"you can tell if he loves you by going to the bathroom."
"you can tell if he loves you by going to the bathroom."
The passion of vows is no match for the eternity of wealth, rice and salt.

there is a saying on the Internet that makes sense:

"the airport witnessed more sincere kisses than the wedding hall, and the walls of the hospital listened to more prayers than the church."

True feelings are always revealed in small details, not in formal promises.

so, to see whether a couple is happy, whether a marriage is happy, and whether a family is harmonious, instead of looking at the family's living room, bedroom and kitchen, it is better to go to the bathroom first.

A small bathroom is indispensable to every home and is the easiest place to ignore.

but in this inconspicuous place, the truth of any marriage cannot be hidden!

Care and consideration are hidden in the bathroom

I once saw a piece of news on Weibo that a young couple divorced quickly after less than a year of marriage because the wife abandoned her husband and never remembered to put down the toilet seat after going to the bathroom.

at that time, many netizens under the news commented that the wife was making a mountain out of a molehill, but when these little things were really implemented in life, you would find that things like sesame and mung beans would have the power to crush marriage.

A few days ago, my newly married best friend complained to me that she really didn't know how long the relationship would last.

I was very surprised to hear that she and her husband had been in love for three years and both had well-paid stable jobs, which was almost recognized as a "match made in heaven" among friends, but why did she say such a thing?

it turns out that they fell in love very smoothly, but their best friend almost went crazy after they got married-her husband's hygiene habits are really poor!

they didn't live together very often before, but when they moved into a new house after marriage, she found that life was getting worse and worse.

first of all, when taking a bath, her husband always threw off his clothes and left after washing. He never knew how to clean up and made a mess of the bathroom every time.

his coat and trousers are often piled on the toilet at home, and dirty underwear is thrown in the sink. On one occasion, he threw smelly socks on his best friend's cosmetics.

also, her husband always likes to put toothpaste on the sink, and after using facial cleanser and toothpaste, he never knows to put the lid back in the same place. Every time he finished washing, his best friend would follow behind and clean up again.

the most unbearable thing about her best friend is that her husband always forgets to lift the toilet seat when he goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night, sometimes pees to the edge of the toilet, and never cleans it.

she tried to talk to her husband several times, but her husband ignored it, saying it was not a big problem.

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but is the "fight" in the little bathroom really not a big problem? Not exactly!

I have seen such a problem on Zhihu:

"what kind of marriage makes people feel like they have to get divorced?"

question makes people ponder:

A girl said that her father had been asking her to turn over the toilet after going to the bathroom with her mother to make it easier for him to pee, but her mother always forgot.

once, his father peed directly on the toilet seat. It was winter, and the plush cushions on the toilet were all drenched and smelled terrible.

Father also demonstrated to mother:

"I did it on purpose this time, so that you two can learn a lesson."

later, her parents divorced.

A few years later, she went to her boyfriend's house to play. After going to the bathroom, she habitually turned the toilet seat up. Her boyfriend was surprised when he saw it and asked her why she did it.

she told the story of her family and asked her boyfriend, doesn't it have to be like this?

my boyfriend said, No, my father and I go to the bathroom and put the cushion down so that my mother can use it.

after hearing this, she stayed for two seconds and cried.

is the toilet seat up or down? Should the toothpaste be squeezed from the bottom up or casually from the middle?

maybe each of us has our own habits, but in a marriage, this should not be the source of quarrels and conflicts.

in the TV series "the Little woman under Zhengyang", the relationship between Xu Huizhen and Cai Quanwu is the envy of many people.

one of the details is that Cai Wanwu is the first to get up every morning to put hot water on her daughter and wife, squeeze toothpaste and cook a meal.

in a good marriage, husband and wife always understand each other and "dote on" each other.

help each other squeeze toothpaste, put away their dirty clothes, and put down the toilet seat. Sometimes, a tiny detail in the bathroom can reflect a person's concern for his or her partner.

there is numbness and boredom hidden in the bathroom

in the bathroom, some fights are audible, while some gunpowder smoke is silent.

I have seen such a clip in the movie "Love Sage".

both husband and wife are ready to go to bed, and the lights in the bathroom are still on.

the husband thought the lights were dazzling, thought about it and called out to his wife, "go and turn off the toilet lights."

the wife is not happy: "you go."

the husband said, "you go!"

the wife said angrily, "I've already lay down."

the bathroom is less than a few meters from the bed, but neither of the couple wants to get up and turn off the lights.

the wife, who was once gentle and virtuous, no longer wants to listen to her husband's demands, while the husband, who used to be obedient to his wife, is now too lazy to doThe wife does one thing.

the marriage between them has been like a pool of stagnant water, and the once sweet little life has now become a muddle along.

and a small lamp in the bathroom seems to be a warning of the danger of a shaky marriage.

there is a good saying:

"Marriage is actually an art that requires two people to work hard together. Sometimes it's like two eggs in a bowl. If you turn them in a bowl, you can't break them. You have to put your heart into it."

good marriages can be Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), but there are some bad marriages, after all, can not escape the bathroom this "demon mirror"!

We all know that Li ao is a maverick writer, but he is also well known for his short marriage.

at that time, he tried his best to pursue the dream of beauty Hu Yin, married for three months, but divorced in a hurry.

when asked why he divorced, he said:

"I am a perfectionist. Hu Yin Meng is like a fairy tale fairy in my heart. I can't stand any flaws."

one day I unintentionally opened the bathroom door and saw her face flushed from constipation on the toilet. It was really unbearable. "

this is probably one of the most famous "scum boy quotations" in history.

True love is not only "loving you when you are young and happy", but also "painful wrinkles" when a person's face is no longer beautiful and vivid.

if you can't accept the worst of your lover, then you don't deserve the best of her either!

it is said that great love has to pass the test of time, but in fact, great love also needs to be tested by the bathroom!

the temperature of the bathroom is the temperature of marriage

A marriage is not judged by how beautiful the wife is or how much money the husband earns, but whether two people are happy and happy in ordinary days.

I remember when I was a child, my mother accidentally burned her hand when she was cooking, and her whole hand was so swollen that she needed medicine to recuperate and couldn't touch water for a month.

so my father took on the task of washing his mother's hair every week.

Mom smiled and said Dad was "clumsy", and Dad didn't retort, just "hey".

after washing, my father will pick up the hair dryer in the bathroom and help my mother blow dry her hair.

this scene is also the warmest moment in my family memory.

writer Sanmao once said:

"Love will not last long if it does not fall into the real life of dressing, eating, sleeping and counting money."

growing up, I have seen a lot of marriages and families.

in an unhappy marriage, the wife always weeps silently in the bathroom.

and in a happy marriage, even the bathroom is full of laughter.

whether a marriage is good or not, just look at the bathroom!

after all, the passion of vows of love and love can never be matched by the eternity of eating and drinking.

, may you meet someone who loves you in detail.