Your mouth is your feng shui.
Your mouth is your feng shui.
Mouth is a person's highest EQ.

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your mouth is your inner self-cultivation

Cai Kangyong said: you are what you say.

you are elegant and have meaning, and you speak naturally and politely;

you are rude and impolite, and you naturally speak freely;

you are kind and gentle, and you must be considerate in speaking;

if you are petty, you are bound to hold a gun with a stick when you speak.

words are the voice of the heart, and words are the mirror of people.

language is like a mirror, expressing one's heart. The self-cultivation of the mouth is actually the self-cultivation of the heart.

mouth is the fengshui of the family

Family is a warm harbor, as long as there are not too many blows.

for children: scolding does not bring growth, it can only bring scars.

for relatives: your careless words will cause irreparable harm.

Children who are often hit have no self-confidence, they are sensitive to inferiority complex, while children who are often praised will grow up little by little under the encouragement of their parents.

"it is better to reward a child than to count ten." encouraging children more is the most correct way of education.

in psychology, there is a word called the Pygmalion effect: praise, trust and expectation have an energy that can change behavior.

Caigen Tan says:

"if your family has had it, you should not be angry or abandon it lightly." This matter is difficult to say, it is ridiculed by other things; if you don't realize it today, you will be warned again tomorrow. Such as the thawing of the spring breeze and the elimination of ice with harmony, is the model of the family. "

when a family member has made a mistake, don't get angry or blame blindly, just like the warm spring breeze melts the permafrost of the earth, and the warm climate melts the ice. This is a model for dealing with family chores.

praising your children and showing kindness to your family is the secret of family prosperity.

mouth is the fengshui of career

Carnegie said: "only 15% of a person's success depends on professional skills, while 85% depends on interpersonal and communication skills.


A person's career development depends not only on his actions, but also on his mouth.

Huang Bo is a notoriously high EQ in the entertainment industry.

when he first became popular, a reporter challenged him and asked, "is there a secret that even unattractive actors like you can succeed?"

he replied, "this shows that the audience has improved their aesthetics. In the past, they only looked at the skin, but now they can see the stuffing."

this sentence admits that you are not good-looking and gives each other a step down; praises the improvement of the aesthetic ability of the audience, and by the way, you have stuffing (strength). In one sentence, you praise the three parties and defuse the provocation cleverly, which is really impressive.

when a person can talk, he can always avoid embarrassing each other, and he can also have a step down, so now wherever Huang Bo goes, people are willing to cooperate with him.

mouth is a person's highest EQ

in the first episode of "running Bar", the director team invited the star of "Love apartment".

the director's team arranged for Chen he to play with them into two teams.

Chen he said that the palms and backs of the hands are full of meat, so he is very embarrassed.

as a result, Li Chente said bluntly: "these are your two most important resources, aren't they?"

this sentence turns everyone's harmonious atmosphere into a naked interest relationship.

the scene immediately became very awkward

Deng Jiajia immediately added: "are the two most important families!"

, and the feeling will be different immediately.

I have to admire Deng Jiajia's EQ.

mouth is a person's highest EQ.

speaking too directly without considering each other's feelings will damage interpersonal relationships, and when all the friends around you are angry, it will be too late to regret.

there is a famous saying in War and Peace: "disaster comes out of my mouth, and my mouth is my enemy."

Don't say what you shouldn't say, but be careful what you should say. This is not only a person's oral virtue, but also a person's feng shui.


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