You look young because of these four points.
You look young because of these four points.
No one can be young forever, but there are always people young.

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Napoleon once said:

Life is endless and cannot be measured by age alone; some people live their lives in an instant, while others grow old suddenly.

too many people like to use "older" as an excuse, but forget that it is not the accumulation of age that changes you, but more from the gloom of mood.

Age is just a number. As long as you are young, you will always be young and bring your own light wherever you go.

in fact, if you want to know if a person looks young, just take a look at the following four points.

keep exercising and be healthier

some time ago,

# German fitness coach 88 years old #

rushed to the hot search.

Nashida Abden is 88 years old, and the eldest child is 60 years old. Because she has been exercising for a long time, she has become a famous local fitness instructor.

Nashida was addicted to fitness exercise at the age of 50: "my knee hurt and the doctor advised me to exercise more. I always felt shy when I went to the gym, so I went with my son-in-law and grandson."

at first, she often hid at the back of the class, and every time her coach asked her to do something, she was very nervous.

later, she actually persevered and even attended a fitness coach training course.

Today, Nashida has taught more than 1000 students.

the students admire her even more: "she is the source of our inspiration, and we hope to be like her in the future."

Nashida said: "to me, age is just a number, it doesn't make any sense. I leave it behind."

Yukio Mishima also said:

"there is only one time in life, so why not cherish the short-lived and impermanent body and exercise it?"

it is true that there will be a big difference between a life of exercise and a life of inactivity.

when most people are wrinkled by the wind and frost and ravaged by the years to get out of shape, time seems to prefer people who insist on exercise, and there are no signs of vicissitudes on their faces.

it can be said that it is not too much that sports can change people's fate. It can not only exercise your body and strengthen your mind, but also keep you away from restless emotions and enrich the meaning of life.

Life is like a sound and dripping sport, run, enjoy the most beautiful scenery, harvest fresh yourself, and life will be rewarded.

and a healthy body is the most natural maintenance secret for years.

keep good, all good

as the saying goes, "Life is made by yourself, phase is made by the heart." your appearance will change with the change of your inner character.

those who are young and beautiful are mostly pure-minded, do not like to haggle with others, and treat others sincerely and enthusiastically.

my friend Xiaowen is like this.

one weekend, when I made an appointment to go shopping with her, I came across an old man walking shakily on the road, carrying a lot of heavy objects in his hand.

the old man tried to cross the zebra crossing without traffic lights, but the traffic was so heavy that he failed several times.

Xiaowen went forward and asked, "Old man, are you going to cross the road?"

the old man nodded slightly, and Xiaowen said without thinking, "We're going to cross the road, too. Let's just stop by with you!"

with that, Xiaowen enthusiastically took the weight from the old man's hand and helped him across the road.

even after crossing the road, Xiaowen did not leave the old man alone, but accompanied her for several streets until she sent the old man home safely.

Xiaowen in daily life is such a kind and warm-hearted person.

in the workplace, she never cares and is always happy to help her colleagues;

in life, she is also very generous and willing to help others solve their urgent needs.


naturally, Xiaowen's kind behavior also made her accumulate a lot of good popularity.

and maybe that's why she always looks so kind and young.

Life is like this, you vote naive, it returns with romantic, you vote kind, it responds with softness.

in your limited life, be kind to everyone around you, learn to love and be loved, you can eventually reap a relaxed and happy mood, and time will carve a "beautiful" look for you.

although the face will grow old one day, the cleanliness and goodness of the soul can last forever in the world.

every kindness you send out will not only infect others, but also make you emit fragrance and make you more pure and beautiful.

chasing dreams is the most dazzling

joined Huawei at the age of 23;

27-year-old to participate in the Miss Intercontinental contest;

28 years old to teach in Tibet;

became a doctor of Sun Yat-sen University at the age of 34;

received the notice of enlistment in the same year and entered the military career from then on.

even sa Bing can only feel sorry for himself in front of her.

she is Wei Huixiao, the first female vice captain of the Chinese navy.

in fact, Wei Huixiao never thought of becoming a soldier when she was a child.

but as she grows older and more experienced, she gradually knows what she likes, or even what she only likes.

when she graduated from high school, Wei Huixiao had to put her participation because she was not in the enrollment scope of the school.The dream of the army is deep in my heart.

however, with the approach of doctoral graduation, the 34-year-old decided to fight for her dream again.

while busy with heavy academic tasks, she submitted nearly 200 pages of cover letters to the Navy.

in order to improve her physical quality, she began planned physical training since 2009, every day, rain or shine.

half a month later, Wei Huixiao finally got the notice she wanted.

"picking up poems and books randomly can't help but be ecstatic." from high achiever to the captain of the navy, she finally did it!

it is very precious to have dreams and pursuits.

Don't neglect this innocence easily, don't be too late to perfunctory yourself, and don't give up because it's impossible. Otherwise, you will regret giving up at this moment for the rest of your life.

there are never shortcuts in life. When you know what you want, make a plan, start bravely, and make your dreams come true.

as long as you stick to your dreams and dare to follow them, life will give you unexpected surprises sooner or later.

Love life, how wonderful

I have seen a topic on Zhihu: at which moment do you feel that you are no longer young?

A highly liked answer goes like this:

often lose enthusiasm for life and feel that everything is meaningless.

I think so.

when you lose the joy of ordinary things, the whole person will gradually become listless and sad. Over time, it will naturally lose the favor of the years.

think of the story shared by my friend Mang Xiaomang.

when she was a child, although the conditions at home were difficult, her mother would always try her best to make life surprising and interesting.

even if the house is small and dilapidated, my mother always keeps it spotless and even plants all kinds of flowers in her own yard so that the family can enjoy them every season.

even if the old clothes are given by relatives, the mother can change them into new and fashionable clothes with dexterous hands.

even the simplest vegetables, my mother can wave her hand and turn it into a delicacy with all kinds of color, flavor and taste.

Mang Xiaomang said that at that time she liked to show off proudly: "look, my mother made this."

the eyes of other children are full of envy and worship.

Life is always boring and boring, but there must be someone who will make it "someone else's scenery".

likes a sentence very much:

Life is originally a colorless picture, full of triviality and length. Only those with enthusiasm can brighten every inch of it and make every inch of blank magnificent.

Life will be presented in the way you treat life.

although we can't stop the passage of time, we can control our own state of mind: don't be happy with things, don't be sad, and look at life with a smile.

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Please remember that life is an one-way street. No one can be young forever, but there are always people who are young.

I hope that as time goes by, we still have the courage to shout to the sky, "years do not forgive people, and I have never spared the years."

, may the years come without trace, through the vicissitudes of life, you and I are still young, always young, always filled with tears!