Your tone determines your luck.
Your tone determines your luck.
A person with a good tone will not have too bad luck.

A person's character and fate are all reflected in his mouth:

speech reflects character; tone reveals one's heart.

good or bad luck in one's life is hidden in your tone.

how many misunderstandings stem from improper tone

there is a Buddhist saying: "mouth is a hurtful axe, words are tongue cutters."

how many relationships there are between people all die of improper tone.

therefore, people who can't control their tone are easy to misunderstand others, and life is a mess.

the Book of Rites records such a thing:

during the warring States period, there was a serious famine in the State of Qi, which starved to death.

so there was a kind-hearted rich man. Qian ao prepared a lot of meals and distributed them one by one to the victims passing by.

at noon, Qian ao saw a man staggering in the distance. Recently, I found that the man was skinny and slow with hunger. He barely raised his sleeve and covered his face with one hand, and kept moaning in his mouth. He looked very suffering.

without thinking too much, Qian ao held up his meal and shouted, "Hello!" Come here and give you something to eat! "

Qian ao found his tone inappropriate and hastened to explain, but the man firmly refused to accept it and eventually starved to death.

this is the origin of "do not eat food given away".

an inappropriate tone makes people complain if it is light, or it hurts people when it is heavy.

all say: "the speaker is not intentional, the listener is intentional."

obviously wants to express concern, but because of its blunt tone, it sounds bossy;

obviously want to ask for help, but because of the rude tone, it sounds amazing;

obviously wanted to praise sincerely, but because of the harsh tone, it sounded aggressive.

misunderstandings between people are often not because the words are poor, but because the words do not reach the meaning.

is different, the results are often very different.

speak softly.

when learning to say "can you do it?" Replace it with "you can do it!"

how did you get back? Replace it with "you're back!"

is to change the tone and improve the fengshui around you.

to be a man, to learn to change questioning into exclamations must be more than rhetorical questions, and you are talking well.

your tone is what you look like on the inside

Buddhists believe: "if you have good thoughts in your heart, you will spit lotus flowers in your mouth."

is the most accurate thermometer in language, reflecting the truest appearance of your heart.

A good tone comes from the kindness of the heart. Can make others comfortable, but also can make their own peace of mind.

in the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a great good man named Wang Si Dong.

once, a thief stole his house and was caught by Wang Sidong. And recognized that this man was the neighbor's son.

instead of reprimanding him, Wang Sidong asked softly, "you have always been sensible, how could you steal?"

the thief sighed, "it's not forced by life."

Wang Sidong took out ten copper coins and said to him gently:

"here's the money. But now it's getting late, and if you take it out like this, it's easy to arouse suspicion. You can take it and leave at dawn. "

Wang Sidong's tone and behavior made the thief greatly ashamed, repented, and finally changed his ways.

it is often said that each other comes from the heart. In fact, a person's tone is even more so.

is a true portrayal of one's inner world.

those who are arrogant in the heart seldom have a humble tone, while those who are vulgar and contemptuous in the heart can hardly be gentle in tone.

the tone of those who are rich in heart is mostly certain, while that of those who are poor in heart is mostly resentful.

the sound is generated by the heart, and the sound is made by man.

to be a man, the tone will be soft if you have peace of mind.

your tone of voice is your luck

some people say, "if you speak in a good tone, you will be lucky when something happens."

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I think so.

language is easy to pack, but tone is hard to disguise.

you can tell whether you are lucky or not by your tone.

in a black tea shop, a customer called the waiter to scold:

"look at your tea. Pour some milk into it and it will lump!" It's so inferior! "

when the manager heard this, he said softly to the customer, "I'm so sorry. Just a moment, please. I'll get you another one right away."

after a while, the manager came to the customer with new black tea and whispered:

"May I suggest to you that if you put lemon in your tea and add milk, it will be easy to lump?"

at this time, the customer knew that it was because he had added lemon and milk to the tea that it caused caking.

customers are greatly ashamed, but because of the manager's attitude, they save face for themselves, and then they keep introducing friends to the teahouse, and the teahouse business is getting better and better.

using a good tone can easily resolve the contradictions between people.

people often say, "if something is too rigid, it is easy to break."

the tone is too tough, it is easy to make people disgusted, and it will also put you in jail and have a bad fate.

BuddhaWhen Tuo spoke, "the words are soft and please the hearts of all."

A person with a soft tone can make sentient beings happy.

A warm and kind person has a strong appeal and can inspire dignitaries and attract good luck.

speak softly, slowly, and sincerely, and good luck will naturally come closer to you.

to put it well, it is ourselves who gain the most.

people with a good tone will not have too bad luck! I hope everyone can speak well and usher in his own good luck in a gentle tone.