Zhang Guorong died 18 years ago: spring should be very good, if you are still there
Zhang Guorong died 18 years ago: spring should be very good, if you are still there
The world still looks like that, and there is no Zhang Guorong in the world.

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on April 1, 2003, April Fool's Day, it rained sporadically in Hong Kong.

Leslie Cheung got off the phone with his agent and flew down from the 24th floor of Man Va Hotel in Hong Kong.

play, Cheng Dieyi cuts his own throat in the arms of Duan Xiaolou in the disguise of Yu Ji; outside the play, his brother, who has played other people's stories all his life, chose a cold and determined way to end his life.

since then, there has been a lack of a "handsome prince in the turbid world" in this world, and thousands of people have a trace of "Lin Hua Xie Chunhong, too in a hurry" in the hearts of thousands of people.

with the passage of time, many people still miss Zhang Guorong on April 1 every year.

for 18 years, we have never forgotten our brother's splendor, not in the past, not now, nor in the future.

"do not believe in fate, but only believe in hard work with both hands"

Leslie Cheung was born into a wealthy businessman's family in Hong Kong on September 12, 1956.

his father, Zhang Huohai, was a famous tailor in Hong Kong at that time. Hollywood stars such as Hitchcock and Marlon Brando all asked him to make suits. Her mother, Pan Yuyao, was also a young lady born in a large family.

although born in a wealthy family, Zhang Guorong summed up his childhood like this: "there is nothing worth remembering, nothing worth remembering."

when he was a child, he was full of regrets, and he couldn't let it go all his life.

Zhang Guorong's father had more than one wife when he was young, and his career was busy, so he seldom went home except for holidays during the year.

and the mother takes care of all the things in the family, big and small, and takes care of her love for her children.

the only one who has always cared about and taken care of Zhang Guorong's life is the sixth Sister, a servant at home.

Zhang Guorong and Sister Liu

Zhang Guorong went abroad to study alone at the age of 13. He thought he could "follow his father's career," but because his father was paralyzed at home after drinking too much, he had to interrupt his studies and returned to Hong Kong.

in order to make a living, he began to work outside: selling shoes, selling clothes, singing in bars and doing chores in law firms.

he is like a brave lion, shuttling through fearlessness, confusion and stubbornness.

God loved him after all, and although the door of being a tailor had been closed, another window had opened.

in 1977, Zhang Guorong took part in a singing competition by chance, and an English song "Amarican Pie" made his debut in second place.

Leslie Cheung sings "American Pie"

Leslie Cheung sings "Monica"

dormant for ten years, once butterfly changes.

if Zhang Guorong's debut was an accident, then his fame is inevitable.

when countless people are held hostage by the torrent of fate, some people fall into darkness and difficulties, and finally their dreams are disillusioned; others chop through the waves, do not believe in fate, do not admit defeat, and finally find the source of peach blossoms.

Zhang Guorong belongs to the latter.

"No one can drive me away and make me leave this business. If I really don't do this, it will be my own honorable retirement."

in 1989, at the height of his career, he held 33 farewell concerts at the Red Pavilion and announced his withdrawal from the singing industry.

Leslie Cheung 1989 Farewell Concert

people are shocked, surprised, sorry, puzzled. Have mixed feelings.

No one knows why he insisted on leaving, but Zhang Guorong's mortal years of silence have officially begun.

"I am who I am, fireworks with different colors"

Zhang Guorong, who quit singing, did not leave the entertainment industry, but changed his life goal from entertainment star to artist.

now it seems that he is successful.

from singer to actor, every role created by Zhang Guorong can be called a classic. He is not what he acts like, but what he plays.


heroic character

, he is Song Zijie, who is upright and full of blood.

"do you believe in God?"

"believe that I am God."

in the Ghost of the Beautiful Girl, he is an infatuated scholar Ning Caichen.

"Shili Pinghu frost is all over the sky, and an inch of green hair worries about his prime of life. They only envy mandarin ducks but not immortals when they look at each other in the shape of the moon.

he is 12 young flirtatious boys in Rouge buckle.

"is there is jealousy between heaven and earth, deliberately teasing, calling for points and impermanence, called fate ethereal, not by people at all?"

he is Xu Zi, a prodigal son who yearns for freedom and is rebellious and unruly in the True Story of Alfie.

Xu Tsai has been searching for the whereabouts of his own mother all his life, and a monologue in the movie is like a portrayal of his life:

"I have heard that there is a kind of bird in the world that has no feet. It can only fly and fly all the time. When it is tired, it sleeps in the wind. This kind of bird can only go to the ground once in its life, and that is when it dies."

he is the feminine and lingering generation name Cheng Dieyi in Farewell my Concubine.

" means a lifetime! A year, a month, a day, an hour is not a lifetime! "

he is also Rick, a split personality and crazy psychopath killer in the King of the Gun.

"guns don't kill people, only people do."


some people admire his magnificent style, some admire his youthful spirit, and others admire his warmth and moist.

he is a "god" who breaks away from the earthly world and does not eat the smoke and fire of the world, and he is also a gentle and talented ordinary person.

he likes to smoke white Marlboros, eats fingers like a child, jokes with his lover, and sits quietly by the French window of the Peninsula Hotel in a daze.

he is also a little childish, will lose his temper and smash things, dare to refuse Hollywood's invitation, dare to contradict the paparazzi who take pictures secretly, and will be annoyed by his out of shape.

he is still him, the different fireworks.

"We all have to do it, the truest ourselves."

A radio station once launched a vote for "the reason to love Hong Kong most", and the one who ranked first was Leslie Cheung.

now, 18 years later, people still miss Zhang Guorong. I think in addition to missing his talent, his elegance and his tenderness, it is more about the light on him.

in his life, he has always brought everyone the most sincere and tender side.

he never bullies others because of his identity, nor does he mind being robbed of his job. On the contrary, he often promotes new people.

when Koo Tien-Lok was still a walk-on in TVB, Zhang Guorong made no secret of his appreciation and blessed him in many ways. Later, Koo Tien-Lok became famous with Yang's role in the Divine carving and chivalrous Men.

Zhang Weijian mistakenly called Zhang Guorong and dialed Zhang Guorong by mistake. Zhang Guorong was not annoyed but spoke for him. Later, Zhang Weijian even created "Sun WuKong" and "trinket" of the popular generation.

even before Zhang Xueyou became the god of singing, Zhang Guorong took care of him as if he were a younger brother.

before dawn became king, Zhang Guorong earnestly taught him how to be a man and develop.

when Karen Mok first made her debut, Zhang Guorong not only protected her, but also won a lot of opportunities for her.

the phrase "Louis Koo can do it in movies and I recommend Gu Juji in terms of singing" made two grateful people remember Leslie Cheung for more than 20 years.

Gu Juji choked up several times when singing "Dear Leslie"

as Zhang Guorong's eldest sister said, "people in this circle respect him very much!"

like the sun, he has illuminated the lives of many people, but he has been trapped in loneliness forever.

"I haven't done anything bad in my life, why are you doing this to me?"

maybe this is the April Fool's Day joke that God played on us. In April, when spring is waning, take my brother away without leaving a piece of sleeves.

"Spring should be fine, if you are still there."

that day, he inadvertently dialed Zhang Guorong's number.

on the other end of the phone, a familiar voice rang: "Please leave a message." (please leave a message)

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Tony Leung was in a trance, and this time he left a message: "Let's start over."

this is the classic line in the cooperation between the two at that time, but the original story is long gone, and there is only one person left to see the waterfall in South America.

the world has been in a hurry for decades, and in a twinkling of an eye it is April 1 again.

if time had restarted, and without that leap, he would have been a lovely old urchin celebrating his 65th birthday this year.

if there is an if, you say, how good it would be.

18 years later, my brother must have grown into another teenager in another world.

what he leaves us is that there was an extremely beautiful man who came to this world.

his name is Zhang Guorong.

was born on September 12, 1956 and died on April 1, 2003.