Your home has exposed your level.
Your home has exposed your level.
No matter how far you go, don't forget the way home.

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there is a passage about home in "one's Village":

"all my life, go through a door, sleep in a bed, keep out the cold and cool under a roof."

it is true. Home is the beginning of life and the ultimate concern, but also the source of joys and sorrows.

there is an old saying: what kind of home you live in, what kind of person you are, and how you spend your day, you will spend your life.

A person's home determines his level and hides the appearance of his whole life.

Home, the cleaner it is, the more blessed it is.

once read a meaningful story:

A young man felt that everything was not going well in his life, so he went to an elderly man for advice: "Why am I working so hard, or am I still so unfortunate?"

when the elder heard this, he invited him to take a walk on a path covered with stones, then gave him a basket and told him:

"on the next road, you can put all the stones you like into the basket."

so the young man began to put stones in it, but after a while it was too heavy to move on.

the elder saw this and asked him to try to keep his favorite stone and throw away the rest.

when the young man discarded most of the stones, he finally felt light and walked the whole journey happily.

it suddenly dawned on him that it would be difficult for him to complete the whole journey of life with too much on his back.

home, if you fill it too much and install too much, it will be complicated and easy to mess up and affect your level of life.

when Hideko Yamashita, the founder of break-up, decided to change his lifestyle, he started by tidying up his room.

she threw away all the things she didn't need, cleaned the house with a new look, and brightened her heart when the table, floor and environment became tidy.

Hideko Yamashita believes that the best way to make life simple and happy is to get rid of things that are "unnecessary, inappropriate, and uncomfortable," because the entrance to separation is "tidying up."

as the finishing master Mari Kondo said:

"the so-called tidying up is not just a skill of packing things, but also a psychological reconstruction, a way of life that can make you happier by talking to yourself through things."

Harvard Business School has a famous study that shows that

successful people with a strong sense of happiness tend to live in a clean and tidy environment. Unfortunately, people usually live in a messy and dirty life.

therefore, the cleaner the home is, the more blessed the person is; the brighter the home is, the more transparent the heart is.

enhance the cleaning power, often break away, so that the room is full of fresh flavor, the heart can live in more sunshine.

Home, the more tolerant you are, the more prosperous you are.

listen to Zeng Guofan, a famous minister of the late Qing Dynasty, teach future generations: "the prosperity of family fortune lies in harmony, filial piety, diligence and thrift!"

among them, the first one is "the way of harmony", and the key to harmony is "tolerance".

Host Ma Dong once told the story of him and his mother in the program:

his mother is 76 years old, and the old man's favorite thing to do at night is to turn off the lights.

as long as there is no one at home, the mother should turn off the lights immediately, because the older generation has too much hardship and has made saving electricity a habit.

but because the light is turned off too frequently, it affects the service life of the lamp, so he often reminds his mother: "it doesn't take so much electricity to turn the light on, so you don't have to turn it off all the time."

although her mother promised well every time, she would keep turning off the lights.

later, Ma Dong gradually understood his mother. After all, it is not so easy to get rid of the behavior habits that have been formed for a long time.

when dealing with aging parents, children can only be more tolerant in order to make their life more comfortable in their old age.

Home is not a battlefield, there is no need to wave the flag and shout, no matter who wins or loses; home, not a chessboard, does not need to be careful and be on guard everywhere.

between father and son, more understanding is filial piety; between husband and wife, more consideration is warmth; between family members, more tolerance is happiness.

George Bernard Shaw said a maxim: "Home is the only place in the world that hides human shortcomings and failures, but also contains sweet love."

when you are alive, you should leave the best mood to the one you love best. after all, home is a place of love, not reasonable.

at all times and all over the world, the best feng shui of a family should be like this: big things are discussed, small things are forgiven, right and wrong are not disputed, and old debts are not turned over.

Home, the more insipid, the more happy

Wang Guozhen wrote a short poem:

if you want to live more casually, you can only live a more ordinary life;

if you want to live a more brilliant life, you can only live in pain.

if you want to live longer, you can only live simply.

if you think about it, what is said in the poem is the normality of life: simplicity is happiness, and mediocrity leads to perfection.

this truth was once performed in the hit drama "only Thirty".

Gu Jia and her husband Xu Fengshan walked all the way, and their days were getting richer and richer, but their hearts were getting farther and farther away. In the end, Xu Fengshan had an affair and their marriage ended in failure.

Wang Manni was still alone at the age of 30. She was bent on finding a man with status, money and hierarchy to marry. As a result, she was hurt by a scum man, lost her job, and finally went abroad alone.

until the end, IWe just found that the most enviable thing about the whole show is the couple at the breakfast stand.

they don't live in luxury houses, they don't eat delicacies and they don't use luxury goods.

the family guards the small breakfast stand. During the day, the husband delivers the express delivery, the wife sells Fried Baked Scallion Pancake, and goes home together at night.

one netizen concluded:

"No matter whether you are rich or not, when the lights go out, on the way back, the husband's heart is quiet, the child's hands are clasped with light, and the woman's face is full of joy."

these may be the truest appearance of home and the best interpretation of love.

after half a lifetime, I gradually understand that only when one learns to be contented can one feel happy, and only when one knows how to be satisfied can one achieve fulfillment.

I like the state described by Chen Dafa in "but a bowl of human fireworks"

there is nothing more than the word "eat and drink" in life. To chew life with delicacy and live a life with fragrance often depends not only on the mouth, but also on a heart soaked in smoke and fire in the world.

there are countless people in the world, but I am willing to spend an ordinary life with my family, enjoying all the spring flowers and autumn moon in the severe cold and heat.

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the appearance of home, the appearance of you

people's life, in the final analysis, is to know themselves.

know who you are, know what you want to choose, know how you spend the rest of your life, and fight for it.

maybe that's what living is all about.

the existence of home and the company of family members are the answers.

as Liu Liangcheng said: the home in one's heart is not just a house of one's own, but the life spent in this house for many years.

although the house is low, old and poor, the precious plot of life full of gold in the corners of the house can only be shared by you and your family and cannot be seen by others.

when you are confused, you might as well try to clean up the room, sort out the clothes in the wardrobe, sort out your heart, subtract the extra parts, and increase the happiness of your life.

when you are sad, you might as well learn to talk to your family, ease the relationship with your loved ones, and use love to bring you closer to your family. With tolerance, you will have understanding.

when you are tired, you might as well try to lower your goals and have a meal together as a family. Firewood, rice, oil and salt is the most essential appearance of life.

if life is like home, then the room is the reflection of itself. What home looks like is what you look like.

the world is full of fireworks and fireworks, which is the most appealing to the hearts of the people; a vegetable and a meal is a time of warmth.