You can't rely on anyone unless you're useful.
You can't rely on anyone unless you're useful.
People live all their lives, not just for themselves.

some people say: "there are only two kinds of people, depending on their lives or on their own."

many people are preoccupied with studying their contacts and trying to improve their lives, but the result is still miserable.

do not realize that the strength of connections is based on the strength of the individual.

if you are not good enough, the so-called network is a joke; if you are strong enough, networking is just the icing on the cake.

it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself, and it is better to be proud than to be angry

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very often, people fight for breath, not to satisfy vanity, not to make a big fight for the face project, but to cultivate a good spirit.

whether the "Qi" is smooth or not determines whether a person can live a good life comfortably.

if you often need to ask for help, people tend not to be too high-profile, and even speak in a humble tone, afraid of being annoying when talking more, and subconsciously "look at people's faces".

this is not modesty, but a means of maintaining a relationship, at the expense of ignoring one's own feelings.

Hugo said: "I would rather rely on my own strength to open my future, rather than seek the favor of the strong."

indeed, everything in the world has a price. If you want to "climb the branch", you have to swallow it; if you want to ask people to take shortcuts, you have to owe a human debt.

the reason why Tao Yuanming lives with iron bones stems from his attitude of "not bowing for five buckets of rice".

if you don't ask for help easily, don't sharpen your head and force yourself to fit in with the crowd, you don't have to lower your posture and wronge yourself.

it is important to know that if it is not because of humility, it is to humiliate yourself and do not know how to respect and respect yourself.

if you are useless, no one can stand a chance.

Xunzi said: "the nature of a gentleman is not different, and he is kind and false."

"gentlemen" are also human beings, and they are no different from ordinary people in nature, but they are better at taking advantage of the situation.

after all, the essence of a relationship is mutual benefit. Unlike giving in to perfection, this is more like a complementary ability.

when Yu Minhong was in college, even if he was poor, he had to squeeze out some money to invite people to dinner and manage interpersonal relationships.

he said, "there are at most two kinds of relationships you will have with your classmates in the future. One is that you want to use others, and the other is that others want you."

he is not blindly nice to others, but has his own judgment.

he will automatically "block" those who never return gifts or share; only those with excellent character and talent will invite him to start a business together.

in this world, no one but a loved one will treat you for no reason.

everything you say and do is actually under consideration.

people who are good for nothing, once they are down, they do not see those who send charcoal in the snow, but those who fall into the well. This is an irrefutable rule from ancient times to the present.

only when you refine yourself can you have the help of "dignitaries"

some people say, "Don't chase a horse, use the time to chase a horse to recommend it. When the spring blossoms next year, there will be a number of fine horses for you to choose."

when flowers bloom brilliantly, they attract bees and butterflies; people are good enough to attract friends.

there is no need to complain about the snobbery of human nature, it is just an instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages; there is no need to complain about the coolness of people's hearts, it takes conditions for people to rely on each other.

No one is stupid and will not specifically find people with small bearing to make friends, just to boast that they will be treated equally.

if there is, it can only show that some of his abilities are strong enough to make people willing to put up with his chatter.

"if you are in full bloom, the breeze will come." This sentence can also be understood to mean that only if you are good enough can you have "dignitaries" to help.

if you are popular, it is because you are trustworthy; if you are invincible, it is because you are responsible enough.

Hemingway said: "it is not noble to be superior to others, but the real nobility should be better than who you used to be."

it is not easy to regard yourself as a backer, but it is continuous self-improvement that reflects the value of life.

that is the responsibility and responsibility. After all, people do not live for themselves alone.

strengthen yourself and give happiness to those who care about, so that you can get rid of helplessness forever.