Yue Yunpeng rejected Faye Wong's friend application: how important is adults' sense of size?
Yue Yunpeng rejected Faye Wong's friend application: how important is adults' sense of size?
A sense of size is a good thing. May you and I both have it.

if you have a chance to add an idol friend, will you add it?

I think the answer for most people is probably "yes", or even a little ecstatic.

but there is a person who directly rejected the application for adding friends to an idol he had loved for many years.

recently, Yue Yunpeng recalled a part of his past in the variety show:

he reveals that he is a fan of Faye Wong. He has expressed his love for Faye Wong bluntly on many occasions, and he can sing every song of Faye Wong.

had learned that he had the opportunity to share the stage with Wang Fei, and he specially embroidered the words "specially made for meeting Wang Fei" on his clothes to show his sincerity.

but when Wang Fituo's friend asked Yue Yunpeng if he wanted contact information, Yue Yunpeng rejected Wang Fei's friend application.

the guests present were very surprised, but Yue Yunpeng was very sober:

"this is not a bridge between me and her. I don't need anything to build. Just look at her from a distance."

Yue Yunpeng knows well,

really like not to disturb, not to paste gold, the stage to the auditorium is their best distance-"because I love you, one meter away from you"!

when people get along with others, discretion is very important

Why can some people make life better and better and walk more and more smoothly on the road of life?

compared to character and ability, "sense of proportion" is very important. To put it more colloquially, it means "knowing all the time".

Yue Yunpeng has developed from a hotel dishwasher to a well-known crosstalk performer, and has won high praise from all kinds of people in the entertainment circle. In addition to his own efforts, what is even more commendable is his well-known intelligence.

similarly, Jia Ling, who comes from the same grass-roots background as Yue Yunpeng, won the first place in the online voting list of "favorite female star TOP20", although she does not have a rebellious face and graceful figure.

Jia Ling, why are you so popular?

partner Shen Teng once joked: "Jia Ling's biggest advantage is that men like her and women don't envy her."

in the final analysis, it is nothing but the kindness and sense of proportion from the bottom of my heart.

in a program, "Cunninghamia lanceolata" played by Jia Ling and "Daoming Temple" played by idol Yan Chengxu starred in an alternative romantic idol play.

after their "sweet hug", Jia Ling ran away from Yan Chengxu like a child and rushed back to the viewing table.

she did not take the opportunity to add drama to herself, nor did she have any excessive intimacy with Yan Chengxu.

her appropriate sense of size not only achieves the variety effect, but also does not make the audience feel uncomfortable.

humorous and measured, it is no wonder that she has always been loved by the public.

this year, Jia Ling became the highest-grossing female director in Chinese film history with a film "Hello, Li Huanying."

in the final analysis, when dealing with others, having a sense of proportion is not only a respect for others, but also a constraint on yourself.

do everything with a certain degree, no matter how much you like someone, don't disturb others for love.

this kind of thing, once beyond the "degree" in consciousness, is to lose the sense of propriety, which will only push the other party further and create a greater estrangement.

A partner who has no sense of size,

how terrible is it?

in the past two days, a topic has appeared on Weibo's hot search:

# how terrible is a partner who loses his sense of proportion #

. The topic has been read by half a billion people and discussed by 140000 people.

in fact, there are only two pictures of a girl talking about her relationship with her boyfriend for eight years in a flat and straightforward way, and the process of giving up the relationship after seeing her boyfriend having an affair with other girls.

but like most people who check her partner's phone, she can't get out of her boyfriend's phone with a smile.

one night her boyfriend fell asleep and several messages popped up on his mobile phone. Out of curiosity, the girl took a look at it.

the person who sent the message is her boyfriend's female classmate. there is no ugly content, but some daily greetings and sharing.

what just made her uncomfortable was that she found that her boyfriend and female classmates had been chatting every day for the past year.

every week, the two go out for dinner alone, and when their boyfriend goes to England, they even buy something for their female classmates.

when I celebrate my birthday with myself, I still reply to the messages of my female classmates a few minutes after class.

obviously, this has gone beyond the relationship of ordinary friends.

the girl didn't cry and didn't make any noise. She combed the eight-year-old relationship carefully and separated from each other decisively and resolutely.

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after reading this story, some people may think that it is just a casual chat, and there is no real affair, as for it?

in fact, that love quietly changes when boys are always sharing their daily life with other members of the opposite sex.

this kind of communication, which is drifting away from the girlfriend and has no sense of boundary and sense of size, is undoubtedly the most painful blow to the intimate relationship.

I watched a video on Douyin: pick up food for the other half of a friend, and then watch how everyone reacts.

without exception, the other half of both parties will immediately "change their faces" and then stare viciously at the person picking up food.

you see, love is a very personal thing, even if it is a good friend, the sense of boundaries can not be lost.

keeping distance from other members of the opposite sex is opposite to others.Half of the responsibility is more respect for others.

No matter how good the relationship is, you should also understand the sense of division

anthropologist Hall once divided interpersonal communication into four distances:

Public distance (3.7-7.6m): between unrelated or unknown people.

Social distance (1.2-3.7m): can shake hands and have a friendly conversation with each other.

personal distance (0.46m-1.22m): the distance from a friend with a slight sense of proportion.

intimacy distance (0.15-0.44m): family and loved ones feel each other's body temperature and breath.

No matter what the relationship is, we must grasp the boundaries. Once we lose our sense of beauty, freedom and respect, we will lose our sense of beauty.

Please always be vigilant and share with your friends the following behaviors.

No matter how good the relationship is, don't expose people's weaknesses, talk about people's privacy, or make jokes casually

as the saying goes, pockmarked people are afraid of pits, bald men are afraid of light, and dwarves are born to hate sky height.

making fun of other people's privacy or flaws is ostensibly to make fun of each other, but in fact, it is to expose other people's weaknesses and to sprinkle salt on other people's wounds.

this kind of thing, no matter who happens to, is unbearable, for a long time, naturally no one wants to have anything to do with it.

when someone shows you a photo of your mobile phone, don't slide left and right, control your hand

Mobile phones are very personal things, which are generally not shown to others, and many people even add passwords to their phones.

people show you pictures out of trust in you, and you look at what they show you.

if you really can't suppress your inner curiosity, you must first ask the other person's consent. The photo is small, but if you lose trust, it is big.

understand what you are saying, and when the other person gives you a vague answer, stop asking questions

some people know each other very well and always like to get to the bottom of each other and want to know everything about each other.

but everyone has his own secret. If others are willing to talk to you, they will naturally say. When others don't want to talk, don't ask foolishly.

A man should learn to watch his words and know when to ask and when not to ask.

A true friend is not to "break the casserole and ask to the end". No matter how good the relationship is, you should also know how to respect other people's privacy!

friends should have a sense of boundary, and friends with partners should pay more attention to the distance between friends and the opposite sex

not keeping proper boundaries with the opposite sex is a great emotional harm to your partner.

No matter how pure the friendship is, once you have a partner, you should pay attention to the yardstick of communication.

even if you don't think too much, it will inevitably cause unnecessary misunderstandings and contradictions to others.

Zhou Guoping said: "A sense of size is a sign of mature love. It knows how to abide by the necessary distance between people."

people who have a sense of proportion "go forward when they can see it and retreat in the face of difficulties". What they say is just right, and what they don't say is just right for people to understand.

A sense of size is a good thing. May you and I both have it.