You don't have to stab people, but you have to have thorns.
You don't have to stab people, but you have to have thorns.
Those who have thorns on their bodies can live more recklessly.

there are books


some people say that life is like a river, everyone is like a stone.

having edges and corners can hurt people. You have to smooth them out and lose your temper in order to have a good popularity and a good life.

so many people try to play the role of a "mature" adult.

they reined in all their thorns and dared not fight back after being bullied and did not dare to speak out even after being wronged.

but after experiencing all kinds of things in the world, you will understand:

those who have thorns on their bodies can live more recklessly.

as the writer Yu Hua said:

"when we treat the world fiercely, the world suddenly becomes gentle."

maybe this is life.

when you are covered with thorns and become difficult to mess with, the world will be gentle to us.

has the ability to keep angry

the TV series "I am Yu Huanshui" has pierced many people's hearts.

Yu Huanshui, played by Guo Jingfei in the play, is a cowardly and weak middle-aged man.

in his work, his performance was not up to standard, the younger generation was wanton sarcasm, and the manager shouted abuse in public, but he dared not explain it.

in life, his wife doesn't like him everywhere, his brother borrows money on purpose, and his brother-in-law bosses him around, and he doesn't dare to resist for half a point.

in Yu Huanshui's world, there seems to be only obedience, no resentment, no anger.

but all this changed completely after he was misdiagnosed as pancreatic cancer.

when he learned that he was terminally ill, Yu Huanshui decided to live in a different way. He no longer swallowed his anger and was no longer bullied.

he glared at his progressive boss: "I'm going to call in sick, punish me to wash the toilet and get out of here."

he angrily scolded his brother who owed money and didn't pay it back: "I just want money. Now, give me five years of interest."

he was angry at his brother-in-law, who was afraid of being soft and hard: "my son is not a son of a bitch, his father is Yu Huanshui."...

in this case, colleagues, friends and brother-in-law are all less arrogant, a little less playful and a little more afraid of Yu Huanshui.

Bi Shumin said:

"Life without anger is a sorrow, like a leaping elk without the ability to run quickly, like an agile cat without its beard."

people who never dare to get angry always keep their true thoughts at the bottom of their hearts, do not know how to resist, and will not fight for them.

can be patient again and again, will not let the other party grateful, will only attract the contempt of others, let oneself become a soft persimmon to be kneaded by others.

Yes, for life to be satisfactory, one has to have a temper.

when you become difficult to mess with, your world will be much more comfortable.

have the courage to stick to goodness

Russell said:

"of all moral qualities, the nature of goodness is the most needed in the world."

kindness is a virtue, but if it goes too far, it can also become a disaster.

the news that Olive Cooke, a famous British philanthropist, jumped off a bridge and committed suicide shocked the world.

this lovely grandmother, who has been doing good silently from the age of 16 to her death at the age of 92, unexpectedly chose to end her life by committing suicide.

looking at the old man's resume, her kindness is really admirable.

for decades, he has been making and selling plastic flowers for fundraising, subsidizing more than 20 charities, and devoting all his pensions to charity.

however, what the old man painstakingly got is not thanks, but more insatiable demands from donors.

every month, old people receive more than 200 e-mails and countless phone calls.

and the arrival of these emails and phone calls has only one purpose, that is, to urge her to donate money.

the poor old man was destitute, but the outside world did not intend to let her go.

because, from the point of view of the recipient, donation has become an obligation that she must fulfill.

say goodbye to the world in a determined way.

the movie "the Godfather" says:

"softness without boundaries will only make the other party gain an inch; kindness without principles will only let the other party do as he pleases."

you can choose to be kind, but you can't be so kind that there is no bottom line, no boundary, or even no principle.

people's desires are endless.

goodness without a bottom line not only does not spread love, but may also encourage evil.

as Dong Qing

say: "if you are good enough to be unreserved, the other person will dare to be unscrupulous."

in this world, not everyone knows how to repay one's gratitude, and not everyone is worthy of our tenderness.

kindness is so cheap that it will only hurt yourself.

born as human beings, we can stick to goodness.

but your precious kindness should have

the bottom line.

and this is the strength of a person to stick to goodness.

have the courage to refuse others

Bai Yansong said a paragraph:

"Why do people take you less and less seriously, because you are so talkative?

if you ask for something, you will agree to it; if you ask for something, you will give it to you.

Are you prepared to look drop dead gorgeous with our exquisite royal blue prom dresses at your upcoming event? Find that perfect dress, it will stay timeless and trendy season after season.

you have successfully created an unprincipled self, and since you have no principles, people naturally have no bottom line for you. "

if you don't know how to refuse, you will be wronged by others.

and learn to refuse, your life is your own.

writer Liu Tong once shared a story:

A friend who hasn't been in touch for years called and asked him to borrow money:

"I want to buy a car and almost pay for it. Can you lend me some?"


Liu Tong said directly, "I have money, but I can't borrow it."

the friend was puzzled and asked him why.

he said:

"A few years ago, I lent money to my friends, and then it was very unpleasant, so I made a rule: never have a financial relationship with my friends again."

although my friend is a little upset, he says he understands.

Sanmao said a paragraph:

"Don't be afraid to reject others if you have a legitimate reason.

when a person opens his mouth to make a request, he has two answers in mind.

so it is to be expected to give him any of the answers. "

Yes, don't be embarrassed to refuse others, and don't worry about offending others too much.

like Qi Baishi, a famous young man, when dealing with friends who came to ask for paintings, he posted a door note in the living room:

selling pictures regardless of friendship, if a gentleman is ashamed, please pay according to Runge.

Flowers plus insects and birds, 10 yuan each, vines and bees, 20 yuan each;

paintings that have gone out should not be used to repair worms.

paintings that have gone out should not be added later.

as a result, fewer people came to him to paint for free, his friends showed more respect for him, and he himself became more relaxed.

there is a classic line in the American TV series "bankrupt Sisters":

"in addition to talking about YES, one should often talk about NO.

although affinity is very important, human value comes from rejection.

refusing can make you more precious. "

know how to refuse, so that you can live a more comfortable life.

learn to refuse in order to live without entanglement.

you don't have to be careful to please everyone. Everyone has the right to say no.

the courage to refuse others will make your life more precious.

there are thorns in the body and light in the eyes

Gu Cheng wrote in the poem Rose:

"the rose wears sharp thorns, which does not turn into thorns, but only protects its spring bloom from being ravaged by wild beasts.


produces corners and sharp thorns, not to hurt others, but to better protect ourselves.

We do not live to cater to others. While respecting others, we also have the right to let others take care of their own feelings.

I have heard a sentence:

"when a person really matures, he finally abandons the worst appearance in the eyes of others and begins to live at an angular angle."

May you be a prickly, angular person.

if you have thorns on your body, others will care about you; with edges and angles, you won't lose yourself.

May you stick to your principles and be kind for the rest of your life; there are thorns on your body and light in your eyes.