Do not like to see a person, no need to fall out, no need to speak bluntly, as long as.
Do not like to see a person, no need to fall out, no need to speak bluntly, as long as.
People who are mature in heart are pleasing to everyone.

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there is a law of interpersonal relationship: no matter which circle you go to, the probability of meeting annoying people is the same.

even if you block this, there will be new ones to make up.

Life comes and goes, and you will inevitably run into people you don't like.

since it is difficult to judge, it is better to build a quiet heart.

when you enlarge the pattern, you will put aside your prejudices against people; if you raise your horizons, your state of mind of looking at all things will reach a state of peace.

people who are mature in heart will like everyone.

annoying, it is the most expensive consumption

when I was chatting with a friend some time ago, she complained to me about the bad atmosphere in the company, which affected her work status.

when asked, it turned out that the colleague sitting next to her always browsed Weibo and watched videos at work, but showed that she had done a lot of things when reporting.

this makes her feel unfair to work overtime so diligently that she doesn't even have the motivation to achieve her target for this quarter.

"how should I report to my boss that she is fishing?" My friend asked me with a sad face.

I said, "suppose your colleague works overtime until the wee hours of the morning. Will you report to your boss that she is more diligent than everyone else?"

"of course not." My friend took it for granted.

"then your report is essentially just a report. You are not in order to protect the interests of the company, but because you do not like her to do less work than you, but take the same salary as you, psychological imbalance. "

after listening, my friend suddenly enlightened, so she took notes carefully when the colleague she didn't like to report and learned her reporting skills.

this made her an icing on the cake when she was already conscientious. She was quickly appreciated by her boss and put her in charge of a big project.

Liu Zhenyun said in "the top ten thousand sentences in one sentence": "when people get angry, they forget the original intention of things. They only want to be able to annoy others and delay themselves."

if friends continue to contend with the shortcomings of colleagues, they will only lose both sides. But only by reconciling with each other's advantages can we get the present mutual benefit.

hating someone is the most expensive expense in the world, because you pay your own heart.

true maturity is to see what is desirable beyond the shortcomings of others, and to find common ground beyond their differences.

Zhang Defen said: "if you like others, you will like yourself. This is the first step in loving yourself."

the light is tidbits, and the open is smoke.

it is written in "second Flowers": when you put aside your prejudices and camouflage, no longer anxiety and hope, your heart is really open.

instead of entangling with the current trivialities for a long time, it is better to concentrate on moving on.

put aside your dislike of others in order to reap inner happiness and Enron.

all you see is for yourself

there is such a story in the Arabian Nights:

A fisherman was overjoyed when he found a hundred gold coins while fishing. But he was afraid that the king would come to steal his gold coins, so he decided to hide the gold coins from the king.

but he could not restrain the joy on his face, and lest the king should be suspicious, he had to think of a way: he kept beating himself with a whip to avoid showing a happy expression and pretending to be miserable because of poverty.

but if he is as rich as a king, how can he covet a mere hundred gold coins?

the reason why the fisherman thought the king would steal was to impose the idea of longing for wealth on the king.

this is what psychology calls "projection effect".

Thackeray said:

"the world is a mirror in which everyone can see his own shadow."

Look for fabulous formal dresses for mature ladies and be the spotlight of crowed? Buy the dress you always dreamed of now.

sometimes the reason why you don't like others is that you don't have enough of yourself.

the writer Yi Shu has a saying that is quite right:

"when everyone talks about another person, there is always a basketful of lights that illuminate others but not themselves."

the most taboo thing about being a human being is to live in your own world and ask others to act according to your own standards.

use your own yardstick to measure the thickness of other people's lives, and look at other people's stories under your own microscope.

Bacon has a famous saying:

"people who always say bad things about others can never prove themselves to be good people."

Society is a melting pot, and everyone has a different side.

you can't make 1/10000 of him by commenting on others. But what is exposed is precisely, at a glance of yourself.

the so-called self-cultivation is to talk less about feelings and look more at the facts; the so-called EQ is to talk less about right and wrong and focus on yourself.

as an old saying goes, "Dust in the eyes is narrow in the three worlds, but there is nothing in the heart and a wide bed."

also push open a window, looking down from the tall building, you can see the beautiful scenery. But what you can see from the bottom is mud all over the floor.

this shows that if people do not have height, all they see is problems.

there is light in the eyes, and all eyes can see is the scenery. The heart is barren, and flowers are no different from weeds.

it is the same as being a human being. Only by putting aside prejudices can we enlarge the pattern and move towards true maturity.

No matter how big the world is, it is no bigger than tolerance

there is a classic passage on the Internet:

"I thought other people respected me because I was good. Slowly I understand that others respect me because they are excellent. "

I think deeply that good people know how to respect others.

Zhuangzi said in "Xiaoyaoyou": "the imperial fungus does not know Ruishuo, and the cricket does not know the spring and autumn."

people who have not seen the world will use their only knowledge to deconstruct what is difficult for others to understand, and misunderstandings will arise.

on the contrary, truly mature people always think from the point of view of others.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "the gentleman is harmonious but different."

means that in the eyes of a true gentleman, when I oppose your ideas, it does not mean that I deny your personality; I respect who you are, but I do not necessarily agree with your ideas.

the world is so big that everyone has the right to choose a different way of life. But no matter how big the world is, it is no bigger than a tolerant and compassionate heart.

A truly mature person who insists on being different is a maverick. To understand the differences of others is to accept all kinds of rivers.

heard a story:

A Zen master wants to choose one of his two apprentices as his successor, but the two apprentices are very good, and the Zen master is very embarrassed.

one day, the Zen master finally came up with a way. He called his two disciples to him and told them to go to the woods to find the most perfect leaf. Both men obeyed.

the second apprentice went out for a long time and finally returned empty-handed. He said to the master, "I saw a lot of leaves, but I couldn't pick out the most perfect one."

there are no perfect people in this world, only embracing imperfect minds.

as Kant said: "I respect any independent soul, although I do not agree with some, but I can understand as much as possible."

if you compare your heart to heart more, your self-cultivation will rise to a height; if you have more consideration for others, you will broaden your mind.

be tolerant and interact with each other, get along with respect, and believe that life will repay your true maturity.

it is better to practice physical discipline than to choose people carefully.

there is a saying in Malaysia:

the stars in the sky can be counted, but the soot on his face can't be seen.

A man's greatest enemy in his life is not others, but himself.

the most unworthy thing in the world is to pretend to be the mistakes of others, but unaware that there is still a lot of room for progress under your feet.

if a person sees every day, it is the mistakes of others, and he hears every day that it is the shortcomings of others. How can he have the spare power to reflect on himself and then make progress?

like a passage by Cai Kangyong very much:

when you see that others are not doing well, you may feel comfortable in your heart and get a sense of superiority that "I am smarter than him".

but the really smart person is to observe why others can't do well, and then watch out for yourself and try not to make the same mistake.

those who only like to boo should plan to be spectators off the stage all the time, while those who are wary of themselves are preparing to stand on the stage one day.

just secretly laughing at other people's zero answers doesn't help you get a full score.

it is better to take the other person as a reference sample and remind yourself to avoid falling into the same pit as him.

there are words in the Analects of Confucius:

"there is nothing wrong with a villain, but a gentleman often passes."

means: the villain always feels that he is not at fault, and that it is others who are at fault. Even if there is nothing wrong with noble people, they will reflect on themselves all the time.

there is no need to rush to rub the sand that falls into your eyes. It is better to keep an eye at the bottom of your heart to look at yourself.

people who know how to introspect will turn other people's mistakes into their own advantages and keep moving forward in reflection.

as the saying goes: those who complain are sleepy, and those who reflect on themselves are on their own.

if you hate someone, it means he is still in your field of vision. Only by growing up can you keep him out of your sight.

when you understand the power of introspection, people and things you don't like will become the road you pave for yourself.

when you practice yourself step by step in the long distance of introspection, when you look back at the person you don't like, he is just a piece of dust overlooking you.

because you have achieved real maturity and stood on a new level of life.

Yang Jiang said:

"We were so eager for the waves of fate that we finally found that the most beautiful scenery in life was the calmness and calmness of our hearts."

May you broaden your mind and be tolerant without being critical; stand at a distance and look down on yourself without feeling sleepy; and keep your actions focused rather than empty talk.

believe that the whole world will be kind to you. All I can see is the scenery. Wherever you go, there is sunshine.