuit of desire, money, it is not like something on the table.

and most of us are mortal, so it's hard to change anything, so we can only live.

there are some smart people in society who happen to understand this and are no longer optimistic.

We often find that pessimists' words are very deep, endless regrets, false reality, the meaning of life, any circle of friends, is very philosophical.

this kind of portrait thinkers, no temporary happiness can deceive them, but can always dig to the bottom and dig out the dark side.

they really see every bit of pain and live more soberly than anyone else.

without the pink fantasy bubble, pain is pain, anxiety is anxiety, if you are not in a good mood, it is because nothing good has happened.

they think through the troubles of the past, the present and the future. In their eyes, pessimism is not necessarily wrong. On the contrary, it may also be correct

optimistic, there is no natural

Nietzsche once said: "those who suffer have no right to be pessimistic!"

We often have delusions. People who have nothing to do with things are most likely to be optimistic. If they are out of sight of the suffering in front of them, they will have nothing to fear and just be foolish.

as a matter of fact, when you are alive, who doesn't come here?

those melancholy sadness, soul torture, high school diary have all seen it.

it is not difficult to see through the suffering. the difficult thing is that after seeing through the suffering, you are willing to love yourself, care about others, and cherish every minute.

and live a good life every moment, cherish everyone you meet, enjoy everything in life, where is there time to feel sorry for yourself?

Camus once said, "the greatest generosity to the future is to give everything to the present."

because the meaning of life, it is not waiting for, but depends on the treasure of each moment, slowly realized.

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many of those who have gone through great hardships do not see it, and they are even more optimistic than ordinary people.

Ma Xiaoyuan in "sending you a Little Red Flower" said that she was joking when she had a brain tumor at the age of 5.

optimists pay close attention to those little things, and their happiness is very simple, such as flowers and plants on the road, sausages in instant noodles, work done by sticking points.

as to what the truth is, it's not that they don't know, but they don't care.

since there is no solution in life, it is better to be aware of the truth.

because it is not easy to live well in the present, there is no need to worry about things that you can't see or touch.

because suffering has no value, you can only give it some value by standing up with a smile.

and in the storm, can let oneself enjoy life, stand up slowly, will only be a sentence: "the world is worth it."

many pessimists may be smart, but those who are really wise must be optimistic.

this optimism is not only stupid, but invincible.

the real ability is to turn pessimism into optimism

the survival of the fittest and the disparity between the rich and the poor have always existed.

the educated people in the world have no money, rich families are unhappy, there is no one who is not upset, pessimism is right, but it is useless.

pessimists laugh at themselves as cannon fodder and are really trampled underfoot.

optimists are encouraged to see the gap, and on the way up, they trample on the pessimists.

in fact, what the state of life is, only 10% is an objective factor, and the remaining 90% depends on your own reaction.

No matter how pessimistic the situation is, ask yourself a few questions first:

is it worth your sorrow for the things you worry about?

most of the time, what we are sad is just a little thing, which doesn't make a big difference in our whole life.

go in the direction you really want to go. Throw away people and things that are not worth it.

youIs it true what you're worried about?

A lot of worries are hypothetical: if we can't find this information, the work will not be finished today, and if the work is not finished, the boss will get angry and he will be fired.

in fact, nothing happened, but it is more difficult to think about it.

is there a change for the better in your troubles?

when things take a turn for the better, we often delay them.

as long as there is a little chance, don't waste time to worry, no matter whether he can do it or not, just do it.

the world is what you are.

the Law of attraction in Secret is through positive optimism to generate positive energy and attract the good things you want.

in fact, the world is still the same, but because after you accept the reality, you have a different mode of thinking and a different landscape.

to think optimistically when pessimistic, and to do pessimistic things optimistically is the best way to escape from difficulties.

the more you experience, the more you experience suffering, and the more you understand the importance of optimism.

but it takes a lifetime of knowledge to accept imperfections and live with a smile.

, collect happy moments later and fight back against bad days.