Wuhan college entrance examination students cheating burst hot search: if he succeeds, I really feel cold for Zhang Guimei!
Wuhan college entrance examination students cheating burst hot search: if he succeeds, I really feel cold for Zhang Guimei!
I hope that every child who grits his teeth and runs has a bright future.

there was a big news on the first day of the college entrance examination.

at 15:46 on June 7, with more than an hour to go before the math exam was over, a staff member of a "search for questions" APP suddenly found a photo backstage that looked like the real math question in the college entrance examination.

that is to say, it is very likely that the examinee who is taking the math exam photographed the question of the test paper and posted it on the search question APP in an attempt to find the answer.

on the left side of the photo, there are candidates' names and seat numbers

the employee was so alert that he not only failed to provide him with search results, but also immediately took a screenshot and reported it to the relevant departments.

the education department also attached great importance to it and immediately made an urgent investigation.

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it turns out that this is a student surnamed Wu in Huangpi District of Wuhan City, who illegally brought his mobile phone into the examination room and took photos of the examination paper in an attempt to cheat.

the surveillance video of the examination room captured his behavior, and he admitted it himself.

the local education bureau quickly issued a circular.

the invigilator was investigated and punished, and the examinee was disqualified from the college entrance examination.

there are likely to be further penalties.

this matter has attracted a lot of attention today, and hundreds of millions of netizens are discussing it.

many people demand strict investigation and severe punishment.

Why hold on to it?

because the college entrance examination is the biggest way out for many children to achieve leapfrogging in their lives.

it holds the dreams of how many people and carries the efforts of how many people.

if the child does well in the exam by cheating,

you let




struggling children


what should I do?

when Wu photographed the test questions on her mobile phone, Zhang Guimei and her 150 students were fighting a hard struggle at Huaping Girls' High School, a remote school.

the day before yesterday, "Zhang Guimei sent another 150 female high school students to the college entrance examination" also ranked first in the hot search, with reading as high as 300 million.

despite her illness, Zhang Guimei accompanied 150 senior high school students from Huaping Girl High School to the examination room.

these children, after paying unimaginable hardships, entered the examination room of the college entrance examination.

entering the university and walking out of the mountains is almost the only way for these girls-and their sisters and sisters-to change their lives.

to this end, Zhang Guimei devoted almost her whole life to this.

the senior high school examinee got on the bus, and the younger sisters of the first and second year of senior high school lined up together to raise their right hand to cheer for the senior sister.

the scene was tearful.

and this video has made countless netizens cry.

in the video, Zhang Guimei, dressed in clean black clothes and the simplest black hair, drags her frail and sick body to accompany her 150 senior high school graduates to make the final sprint for the college entrance examination.

when the students prepared for the exam, she was worried and went to the classroom to study with her.

she frowned, walked slowly, and looked wearily at the girls in her seat.

unable to keep up with her physical strength, she returned to the office alone, trembled her hands, took out a dozen medicine jars from the drawer, bolted a handful of medicine, and hurried back to the students.

this year, she seems to be in worse health, and it's hard even to walk the steps.

take an oath before the exam that she was helped down the steps.

A comment made me cry.

"she needs a hand when she goes down the stairs, but she still supports the fate of so many girls."

Yes, this is the strength of Zhang Guimei and the reason why people respect her.

all these years, Zhang Guimei is full of her students.

in 2018, she was critically ill in hospital, feeling that she might not make it.

when the leader went to the hospital to see her, she took his hand and said, "I'm not doing well. Can you give me the funeral expenses in advance? I want to see the money spent on the children."

later, although Zhang Guimei survived, Zhang Guimei's physical vitality was withering like leaves in late autumn.

she once said with a smile, "I'm afraid to sleep at night, and the next day I'll be gone."

but even so, she never gave up lifting her students.

Zhang Guimei's obsession came from 20 years ago.

at that time, she worked in a welfare home in the mountains of Yunnan and had seen too many tragedies caused by ignorance.

there was a woman who had a massive hemorrhage when she gave birth to her second child.

she knew she couldn't do it and asked to see her husband one last time.

but my mother-in-law disagreed, because there is a local saying that it is unlucky for a woman to give birth to a child and die.

she doesn't want her son to get this "bad luck".

and the son is very filial. Although he wants to see his wife, he doesn't want to go against his mother's wishes.

in hesitation, the wife died and the couple failed to see each other for the last time.

the man regretted it so much that he drank all day to drown his sorrows. as a result, one day he was lying in the rice field while ploughing and drowned.

their young son became an orphan and was sent to Zhang Guimei's welfare home.

when Zhang Guimei heard the story, she hated the mother-in-law so much that she couldn't figure out how people could be so stupid.

when she went to the boy's house, she learned that the old lady had never walked out of the mountains in her life, not even to a small county town dozens of kilometers away.Pass.

lived for decades, and all her knowledge of the world was limited to a few kilometers around.

she has not received any education and has been living in that square inch of land, ignorance is inevitable. And such ignorance often leads to great tragedies.

Zhang Guimei has seen so many such tragedies that she decided to change all this.

in 2002, she began to build a free girls' high school, hoping to get these mountain girls to study, get out of the mountains and get to know the world.

many people know the later story.

she worked so hard to raise a little money and barely built the high school.

and go to the mountains to find girls who need to study, one by one to persuade them to come to school.

all the income is spent on the students of Huaping Girl High School.

she hasn't had a rest over the years.

at 05:10 in the morning, before dawn, when the students are still sleeping, Zhang Guimei will get up on time from the iron bed in the girls' dormitory.

after a hard day's work, at 12:30 in the evening, the students fell into a deep sleep. Zhang Guimei dragged herself again, turned off the lights in the corridor one by one, and then went back to the iron bed, curled up, and went to sleep in agony.

that's it, year after year.

Zhang Guimei is exhausted under such intense work.

on an ordinary day, she settled her students, turned away, and walked slowly up the steps.

but it seems that a long time has passed and she hasn't moved.

four steps, she needs to hold on to the wall before she can walk, which is very difficult.

she said that her leg hurt so much that it was like a needle, so it was so difficult to walk one step at a time.

sometimes she needs oxygen to hold on.

over the past few decades, Zhang Guimei has grown into such a haggard appearance from that beautiful girl with smiling eyes in the past.

she is no longer young and more and more powerless.

but no matter how difficult it is, she never stops and insists on leading the girls in the mountains to change their lives against heaven.

Mu Xin wrote:

my confusion and timidity are always there, but I tell myself that even if I go into an abyss, there will be a bright future.

this may also be the voice of Zhang Guimei.

they are no longer reconciled to their fate.

the children study hard behind Zhang Guimei with books.

at 11:30 in the evening, in the corridor of the Huaping Women's High dormitory, there are still a large number of children immersed in their studies.

it was very hot. They were sweating while reciting books, their clothes were wet and their backs were covered with salt.

but no one will give up.

Why do I support the severe punishment of cheating in the college entrance examination?

is for

Don't let Zhang Guimei and all this


make an effort to put the book



feel chilled.

if it were not for Zhang Guimei and Huaping women's high school, they would not even have a chance to do exercises, so they could only be trapped in the mountains, get married and have children, and work hard all their lives.

A girl, a senior, dropped out of school to break corn at home.

she can't go to school because her brother, who is in primary and junior high school, is sent out for tutoring.

when Zhang Guimei knew, she was so angry that she yelled at the child's parents:

"are you crazy? The girl is going to take the college entrance examination, but she sends her son to cram school! "

with that, she dropped 200 yuan, took the girl down the hill and went back to school.

the girl was finally admitted to college.

in 2020, 159 Huaping Women's High School took part in the college entrance examination, including 17 students with scores above 600, 70 students above the first line, with the highest score of 651 in science and 619 in liberal arts.

this result is excellent in the local area.

these more than 1800 girls and their families have changed their lives.

Su Min is a doctor now.

Zhou Yuncui is now a primary school teacher.

without Zhang Guimei, they may still be the hard-working women in the mountains, who have not seen the outside world and do not understand life.

with the joint efforts of Zhang Guimei and the girls, everything is different.

this is their common victory.

Today, another 150 Zhang Guimei's children entered the examination room, hoping that they can hold on to the boat that reversed their fate, successfully get ashore, and be sunny from now on.

I hope they all see the vast world and eventually live the way they want.

I hope that every child who does not succumb to fate and grits his teeth and runs has a bright future.


well, everyone who strives to live into a beam of light deserves to be seen and praised.