You don't have to test how much a man loves you. Just look at this.
You don't have to test how much a man loves you. Just look at this.
May you find the man who is willing to cook for you.

there is a famous line in Sing Yeh's classic movie "the Secret Service inside":

"are you hungry? I'll cook a bowl of noodles for you."

when I was a child, I didn't understand it, but I just felt baffled.

cooking is not only to know how to love, but also to express love

what does cooking mean?

Sanmao's answer is:

"means that a person knows how to love and can also express love."

to see how much a man loves you and how much he loves you, you don't have to listen to vows and sweet talk, just see if he is willing to cook for you.

Zhang Jie and Xie Na are an enviable couple in the entertainment industry.

the Weibo that Xie Na sent when she was pregnant revealed that Zhang Jie would make her breakfast every day.

he also carefully made her her favorite cranberry cookies, and the two even cooked live together, attracting 6 million viewers.

some people say that a woman who loves you is willing to wash her hands and make vegetable soup for you. If you ask me, a man who loves you must be willing to learn to cook for you.

the man who remembers your taste, studies new dishes for you and cooks for you with his own hands is the man who really takes you to heart and loves you to the bone.

cooking is a sense of responsibility and happiness

Huang Lei, known as "Chef Huang", is known to be a good cook.

and his wife, Sun Li, is probably the one who eats his food the most.

Sun Li once said that when she was pregnant, she put on 60 jin of food cooked by Huang Lei.

"he is so good at cooking delicious food that breakfast, lunch and dinner are not the same. He not only likes to eat, but also likes to cook, so he won't let me learn to cook now. "

words seem to complain, but you can see that it is actually a "sweet burden".

Huang Lei also said:

"I think it's enough to have one person in the family who can do it. It's good for her not to cook, but she never cuts her hand."

when men cook for their loved ones, they assume the responsibility of the family, and what they cook is happiness in life.

A man who is willing to cook for you has both a sense of responsibility and happiness.

the man who is willing to cook for you must love you

I have seen a heart-warming video.

A man travels on business for a week. Before leaving, he carefully cooks several dishes for his wife and freezes them in the refrigerator.

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when a man is away from home, his wife can eat his favorite taste as long as he takes it out and heats it up.

which woman doesn't want such a man; who can not yearn for such happiness?

Wang Han once said in a program:

"We went to the vegetable market to choose ingredients, in fact, it was a chance encounter and reunion. Stir-frying is the heating up of emotion, sweet and sour is the honey in emotion, making a bowl of noodles is not tenderness, the feeling in the kitchen is love

. "

We come from mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, but we are confined to day and night, kitchen and love.

when we are young, we always want to go to the end of the world with swords, and we have crossed mountains and rivers and the sea. In the end, it is found that mediocrity is the only answer, and real happiness lies in a meal with a loved one.

what rises in the kitchen is not only human fireworks, but also happiness and warmth; what flows on the tip of the tongue is not only delicacies, but also sweetness and love.

, may you find the man who is willing to cook for you, two people in a room, three meals for four seasons, sunset, snowy head at dusk.