You are a lucky man, and you will have a good appearance.
You are a lucky man, and you will have a good appearance.
There is much support for justice, but little support for injustice.

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for a long time, there has been a saying in China: "auspicious people have their own luck."

what is good people, that is, kindness


the ancients also said: "the way of heaven has no relatives, often with good people."

many people pray to God and worship the Buddha, hoping to be sheltered by God, but misfortune and misfortune are never obtained, but they have to be cultivated by themselves.

auspicious people do not have to be great men or saints. As long as they are kind-hearted and do good deeds, the blessings will naturally get deeper and deeper.

auspicious people are kind people

Zengzi said: "people are good and good. Although the good fortune has not come, the misfortune is far away."

if people are willing to do good, although happiness has not yet come, it is a long way from misfortune.

kindness is a beam of light that makes life warm and beautiful, and it is the greatest strength and blessing in one's life.

in Hubei, the story between Zhu Xin, the owner of a hardware store, and a homeless man is touching.

at first, Zhu Xin saw a tramp in the alley looking for food in the garbage. When he saw that the tramp was tall and thin, he casually called him "hero" and gave the poor man the food he had packed.

later, whenever Zhu Xin went out to socialize, he packed the meal, went to the place where the "warrior" often haunted, and hung the food on the tree.

until one day, Zhu Xin suddenly found that the door of his store had been cleaned clean for several days in a row. He got up early and found that it was the "hero" who was helping him clean.

Zhu Xin recalled:

"I brought him something to eat, just to see that he was pitiful and easy. I didn't expect him to be grateful. I think he's a nice guy. "

Zhu Xin decided to take in the "hero" and made room for him in the warehouse at the back of the store, and the "hero" settled in the store from then on.

"Hero" may be that he has suffered brain damage and is not good at words, but he is very practical and attentive in doing things.

he remembers clearly how many goods are in the warehouse and where they are placed. After having the "hero", Zhu Xin is very relieved.

those who love to return, and those who are blessed are blessed.

Life is an echo. If you give your kindness to others, you will eventually reap it from others.

kind-hearted people will not really suffer losses, and their kindness will eventually be rewarded with blessings.

when you build a bridge for others, one day, others will come to help you pave a wider road.

A good man is a kind man.

share a story:

there is a farmer's corn variety that has an excellent harvest every year. The secret of his success is simple: he always gives away his fine seeds to other farmers without hesitation.

someone asked him why he was so generous.

he said that because the wind blows pollen everywhere, if the neighbor sows inferior seeds, in the process of pollination, it will naturally affect the quality of my corn.

therefore, I am glad that the farmers all sow the same fine variety.

I am kind to others, but it is also for my own good.

as Di Zi Gui said, "give more and take less."

being kind is a slow process. In this impetuous society, too many people like to be eager for quick success and quick gain, using their cleverness to benefit themselves at the expense of others, but they do not realize that once or twice deception may be effective, but will eventually lose all hearts and minds.

A kind person who is honest but not stupid and chooses kindness is a sign of foresight.

there is much support for justice, but little support for injustice.

people prefer to associate with honest people because they are reassuring and trustworthy.

with kindness, we can accumulate popularity and popularity, and the road of life will become wider and wider.

auspicious people are tolerant people

as the saying goes, "A large quantity is easy to do, but a big tree is easy to shade."

people who are measured and tolerant tend to have an atmosphere and gentle temperament, and luck and good fortune often surround them.

in the Qing Dynasty, Li Hongzhang and Zhang Zhidong were bitter enemies.

later, Li Hanzhang was about to replace Zhang Zhidong. When he was the governor of Guangzhou and Guangdong, he thought that Zhang Zhidong would deliberately make things difficult for him and leave a mess.

after that, Li Hanzhang was no longer hostile to Zhang Zhidong and later helped him avoid impeachment in Korea.

it is a blessing to let one step be high and one point lenient in dealing with others.

being magnificent and modest is not cowardice or lack of principles, but has a longer-term vision and pattern.

seems to have taken a step back, but in fact it has gained more.

to be a man, take a step back, the pattern is further, retreat into progress, and no dispute is a great struggle.

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having a tolerant heart is a necessary prerequisite for saving blessings and is the top wisdom of being a man.

the ancients said: "there is no way for misfortune and happiness, but people call themselves."

in fact, God's blessing and help is not elsewhere, not in others, but in yourself.

if you want to live a life full of sunshine and love, you must know how to be an optimistic person; if you want others to be gentle, you must be sincere to others.

when you have a good heart, do more good deeds and take pleasure in helping others, there will naturally be more and more blessings.

you are a lucky man, and you will have a good fortune.

when you become a lucky person, you will naturally have the help of God.