Your life will be whatever time you get up.
Your life will be whatever time you get up.
Only he who wins the morning can take control of his life.

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how will life change if you insist on getting up 21 days early?

Filipe Castro Matos, a professor at the University of Lisbon, launched a challenge: getting up at 4:30 for 21 consecutive days.

after getting up early, he found that his life had changed dramatically:

when I wake up every morning, thinking that I have a few more hours than others, I will be full of confidence in my life.

when he went out for a run, the first ray of sunshine in the morning and the fragrance of birds and flowers on the road were all beautiful things he had never felt before.

every time before going to work, dealing with trivial work in advance, it is not easy to be disturbed during the day, and the work becomes handy.

"getting up early may seem like a small thing, but it can have a butterfly effect and gradually change your life."

Cervantes said, "God sends the dawn to all."

but only those who get up early can get more extra luck.

getting up early and getting up late is a completely different life

what is the difference between getting up early and getting up late?


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, shared her story on Zhihu.

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long after graduation, her schedule was very chaotic:

I was so anxious that I couldn't sleep at night. I slept until the afternoon during the day. After getting up, I was listless and unable to do anything. At night, I felt that I had wasted half a day's time, so I lived in guilt all day.

such a vicious circle made her have a nervous breakdown.

one night, she suddenly felt that she was out of breath, and her heart began to beat so fast and slowly that she ran to the hospital for a medical examination the next morning before dawn.

after listening to the doctor's words, she learned a painful lesson and decided to change.

she began to force herself to get up early and launched an early sign-in program online for netizens to supervise. If she didn't get up before 8 o'clock, she would give everyone a red packet.

for 31 days, she kept records of getting up early every day.

to her surprise, a month later, her life changed dramatically:

after she started getting up early, she had more time at her disposal, read, wrote, calmed down, and her anxiety gradually disappeared.

getting up early and running in the morning makes him change his decadent temperament and make him glowing and full of vitality.

it is said in Zengguang Xianwen: "if you get up early, you will panic when you get up late."

although getting up late can bring a short lie-in pleasure, when you wake up, you often feel depressed, physically and mentally exhausted, and even affect the mood of the day because you are in a hurry.

getting up early brings spiritual pleasure. When you open your eyes early in the morning, you can start a sober day at your best.

as the ancients said: the plan of the day lies in the morning, and the plan of the year lies in the spring.

you spend your whole life as you spend your morning.

the world is secretly rewarding early risers

someone on the Internet asked: "I have been very confused recently. If I want to change my state, where should I start?"

there is a high-praise answer in two words: get up early.

writer Hal Elrod, who just got engaged to his girlfriend at the age of 29, bought his first house with a loan, and the future is bright.

the huge debt pressure, coupled with the heavy cost of living, made him have a nervous breakdown and suffer from severe depression.

until one day, a friend couldn't watch it and pulled him to get up early and run in the morning.

when he walked out of the house, looking at the newborn sunrise and feeling the breeze passing by his ears, his sleeping heart was awakened at once and rekindled his hope for life.

after that, he made a strict plan for getting up in the morning, waking up every morning for meditation, self-motivation, morning running and reading.

after a period of time, he found that his mental state had improved, regained the hope of life and began to immerse himself in his work.

as a result, all debts were paid off in less than a year.

later he wrote this experience in the Miracle of getting up early, in which he wrote:

"if you want to work miracles, you might as well start early."

the moment you start getting up early, you hold the initiative in your life tightly in your own hands.

Franklin once said, "I have never seen an early riser complain about a bad fate."

only he who wins the morning can take control of his life.

your life will be whatever time you get up

there is a podcast called the Tim Ferris Show abroad. In each episode, Tim will interview an outstanding representative of the industry.

once, Tim interviewed a boss named York Wellink.

Wellink, originally a commander of special forces, retired and founded a consulting firm and published Chang.Sell books.

he is a leader in any field.

Tim invited him to his home and asked him for advice on his successful experience.

at 8 o'clock the next morning, when Tim woke up, he found Wellink sitting there, reading for hours.

it was later learned that although Wellink had retired, he was still in the habit of getting up at 4:45 in the army.

he said that although there is no need to go to war now, there is always another enemy waiting to fight him in this world, and he has to be prepared for it.

the enemy is not others, but the lazy and undisciplined self.

Life is a battlefield, and we compete with ourselves all our lives.

how much time and effort do you have to deserve to have a dazzling record?

the manager of McKinsey surveyed the wake-up times of 21 famous CEO and found that almost 80% of them get up before 6 o'clock.

Marchionne, CEO of Chrysler, gets up at 3:30 every morning to communicate with his peers.

Cook, CEO of Apple, starts emailing at 04:30 every morning;

Renimone, chairman and CEO of Pepsi, gets up at 5: 00 every day for a run for decades.

this reminds me of a sentence in the habit of being rich:

"if you want to have a special life, you have to do something extraordinary first."

Destiny is always fair. When you get up, you get your life.

there has never been an easy success in this world.

behind all excellence, there is self-discipline engraved in the bones.

the whole world will make way for a man who can force himself to get up early.

William James once said, "our whole life is just the sum of countless habits."

first we make habits, then habits make us.

you got up an hour early today, which seems like an inconspicuous change.

but in this time of getting up early, you have overcome your lazy self.

there are not so many talents in this world, but when you are still dreaming, people have already begun to climb over mountains.

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