Take care of yourself (this article is priceless) ​
Take care of yourself (this article is priceless) ​
If the heart does not move, what can the wind do?

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keep your mouth shut

there is such a story:

one of Socrates' students hurriedly found him and said, "teacher, I have something to tell you."

Socrates quickly interrupted him and said, "what you told me, have you gone through three sieves?"

the student shook his head in bewilderment. Socrates said, "the first sieve is, is this true?"

the student bowed his head in shame and said, "I can't guarantee the truth of what I heard on the street."

Socrates went on to say, "the second sieve is what you say is well-intentioned?"

the student was very ashamed and said gloomily, "No, on the contrary."

Socrates said the third sieve. Is this really important? The student said, "it's not really important."

Socrates mused: "since it is not important, the words are not well-intentioned and can not guarantee their authenticity, it can not be said at will."

it is said in the Analects of Confucius: "if you listen to Taoism, you will abandon virtue."

it is immoral and spurned to spread hearsay at will.

most of the time, the trouble we have is the source of some unwarranted language, and the two words that hurt people the most are the language.

the power of language is like a virus, inconspicuous at first glance, but actually deadly.

born between heaven and earth, you should learn to be cautious in your words and deeds and don't say nonsense what you shouldn't say.

learn to "look at others' strengths, help others' difficulties, remember others' advantages", do not judge others at will, do not slander others behind their backs, only by keeping your mouth shut can you fix your own heart.

mind your own business

some people say: "there are only three things in the world, my own business, other people's business, and God's business."

the reason why many people are unhappy is precisely because they like to worry about other people's things, worry about God's things, but can't do their own things well.

Zhuangzi Ying Emperor tells such a story:

there are two emperors in the South and North Seas. They often visit the central emperors' homes. The Chinese and British emperors, named Chao, are very hospitable and often entertain them warmly.

one day, the emperors of the North and South Sea had a whim: "everyone has seven orifices, but chaos does not. Let's help him chisel them out."

in this way, the two well-intentioned emperors helped KAOS chisel out the seven tricks, but KAOS died on the spot.

in the constant words of awakening the World, it is said: "if you don't mind your own business, don't talk hard if you don't speculate."

it's best not to interfere in things that have nothing to do with you, otherwise it's easy to get into trouble.

in this life, people only need to take care of three things: do their own things, be their own dignitaries; do not mind other people's affairs, be an outsider; do not worry about the things of God, and be an optimist.

mind your own business and take care of yourself is the best way to practice.

take care of your heart

the four trainings of Leafan says: "things change with the heart, and the environment is born from the heart."

the essence of all things in the world comes from their own heart, if the heart is clear, everything is good, if the heart is full of haze, everything will change.

therefore, instead of complaining about the world, change yourself.

once upon a time, there was a Zen master who found that his young apprentice was so confused that he could not pour tea well or treat guests well.

so he asked, "what do you want to learn?"

the little apprentice said, "I want to be a great Zen master traveling around."

the Zen master said with a smile, "if you can't even treat guests and pour water well, how can you become a great Zen master?" If you want to manage others, you must first manage yourself, do a good job in the present, and become more and more sophisticated. "

the same is true of life. Thinking too much will only confuse yourself, so it's better to simply do what you should do right now.

as the saying goes, "if the heart does not move, what can the wind do?"

be clear about your goals and strengthen your heart. even if there are thousands of voices in the world, what does it have to do with you?

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Life is a spiritual practice. Only on the way of spiritual practice can we constantly improve and sharpen ourselves.

only take good care of your heart and don't think too much.

mind your own business, don't meddle in other people's lives at will; keep your mouth shut and be cautious in your words and deeds.

this kind of life can go farther and farther, more and more smoothly!