Xie Na's nephew was admitted to Tsinghua University with 692 points, and his family background was exposed. Netizens: so this is his excellent truth!
Xie Na's nephew was admitted to Tsinghua University with 692 points, and his family background was exposed. Netizens: so this is his excellent truth!
May every child have an ideal and run into the distance.

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some time ago, Zhang Xueyan, a young girl who just finished paying homage to the high school entrance examination, got a full score of 8 in the high school entrance examination, high achiever.

Uncle was surprised by Xie Na's high achiever nephew again!

the cause is that Xie Na said joyfully on Weibo:

my nephew is 1.95 meters tall. I thought he could play basketball or become a model, but I heard that he was admitted to Tsinghua University with the third place in the city with a total score of 692.

also stressed that "this must give him a big red packet"! The excitement is evident.

692 points were admitted to Tsinghua University,

or a good-looking little brother?

it turns out that his name is Xie Huaiqing. He is just 18 years old this year. He scored 692 points in the college entrance examination, the third in the city and the second in the school.

at present, Xie Huaixu has passed the strong Foundation Program of Tsinghua University, confirmed that he will be admitted, and is about to launch a new picture of life at Tsinghua University, an institution that thousands of students dream of.

in the photo with the teacher, Xie is very tall, handsome and sunny.

the head teacher also revealed that his height is more than 195 and is 197.

excellent academic performance, outstanding appearance, height 197, aunt is still a popular host, this proper novel hero ah!

No wonder netizens left messages directly under Xie Na's Weibo: "is my nephew still short of someone?" I first stood in line with the number plate of love, and waited for the introduction! "

however, Xie Huaixu himself was very surprised by everyone's enthusiastic attention.

in an interview with the reporter, he said with some surprise:

"I don't want people to know that I'm the nephew of the star. I just want to be myself." I was completely surprised that it became so hot last night. "

but it wasn't long before he regained his calm and said firmly:

"now that it has happened, have the courage to face it, and hope to thank netizens for their blessing to me. I will continue to cheer and try to prove myself. "

however, there is much more to be learned from Xie Huai's hibiscus. We have gained a lot from his love of learning and his exploration of learning methods.

high achiever's World

is unexpectedly so

can be admitted to Tsinghua University and high achiever's own strength, but after an in-depth understanding, my uncle was surprised by a series of honors from classmate Xie.

in the admission news publicly released by the school, we can clearly see that Xie Huaiqing has achieved good results in many national knowledge and ability competitions, such as physics, mathematics, composition, Chinese, English, and so on.

Xie Huai's mother also mentioned in the interview:

"from primary school to high school, I didn't worry about my child's study at all.

Children study efficiently at school during the day and rest when they get home at night. "

the key points need to be drawn here: it turns out that the similarity of high achiever is that parents do not have to worry about it.

such a "Versailles" speech simply pierced the hearts of us old mothers and made people more curious: what kind of learning secrets does such a super high achiever have?

Don't worry. Uncle has summarized Xie's learning methods for everyone. To put it simply, it can be classified into three points:

listen more in class and pay attention to the basics and teaching materials.

when talking about their learning experience, many high achiever will mention the importance of listening attentively in class.

it is true that "the platform of the ninth floor begins with tiredness". Only by listening carefully, thoroughly eating the teaching materials, and building the most solid foundation can we integrate the knowledge points for our use in the process of learning later.

ask more questions after class, and ask the teacher for advice whenever you have time.

in the face of problems that he does not understand, high achiever's approach is to consult the teacher in time, not to leave himself a dead corner of knowledge.

of course, Xie also mentioned: not only the learning difficulties, but also the confusion in life and psychology, you can ask the teachers for help.

learn from your classmates, communicate more and enlighten each other.

Xie Huaixian said in an interview: "there are also 706 students in our school and many excellent students. We will often discuss and communicate with each other and help each other, which is a great inspiration."

"if three people walk, there must be a teacher." Taking the excellent students as an example will also urge us to make more progress. So when getting along with his classmates, he will learn more about his classmates' strengths and constantly improve himself.

referring to his expectations for the future, Xie Huaixian also mentioned that he has been admitted to the mathematical basic science class of Tsinghua University, and he is already making relevant preparations, hoping that after entering Tsinghua University, he can study hard and know more outstanding students.

therefore, there is no such thing as a blockbuster. Behind the success, it is only ten years of persistence.

those excellent people are quietly, step by step forward, toward their inner goals, and then usher in the spring blossoms of life.

high achiever's extracurricular activities are playing games?

seeing Xie Huaixu's excellent performance, many netizens think that he is addicted to his studies.An inflexible "nerd".

as a result, he was slapped in the face instantly after reading all the interviews: this is not the male principal in the novel whose academic life is in full bloom!

in addition to crushing everyone to be admitted to Tsinghua University academically, Xie Huai Hibiscus also left us and other mortals far behind in other aspects.

on the sports field, he is a sunny and handsome man who can throw beautiful three-pointers without professional training.

Xie Huai, who is 1.97 meters tall, usually has the biggest hobby of playing basketball. Xie Na also once thought that her nephew would become a professional basketball player.

in the eyes of his classmates, he is high achiever who is eager to help his classmates and likes to make friends. Unlike some arrogant and solitary high achiever, Xie Huai often takes the initiative to help students who encounter difficulties in their studies.

he likes playing games and reading extracurricular books with his classmates, which not only enhances the friendship with his classmates, but also relaxes his mood after intense study.

when there was an interview with the media, the head teacher led the reporter with praise and said, "Don't look at Xie Huaixian who usually walks carelessly with the wind, but in fact, he is very delicate in mind, and he often takes the initiative to help us do the little things we can to keep our hearts warm."

Aunt and uncle are both A-list stars in the entertainment industry. Relying on their contacts and resources, Xie Huai can easily walk to Rome.

but he never thought of taking this shortcut, and even his classmates who had been with him for a long time did not know that his aunt was the host of Happy Camp.

he, who has been acting in a low profile and working hard silently, is suddenly pushed in front of the public, which is obviously not suitable.

but he is still full of thanks for the blessing of strange netizens.

he always remembers the school motto: be an educated person.

We often say: "the root of a child lies in his parents, and his words and deeds come from the family." Every excellent child is bound to be influenced by his family. "

so countless reporters heard the wind and went to Sichuan to interview Xie Huai's mother.

as a result, Mother Xie is particularly Versailles: I have never paid attention to the study of my children.

Mother Xie pays more attention to the all-round development of her children than to her study.

she chose the old privately-run "12-year" school for her son: Deyang Foreign language School, because this school attaches importance to children's quality education.

she encourages her son to participate in community activities, speech debates, sports competitions, etc., not only immerse himself in the monotonous color of learning, but to enrich life as much as possible.

she said: children are not learning machines, it is more important to cultivate children's healthy body and mind and sound personality.

I think deeply that scores and exams are important, but they should not be the whole content of learning, let alone the purpose of learning.

the real meaning of education is to cultivate children with sound personality.

with both IQ and EQ online, and with the blessing of famous schools, Xie Huaixian's wonderful life has just begun.

I hope that every child can sum up experience from his study, pay attention to basic and teaching materials, communicate more with teachers and classmates, and usher in his own spring blossoms in a down-to-earth manner.

I also hope that every parent can, like Xie Huai's parents, pay attention to their children's all-round development and physical and mental health, and use good educational concepts to raise the height of their children's lives.

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or retweet moments, may every child have ideals and go far away.