New function of Wechat: I know you deleted me.
New function of Wechat: I know you deleted me.
Cherish it when you meet it, let it go if you miss it.


recently, Wechat officially tested a new feature: one-way friend detection.

then you can also delete them in bulk.

in response, netizens said that the new feature is very friendly and can't wait to try it.

because of this feature, you will know who deleted you in one direction.

you don't have to look at a line in each other's moments. I don't know, so guess whether the other person is still a good friend or not.

there is no need to deny or doubt yourself because your friends have been deleted without your knowledge.

this new feature is a relief for people who have been deleted.

have you ever had your friends deleted unilaterally?

not long ago, I was deleted by a friend who has known me for ten years.

I sent her a message and wanted to ask her to go home with me during the Dragon Boat Festival.

unexpectedly, as soon as the message was sent, the system reminded me:

the other party has turned on friend verification. You are no longer a friend of the other party.

I was so confused that I didn't know what I had done wrong.

look through the chat records to find out why.

chat notes show that the last time we spoke was in January last year.

she asked me if I was free this weekend and if I wanted to go out and meet.

I didn't reply to her in time, and she didn't ask again.

apart from that, there is no contradiction between us.

it's just that after graduating from college, we really don't get in touch with each other.

everyone has a new life and a new circle.

We communicate from once a day at first to the next few months, not even once a year.

the departure of adults is silent.

as the passage says:

"you didn't reply to the last message I sent, and I didn't send it again.

since then, we have been passers-by with each other. "

it's just that people who are left on the way are always very sad.

the feeling of being deleted as a friend for no reason is like being sentenced to death in the ta world.

"Why did you suddenly delete me when I didn't do anything?"

"am I really so bad that I don't even have a place to be a friend on your Wechat list?"

from disbelief at first, to anger, and then slowly to ashes.

finally had to accept:

in the adult world, the beginning and end of a relationship are unexpected and unexpected.

A real farewell is not outside the pavilion or by the ancient road.

just in the morning as usual, some people were left behind yesterday.

there is always a meeting and an unexpected love in this world.

of course, there are unexpected goodbye and merciless end.

this is true of friendship, and so is love.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu:

how does it feel to be deleted by someone you like?

some people say: since then, the number of times of posting on moments has decreased.

some people say: thinking that it doesn't matter for the rest of my life, I cry.

some people say: it was probably at that moment that I suddenly understood that the original feelings really could not be forced.

I'm glad to meet you, but I'm sorry I just met you.

my friend Peach likes a boy for two years. He confesses twice and is rejected twice.

for the first time, the boy just broke up.

Peaches said she liked him, and he said he didn't want to talk about feelings yet.

for the second time, it has been half a year since the boy broke up, and peach is ready to act again.

before the confession was spoken, the boy announced a new relationship.

when he saw the group photo he posted in moments, Peach realized:

it's not that he doesn't want to fall in love, he just doesn't want to fall in love with her.

Peach sent him a message in pain, wanting to wish him a happy break.

the boy suddenly said to her:

"Don't send me a message again, my girlfriend will be angry when she sees it."

deleted her before waiting for the peach to reply.

Peach cried and said:

"in so many tired days, I think he is on the run.

the price of heartbeat is to bear heartbreak.

but what a pity, what a pity.

do not want to break up, do not want to lose the loss.

unwillingly compromised, reluctantly accepted.

those who try their best to love can only do so in the end.

since people who are not meant to be together, why arrange for them to meet?

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maybe I owe too much in my last life, but I have to pay it back in this life.

as the saying goes:

all encounters in this world are either gifts or lessons.

Love always comes from love.

ends in love that cannot last long.

there is a saying:

"every relationship in the world is like food.

there is a production date and a deterioration date.

when you get it, you should be happy that it is fresh.

when you lose it, you should feel at ease with its efforts. "


the relationship that should end, let it end.

Friendship or love.

you feel sick, suspicious, can't eat, can't sleep, and only torture yourself.

Don't be angry with those who leave or hurt you.

wishing each other a good life is also a thank you for his name's dominance in your life for many years.

there are too many things with no ending, we all have to get used to it, meet and part.

cherish when you meet, and let it go when you miss it.

the night is still long, and so is the rest of my life.

We need to save some strength and wait for the rest of us.