"you don't have to reply to me on Wechat."
"you don't have to reply to me on Wechat."
Love and be loved will happen at the same time.


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"I finally deleted him."

after saying this, I took a sip of wine, maybe a little rushing, and I saw that her eyes were red.

she said:

I deleted and deleted, changed and changed, and then I thought, why should I love such a person? "

maybe we all loved such a person.

I suddenly remembered that many years ago, when I used a small keyboard phone, the screen could not hold a few words, but I still weighed the words, checked it back and forth many times, and sent large pieces of text to the person I liked.

then hold on to the phone for fear of missing the reply.

has been unable to wait, thinking that there is something wrong with their own network, I do not know how many times to reset.

later, I understand that those who want to reply to you will reply to you a long time ago, and those who do not want to reply to you will have the same content when and what to reply to.

where is what has been busy, the mobile phone is out of power, the network is not good, the people who care about you are on their way, and those who don't have you in their hearts, it won't help no matter how much you do.

is like a heart robbery, the other person will always be soft when you are sure, and will lower the bottom line again and again. Anyway, you will forgive if you apologize.

but it's like asking ourselves too many questions, why should we love such a person?

in the past, I also thought that love is tolerance and running-in, but later found that its premise is two-way.

if the person who determines your mood every day will not have emotional waves because of you, then it is useless for you to tolerate no matter how much you run in.

relationships are sometimes cruel. If you don't love, there is no point in giving.

people are only enthusiastic about the people they like.

after blocking the other party for a few days, the boy suddenly took the initiative to add her, and the application office wrote a question: "Why did you block me?"

I thought about spending the rest of my life together, but I suddenly thought it was ridiculous.

maybe he thought that if he had too much, he would cry and make trouble as before, and after he had stopped, he would find his own way down. He didn't think that this time he was really tired and let it go completely.

he is not regretful or anxious, maybe he is just bored one day and thinks of a person who used to send messages to himself every day.

Girls' suspicions are all true, girls say to leave is false, girls silent is really sad, no longer contact, is really left.

with great fanfare, it is only a temptation, and the sound of closing the door is the least when the heart dies.

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if you don't like it, you can see it clearly. When you are not in my heart, whether you reply to Wechat or not has nothing to do with me.

the radio station has heard a lot of sad stories in the middle of the night for six years.

A man slammed the door into the cold wind angrily, and finally opened the door and went home, but the other person had already fallen asleep and didn't even leave a lamp.

A person worries about gain and loss for a long time, and asks that he is thinking too much and is crazy. Finally, he discovers the secret that he can't see anyone in his mobile phone.

A person goes to the hospital to line up for infusion to collect medicine. Every time his cell phone rings, it is just an app, and none of it comes from a sweetheart.

at first, many people proudly said that I loved someone just for the sake of sincerity, but in the end they were routed.

Love is a thing that can't add icing on the cake to you, it's even less likely to give you timely help.

you are supposed to be a good girl with light in your eyes and joy in your heart. Why do you have to love someone who is not worth it?

later, the fawn ran away from its heart, leaving nothing but desolation.

in the movie winner is King, it says:

"I just want to save face and have high self-esteem. As soon as I find out that the other person doesn't like me so much, I will sentence the relationship to death.

I don't want to force myself to like others, and I will never force others to like myself. "

Nine points of love, a dignity.

to be worth it, to give up, to be neat, to make a phone call to someone who is worth it, you can only give it to those who know it.


Li Zhi sings in the song: "at first I saw you alone in the crowd, but now I will return you to the sea of people."

does not become an exception and preference, it is not that we are not good enough, but that each other is not loved enough.

so, if you make a simple choice, you don't have to worry about gain or loss in the future. The most stable relationship between people is that there is no relationship.

wish us before, and wish you and me later.

I wish you and my next relationship will be full of love and appropriateness.

also remember that you can give up on someone, but don't give up on love.

, there is a long way to come, there will always be someone to accompany you to watch the sunset, you do not need to say to send you in full bloom of sunflowers, there is no one else, you are everywhere.

Love and be loved will happen at the same time.