Your sleep reveals the state of your life.
Your sleep reveals the state of your life.
Knowing how to sleep and sleeping seriously is the most important thing in our lives.

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Cheng Hao said in his words: "everything is not easy when you are idle, and the east window of sleeping is already red."

A person's state of mind is leisurely, unhurried, and does not feel any pressure at all.

get enough sleep, go out and enjoy everything, and find that everything has its own charm.

A person's state of mind can reflect a person's sleep state.

the ancients said, "work at sunrise and rest at sunset."

knowing how to sleep and sleeping seriously is the most important thing in our lives.

the ability to go to bed early is the greatest blessing for people

Shakespeare said:

"comfortable sleep is the gentle and missed care that nature gives to people."

I think so.

Sleep is comfortable, the whole person is comfortable, and the mood of doing things becomes gentle.

I have a friend who thinks that young people should work more to earn money, sleep is a waste of life, and stay up until one or two o'clock in the morning every day.

recently, I have changed my normal and turned off my phone and went to bed on time at 10:00 every night.

I can't help wondering.

my friend said that because he often stayed up late, he had to undergo surgery some time ago when he had physical problems.

during the period of hospitalization, my friend experienced a lot.

after the operation, he lay alone in the hospital bed, unable to move, unable to fall asleep, and suffered both physically and mentally.

how much I didn't care about sleep at that time, but now I am suffering from lack of sleep.

Life is not easy. One-third depends on cure and seven on self-healing.

the best healing ability of the body is to sleep.

Spanish novelist Cervantes said: "Sleep is the best cure for waking distress."

it's really important to have a good sleep.

Turgenev said:

"Sleep is like a cool spray that cleans up everything in your mind."

A good sleep is the scarcest luxury for every adult today.

Please make a good sleep a top priority for the rest of your life.

what you endure is not happiness and freedom, but your body

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is the nature of staying up late?"

here is a highly liked answer:

"the working time during the day does not belong to you. If you stay up late alone, you can find yourself." But this freedom is the reality of life at the expense of health. "

there is a joke circulating on the Internet: "eat the most expensive health products and stay up the last night."

in fact, you are using priceless youth to stay up to the cheapest night.

bet on the health of the next few decades in exchange for a moment of ecstasy.

every time I stay up late, it is a loss-making deal.

British scientist Beveridge said: "overtired people are chasing death."

the body is exhausted, but it still has to torture itself for the so-called freedom.

the night you stay up is not the so-called freedom and happiness, but your "life".

Schopenhauer said:

"the biggest mistake human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body."

Health is the foundation of a person.

without health, wealth, fame, status, marriage. None of this makes any sense.

Life is a long journey. Only when you have enough energy and good health can you keep going.

Please take care of your health and health for the rest of your life.

have a good sleep, and you win

I have heard such a story:

Zen Master Yuan Lv asked Master Huihai, "Zen Master, what is different about you?"

Huihai replied, "Yes."

"what is it?"

Huihai replied, "I eat when I feel hungry and sleep when I feel sleepy."

"what's the difference? everyone is like this. What's the difference?"

Huihai replied, "of course it's different!"

"what's the difference?"

Huihai answer:

"when they eat, they always think about other things and don't concentrate on eating. They always dream when they sleep and can't sleep soundly.

and I eat is to eat, do not want anything. I never dream when I sleep, so I sleep soundly.

that's what makes me different. "

the ancient Greek poet Homer said: "the so-called sleep is to forget everything once you close your eyes, good or evil."

empty everything before going to bed and welcome a new life after waking up.

I fell asleep when I was a child, but I found it difficult to fall asleep on time when I grew up.

related data display:

"in 2020, the average national sleep time is only 6.92 hours, 1.58 hours less than in 2013;

time to fall asleep is usually around the wee hours of the morning, 2 hours later than in 2013;

at the same time, the proportion of people with deep sleep is less than 1 /3. "

"Sleep Revolution" says:

"A really good person will take the initiative to control the pace of his life and improve his sleep quotient, so that he can always deal with work in a positive state.Work and life. "

only by controlling your sleep can you control your life.

Lin Qingxuan fell into a low ebb when he was young, and when he was miserable and confused, he asked the Zen master for help.

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the Zen master only said, "eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy."

since then, Lin Qingxuan attached importance to his diet and sleep and slowly walked out of the trough.

Schopenhauer said: "Sleep is the interest we pay on the capital that is recovered at the time of death."

the higher the interest rate, the more timely the payment will be, the later the payment will be. "

Life is like a marathon, fight to the end, fight for the body.

Life does not last forever. Good health is the greatest real estate.

work well at work and sleep well when you sleep.

have a good sleep, in fact, you have already won a lot of people.

nothing. Go to bed early

the Old Testament says, "Don't be afraid to lie down. You sleep soundly when you lie down."

if there is one thing that is worth doing carefully, it is probably sleeping.

teacher Zhikai said, "be kind to yourself and start with a good night's sleep."

have a good night's sleep, get up early to meet the morning sun, and have a good mood like honey.

, a new day, let's start with a good sleep.