Your ability to deal with problems reveals your pattern.
Your ability to deal with problems reveals your pattern.
A broad heart gathers the hearts of the people, but a narrow heart loses it.

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American writer Eldridge Clifford once said, "if you can't solve a problem, you will become a problem."

the size of a person's pattern determines his ability and level of dealing with problems.

like a pool, it can hold water only when it is big enough, no matter how much water is poured into it.

May you improve your self-pattern and deal with problems with ease.

stand high: the height of knowledge determines the height of doing things

A rancher's neighbor is a hunter. He keeps a group of ferocious hunting dogs in his yard and often jumps over the fence and attacks the lambs on the ranch.

the rancher asked Orion to lock up the dog several times, but the hunter disagreed, and then the unbearable rancher went to the town judge.

after hearing this, the judge said to him:

"I can punish that Orion, or I can ask him to lock up the dog, but then you lose a friend and you have an enemy."

the rancher was confused, so the judge gave him an idea.

after hearing this, the rancher hurriedly went home and selected the three cutest lambs and gave them to Orion's three sons.

when the children saw the lamb, they got the treasure.

for fear that the hounds would hurt their sons' lambs, Orion made a big iron cage and finally locked up the dog.

when you only think about your own interests, your troubles and troubles have nothing to do with others.

only by standing from the point of view of others and giving benefits to others can we become a community of interests.

during the Spring and Autumn period, Wei and Chu were adjacent to each other, and villagers in both countries liked to grow melons.

so some villagers in the State of Wei carry water to water melons every night.

the villagers of the State of Chu were so jealous that some people sneaked into the melon fields of the villagers of the State of Wei at night to step on the melon seedlings.

when the people of Wei were ready to give tit for tat, a doctor named Song Cai said:

"if you must retaliate, you can solve your hatred at most.

then Dr. Song took the villagers to water the melon fields of the Chu people every night. after that, the villagers of the two countries cleared the ice.

there is a saying in diplomacy:

"there are no permanent friends or enemies in the world."

in times of trouble, the real master knows how to turn enemies into friends, not enemies.

there is no need to dwell on the immediate loss or win, nor on the current knot and resentment.

confrontation with each other will only hurt both sides.

only by alleviating conflicts and contradictions can we benefit and benefit each other.

see far: you can go as far as you can see

there is an old saying: "if you can't bear it, you will be out of order."

whether a person goes far or not depends not on his ability and ability, but on how much anger he can bear.

Zhang er and Chen Yu are both celebrities of the State of Wei.

after the State of Qin destroyed the State of Wei, he offered a large reward to arrest the two men.

the two men could only dress up and change their names and escape to the State of Chen.

one day, an official beat Chen Yu with a whip because of a trifle.

Chen Yu remembered how important he was in the State of Wei and where he had received such insults. He was so angry that he immediately thought of rebelling against him.

seeing that the situation was not good, he stepped on Chen Yu with his foot. Chen Yu finally remained silent after the officials left, and Chen Yu was still angry.

opened his ears and scolded him:

"what did I tell you? With a little insult today, are you going to die for an official? "

people who really accomplish great things don't compete over trifles.

sometimes, it's not the people and things you encounter that make things worse, it's that you can't control your temper and emotions.

Zeng Guofan shared a dormitory when he was studying at Yuelu Academy in Changsha.

after seeing this, the roommate was very angry and said, "your desk is in the window, blocking all the light from my desk!"

after hearing this, Zeng Guofan did not argue with him, but asked him kindly, "where should I put my desk?"

the roommate pointed to the bedside and said, "put it there."

Zeng Guofan smiled and let it go according to his opinion.

in the evening, Zeng Guofan studied hard, and the roommate said:

"if you don't study during the day, do you bother people when it's late at night?" Zeng Guofan changed his reading from aloud to silent reading.

soon, Zeng Guofan won the examination of Juren.

there is a saying: "the general has a sword and does not kill flies."

when you encounter the entanglement of a villain, ignoring it is the best reply.

when you encounter the difficulties of others, secretly acting on yourself is the best revenge.

Don't waste your time and energy on people and things that are not worth it.

if you want to achieve more ambitious goals, you must learn to eat the immediate losses in order to take the road ahead.

width: the road is as wide as the heart

Han Qi in the Northern Song Dynasty was a famous minister.

at the moment, without turning his head, he easily put out the fire.

after a while, he noticed something.

turned around and saw that the soldier had been replaced.

when he asked the man with the lamp, where did he go?

the man said that he had burned the general's temples and replaced him.

as a result, Han Qi ordered his men to get the soldier back, because he already knew how not to burn people.

later, the story spread all over the barracks, boosting morale and serving them wholeheartedly.

there is a saying: "when you come out of the hole, you are invincible, and you have to forgive others."

there is no need to be too harsh and not to blame too much.

A broad heart gathers the hearts of the people, but a narrow heart loses it.

before the Battle of Guandu, Yuan Shao had a counselor, Chen Lin.

he once wrote an essay for Yuan Shao, scolding not only Cao Cao, but also Cao Cao's ancestors and family background.

after the war, Chen Lin was captured, Cao Cao considered that he was a rare talent, not only did not add to his crime, but also asked him to join his own clerical writing team.

for celebrities from the four states of Yuan Shao's jurisdiction, Cao Cao also tried his best to recruit his own shogun.

these people are grateful to Cao Cao for not killing him. They not only try their best to give him advice, but also do a lot of credit for him.

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there is a saying: "to be a man and do things, you can understand human feelings and advance and retreat freely if you don't say enough and never do anything."

in this world, narrow Louis meets each other, and the end of enemies is narrow.

there are some mistakes, if forced by helplessness, there is no need to dig up the past.

there is some enmity, if times have changed, there is no need to change the old ground.

the affection left by your men will become the righteousness of others.

when you leave a way out for others, you are also broadening your own way.

think deeply: the depth of thinking is the depth of success

in life, the gap between people is in the depth of thinking.

some people know cute when they see a little, and some people know the end when they see the end.

some people don't wake up until they are desperate.

one day, King Zhou drank Yan all night and ignored the imperial government, so he forgot the date and asked about it.

the ministers looked at each other and did not know anyone, so they sent someone to ask Jizi.

Jizi said to his apprentice:

"if the monarch forgets the day, the world forgets the day, which is not a good sign, and the merchant world is in danger.

I know nothing about a country and I know it alone, and I am extremely dangerous.

your apprentice told the newcomer, "the teacher is too drunk to know."

after that, Jizi remonstrated many times, but King Zhou turned a deaf ear, went his own way, was proud and presumptuous, and was domineering, which made Jizi very disappointed.

he pretended to be stupid to avoid persecution.

within five years, King Zhou was destroyed by King Wu of Zhou.

many people lose in hindsight when they encounter problems.

it is better to look for clues than to get to the bottom of the results.

any disaster has signs and omens at the very beginning.

only by observing and thinking deeply can we skillfully avoid disasters and difficulties.

in Zuo Zhuan, there is such a thing.

in the spring of 699 BC, King Wu of Chu sent his son qu Xian to attack Luo, and Bobbi saw him off.

qu Xia, who had just won a battle, was arrogant and walked with his feet high.

Luo Bo believes that this shows that the manager is unstable and that with him as the coach, this battle is bound to lose.

so he went to see King Wu of Chu and suggested sending more troops.

King Wu of Chu disagreed at first, but later, persuaded by his wife Dunman, agreed to send more troops to chase qu Xia, but did not catch up.

later, qu Xian's army was careless and underestimated the enemy, and was attacked by the armies of Luo and Lu Jung. The Chu army was defeated, and he was hanged in the barren valley.

there is a deep logic behind everyone's behavior.

whether a person is floating or sinking can be seen through his words and deeds.

A person's success or failure can be seen through the details.

only by looking at the essence through the phenomenon can we prevent it from getting worse and prevent future troubles.

A peach tree is planted in a flowerpot, no matter how it grows, it is no more than a foot at most.

if you plant it in the courtyard, it will grow to flourish.

what really baffles us is not the size of the problem, but the size of the pattern.

Han Han said a sentence:

"the capacity of a person when he is young is more important than anything else, which determines the width of one's life and the pattern you can build in the future."

if the pattern of a person is too small, it is easy to frame himself.

only by magnifying the pattern can we tear down the walls of thinking and break the limitations and ceilings of ourselves.

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