You don't like others because your own pattern is too small.
You don't like others because your own pattern is too small.
People with large patterns know how to be harmonious but different.



as an old saying goes, "Dust in the eyes is narrow in the three worlds, but there is nothing in the heart and a wide bed."

most of the world people see is the projection of their own hearts.

push open a window, some people see beautiful scenery, others see mud all over the place.

among them, it is nothing more than a mind and pattern.

always dislike others, often because their own realm is not enough.

people who are really thorough in their hearts are pleasing to the eye.

High-level people know how to think of others

have read such a story.

there live in the forest enemies, swallows and bats who dislike each other.

the reason is that swallows feel that sunrise represents morning and sunset means evening.

the bat believes that after the sun goes down, a beautiful day has only just begun.

in a word, both of them think the other is wrong.

once they argued about it again and again, and they were on the verge of fighting.

A passing owl could not help interrupting:

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"how can you come to the same point of view because you two live in completely opposite lives?"

everyone lives in this world and has his own place.

many prejudices and estrangement often arise from the fact that we are standing in the wrong place.

always look at others from their own point of view, it is easy to look at each other all kinds of dislikes.

people at a higher level know how to think of others.

stand in the position of others and understand each other's positions and limitations.

seeing the bruising on the professor's arm, she was sweating, but she still couldn't find the right blood vessel.

the professor was a little angry, but he told her softly, "it doesn't matter".

because she suddenly recalled that she was at a loss when she first started working.

on the road, a drunk bumped into a pair of father and son who were walking.

just as his son was about to reprimand, the old man gently tugged at his sleeve.

he thought of how he used to drink to drown his sorrows when he was young.

as Mr. Mu Xin wrote in his poem:

"I don't know what to forgive, but I feel that everything can be forgiven."

truly mature people like everyone, because they know that everyone has difficulties.

if you have more heart to heart, you will be less critical and critical.

for the sake of others, many problems are actually not a problem.

people who are mature in heart never judge easily

in the coffee shop, a mother and daughter stood at the front of the line.

the constant noise of the young daughter is particularly annoying.

after my mother paid the money, she accidentally spilled the coffee in her hand.

the white floor immediately became a mess.

several white-collar workers next to them murmured in disgust:

"it's really stupid and disturbing, can't you take care of the kids at home?"

"it is still comfortable to rely on the moth raised by my husband. We work hard every day, but people can go shopping leisurely and drink coffee."

the woman who knelt on the ground to clean up the stain suddenly filled her eyes with tears.

this story is actually a clip from the movie Kim Ji-young born in 1982.

after the baby was born, Zhiying suffered from postpartum depression due to her husband's lack of concern and mental stress.

she worked all day before buying coffee, washing clothes, mopping the floor and taking care of the children.

it was hard to find the time to drink the cheapest $9 latte.

the reason why the coffee was spilled just now is that my daughter has been tugging at Ji-young's clothes with her hands.

at the end of the story, Zhiying is not as patient as usual, but seriously asks the other party:

"you've only seen me for ten minutes, and you don't know what I've been through or who I've met.

Why can you judge me so easily? "

it's always easy for people to believe what they see at first sight.

but most of the time, those facts are not necessarily the truth.

thoughtless inference and evaluation often lead to a lot of misunderstandings and even harm.

there is a very popular phrase on the Internet, and I feel it every time I listen to it:

"you don't like the boy who doesn't give up his seat on the bus, but you don't know that he worked overtime all night.

you don't like the stingy female neighbor, but you don't know that she has to support her two children in her hometown on her own.

those who have tattoos are not necessarily bad guys, and girls who come home late may be for a living. "

behind some smiles, there is unimaginable bitterness; behind some publicity, there are unknown injuries.

mature people never look at people with colored glasses.

because they know:

what is lacking in this world is not people with bright eyes, but kindness who never makes judgments easily.

the bigger the pattern, the more people can respect differences

not long ago, I reviewed an article by Zhang Wei, a media man.

there is a passage that impressed me very much:

"sometimes we don't like others, just because they are different from us.

everyone encounters a lifestyle they don't know:

people who behave themselves look at those who party every night; lively people look at introverts.Donovan's people.

Don't object to it because you don't like it. If you are not a fish, you will know the joy of fish. "

always ask others with his own values, which just exposes his own narrowness of vision.

the more broad-minded people are, the more they know how to tolerate differences.

Zhang Wei himself has always been a person who doesn't like music festivals very much.

because of the noisy and chaotic atmosphere at the scene, he always felt inexplicably anxious.

he is more accustomed to the freedom of a person, a room and a song than a group of people dancing crazily on the grass.

so although more often, he still likes to listen to music quietly at home alone.

but every year after the music festival begins, he will patiently browse the live pictures sent by his friends.

then, I will discuss with you with great interest the singer who is playing on the stage.

there is a question on the Internet: "what do you mean by the consistency of the three values?"

I agree with one of the answers:

"the true identity of the three values is not the complete agreement of the three values, but the knowledge of respecting the values of others."

some people think that their children are both versatile and happy, while others enjoy the freedom of being single.

some people are used to the nine-to-five hours in small cities, while others always want to go to big cities.

some people like to be simple, but others are keen to keep up with the trend.

everyone lives in this world and has his own time zone and choice.

there is a good saying:

"allow yourself to be different, you are a maverick; allow others to be different, and you will accept all kinds of rivers."

respecting differences is a realm, understanding others, is compassion.

people with large patterns know how to be harmonious but different.

it is written in the Tan Jing: "if you are a true monk, you will not see the world."

people's life is a process of constantly seeing heaven and earth, sentient beings and themselves.

the more a person experiences, the more transparent he will be, and the more tolerant and receptive he will be.

there is a good saying:

"if one day, those people or things that used to be unaccustomed to it begin to become light and light.

No doubt, it's because you're maturing. "

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