The most advanced display of wealth for the rest of life: family harmony, books in the belly, and a way under your feet.
The most advanced display of wealth for the rest of life: family harmony, books in the belly, and a way under your feet.
May we have love, something to do and something to look forward to for the rest of our lives.

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time is too thin, fingers too wide, unwittingly, half of life has passed.

along the way, I have experienced a lot and seen through a lot.

I used to think that the greatest success in life is to have a successful career and live a carefree life.

now I find that true happiness lies more in inner peace and prosperity.

A man's life is better than a thousand riches with a harmonious family, a book in his belly and a road under his feet.

Family harmony

in the TV series "Little willing", there is a plot that makes people feel deeply.

Nan, played by Zhang Guoguo, was the vice president of the design institute before his retirement, with peaches and plums all over the world.

but the life of this successful person in the eyes of everyone is far from as happy as everyone thinks.

daughter Nan Li and stepdaughter Tian Yulan have always been at odds with each other. As long as they get together, there will be constant conflicts at home.

the two people either compare the conditions openly and secretly with their children, or complain that their father is biased.

every family gathering starts noisily, but it always ends up in discord.

on several occasions, the two daughters slammed the door angrily with their children when they disagreed.

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the Don was left alone on the sofa, sighing sadly.

in contrast, the Mi Tao family, another group of families in the play, did not have much money, but the family had a good time.

in order to give her daughter a better education, Mi Tao's father and mother each worked two jobs.

Mi Tao, who is sensible, understands his parents' hard work and studies late into the night every day. He also asks for giving up cram school.

despite the lack of money, the three members of the family never blushed, but always held hands and faced the difficulties of life together.

they do not live in luxury houses, they do not use luxury goods, and they are too embarrassed to eat fruit.

but the pictures of all the families together make people feel warm in their hearts.

I can't help thinking of a sentence:

"if you are estranged from your family, you will not be interested in living in Gaowuhuatang; if your family is harmonious, you will be satisfied with living in a bamboo hedge cottage."

when people are young, they always feel that the greatest success in life is to make a world out there.

to a certain age, if you see more chicken feathers in the place of life, you will find:

A family and a beautiful family means more than anything else.

No matter how much money a person has, it is not worth enviing if his family quarrels constantly.

Family harmony is the highest display of wealth in the second half of life.

the temperature of life is only when little things are not noisy, and only when great things are of one mind can life have a rush.

the warmth and laughter flowing at home are precious that no amount of money can buy.

collect books in the belly

the other day, I saw

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are very touching.

in a floor of the Wuhan Library, there are a bunch of old people who love books, rain or shine.

although some of them are unable to move, they come to study on time every day on crutches.

some old people are blind and can't read the words in the book clearly.

people sometimes visit each other's tables, flipping through each other's borrowed books and newspapers, while exchanging their latest reading experiences:

there are poems and songs, classical literature, as well as life understanding and recent current events.

like the caption of the blogger under the photo:

"through their simple clothes and weak bodies, I saw the thickness of their hearts."

the more people I have seen over the years, the more I feel:

True wealth lies not in how much wealth you have, but in your inner calmness and prosperity.

although some people look ordinary in clothes, they have extraordinary speech and outstanding temperament.

with books in your belly, it will always be the nobility of the lowest threshold and the highest level of wealth.

as the saying goes:

"No matter how much material satisfaction is only what the body needs, spiritual prosperity is the real superior."

people in this life, only reading and growth, the most to live up to.

the wisdom that melts into bone and blood is the greatest strength for us to walk in the world.

there is a road under your feet

We always stare at other people's way for fear of being overtaken and living a tired and unhappy life.

but forget that our mission in life is to take the road under our feet.

since he translated his first book at the age of 18, he has never stopped on the road of translation.

but the rhythm of others has never disturbed my husband's heart.

countless days and nights, as long as accompanied by a book, a pen, a tea, devoted to the sea of translation, he will be happy and satisfied.

I think of a sentenceWords:

"what is happiness? Not what a good life, what a rich material life.

as long as you listen to my heart, do not covet it, and feel satisfied, it is the greatest happiness. "

never compare your work with others, as long as you are diligent, every way can reach the other side of life;

never compare children with others. On the way of growing up, nothing is more important than peace and happiness.

never compare your income with others. No matter how much money you have, you can't buy someone who loves you and a warm home.

after all, the world is our own and has nothing to do with others.

be true to your heart, do what you are doing, and take the road under your feet.

the greatest happiness is to live a good life at your own pace.

Yishu has a saying that has always been deep in my heart:

"when I was forty, I was in good health, with a little savings, a considerate husband and obedient children.

have a job that you really like, which is success. You don't have to be famous or get rich. "

in one's life, the house does not have to be big, but family and temperament are the most important.

you don't have to live a better life than many people. Contentment is happiness.

May we have love, something to do and something to look forward to for the rest of our lives.

Happiness is hidden in the brow, happiness is written in the corner of the mouth, and prosperity is in the heart.