Your life will be whatever you feel.
Your life will be whatever you feel.
Really smart people control their emotions.

Uncle Bu

fate is made up of choices, big and small.

and your choice is determined by your mood.

what mood you have, what fate you have.


hides a person's fate

A person's life can be seen from his mood.

once read such a story, a taxi driver often complained about hard work, little money, depressed life every day, and often irritable mood.

until one day, while driving, he heard a passage from the host on the radio:

"Life is not easy, don't try to change it. Accept what cannot be changed, and change what can be changed.

the more you believe, the more you will attract. If you feel that life is unhappy, then what happens to you, you will feel unhappy, and you will feel unlucky.

if you feel happy and lucky, then the people you meet are likely to be your dignitaries. "

he suddenly woke up and decided to make a change.

he began to make himself happy /positive, kept his car clean and tidy, and equipped it with cola, juice, hot coffee, newspaper, etc.

he serves every guest with his heart and greets him with a smile every day.

because of his concept and quality of service, his reputation slowly grew, there were more and more passengers, and his income was twice as much as before.

there is a saying in the World without complaining: "if you stop complaining in daily life, you can make anyone successful."

when we give flowers to others, we are the first to smell the flowers.

when we grab the mud and throw it at others, it is our own hands that get dirty first.

emotion hides a person's fate.

the calmer and happier you are, the better your life will be.

runaway emotions

hiding an out-of-control life

people who can't control their emotions will lose control of their lives.

there is a news event: a first-class passenger wants to go to the toilet, but Captain Zhang is in the toilet, so the flight attendant asks the passenger to go back to his seat and wait.

but the passengers were still waiting for the door. After the captain came out of the toilet, he saw that the passengers were still outside, so he was a little dissatisfied with the chief flight attendant.

later, when the captain found the flight attendant, he accused him of affecting flight safety and scolded him.

when the two men quarreled, the captain could not control himself and hit the chief flight attendant.

then turned into a scuffle, and the scene was chaotic for a time. It was reported that the captain had broken the captain's hand, and the chief flight attendant had knocked out half of the captain's tooth.

impulse is the devil, hurting others and hurting yourself.

emotions that are out of control will inevitably lead to a life that is out of control.

Le Jia was once known all over the country for "if you are the one".

later, he worked as a mentor in "I am an orator". Because he felt that the students' grades were unfair, he used dirty words and scolded Venus, and talked nonsense while drinking on the show.

later Lu Yu reminded him that he still did not listen to advice, uttered a dirty word, and even said that Dou Wentao was wrong.

in the end, the mentor present was forced off the stage, leaving him alone to go crazy.

as a result, Le Jia also paid the price, was banned by the television circle, and no more programs invited him.

, he once said on Weibo that he was doing so badly that he was willing to go to the annual meeting of the company he didn't like.

on another occasion, he also said that he would not go to a speech where tens of thousands of people had not been there before, but now he would go to a venue with 3000 people.

learn to control your emotions in order to control your life.

losing control of emotions will only make people lose their reason and lose themselves; controlling emotions can keep people calm and achieve themselves.

Japanese contemporary literary expert Hideki Wada once said: "it is normal for people to have emotions, but if they cannot control them, they can only be reduced to emotional animals."

stupid people only get angry, but smart people don't get angry.

people who are really smart will control their emotions.

different emotions

created different destinies

Napoleon once said, "he who can control his emotions is greater than the general who can take down a city."

A good mood makes your life smooth, while a bad mood will make your life full of thorns.

there is a short story in "tear down the wall of the mind".

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an alcoholic father with twin sons.

when the two sons grow up, their lives are very different.

A happy life and a successful career;

A life is difficult and everything is not going well.

so a reporter interviewed them about their views on life now.

they are all very helpless about having such a father, but if they live a good life, he thinks that life needs to be on their own, to be optimistic about life, can not rely on their father, can only work hard on their own.

the other one who made a mess of his life felt that all his sufferings were caused by his father and could not be changed.It's normal.

also because of their different emotions and mentalities, they have created a completely different life.

A bad mood must lead to a negative and negative life;

positive emotions definitely lead to a positive life.

American social psychologist Festinger has a theory:

10% of events in life are made up of things that happen to you, while the other 90% are determined by how you react to things.

as long as you have a good temper, everything will be fine.

your life is whatever you feel.

Haizi said, "come to earth and see the sun."

, may the rest of your life be full of magnanimity in your smile, love in your heart, smooth path in all your deeds, and harvest sunshine on your way to life!