Women with poor character like to do these four things on Wechat best. See if you have any.
Women with poor character like to do these four things on Wechat best. See if you have any.
Judge your character by your words and deeds, and know your personality by your every move.

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Wechat is a person's second hit film, in which your values and character are hidden.

Women with poor character often like to do these four things on Wechat. I hope you don't.

telling people what to do is embarrassing

as the saying goes: hit people but not in the face, cursing people do not expose their shortcomings.

but there is a group of people on Wechat who like to use their own experience to tell other people's lives.

have seen such a story:

the middle-aged woman sets up a stall on the roadside, waiting for her husband to bring her lunch, which is her most ordinary happiness every day.

came late, and the husband smiled apologetically and sat by watching his wife eat with relish.

then a passing aunt glanced at her wife's lunch box and said sarcastically:

"if you don't have any oil or water, how can you eat it?"

you are too miserable for a big man to let his wife suffer every day. "

then pretended to sigh and turned away. Only the woman sat blankly with her lunch box, her tears falling down.

the rim of the man's eyes was red, and the atmosphere suddenly fell to the freezing point.

emotion expert Zhu Jing said: what you see in your eyes may be a kind of suffering, but in the eyes of others, it may be happiness.

there is no difference between good and bad, only whether it is suitable or not.

Women of good character never embarrass people easily. Emit your own light, but don't blow out other people's lights.

sit still and often think about your own mistakes and gossip about others. Not only to safeguard the dignity of others, but also to protect their own goodness.

likes to play ambiguous and has no sense of boundary

Sanmao once said, "No matter how close your friends are, you can't miss the line. You think you are familiar with yourself, and you end up in reverse isolation." This is especially true between members of the opposite sex.

Lesser Fullness of Grain and her husband have been married for a year and have been plagued by her husband's "best friend" on Wechat.

my husband is going to take the whole family on a self-driving trip, and her girlfriends send a message: "if you don't take me, if you don't take a seat, I'll ride on your shoulder."

Lesser Fullness of Grain felt inappropriate, and her husband was also embarrassed, but she only said that her best friend was careless.

on the same day, Qixi Festival, Lesser Fullness of Grain saw a circle of friends with roses in her girlfriends' arms on her husband's mobile phone.

that bouquet of flowers is clearly the same as the one my husband gave me!

under the questioning of Lesser Fullness of Grain, the husband explained: the female best friend complained about being single and pestered him to send a bunch.

in this life, it is inevitable to have a few friends of the opposite sex who can chat with each other.

but some people go their own way in the name of friendship, knowing that they will bring trouble to each other.

A woman with good character only adds incense, not chaos. Their acquaintance with the opposite sex is not out of line, sometimes intimate.

that distance is not only the protection of pure friendship, but also respect for each other's family.

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keep complaining and have no respect

it is written in Xunzi's persuasion to learn that the white sand is in nirvana, and it is black with it.

there is a kind of people on Wechat who complain about their unhappy life and bumpy feelings all day long.

once someone is willing to comfort and explain, listen patiently to her chattering complaints this time.

next time, as long as she is in a bad mood, she will, regardless of time and occasion, no matter how the other person feels, take the initiative to force garbage on the other side, bombarding her with information.

Bad emotions are as contagious as yawning, and eventually people around them will be dragged into the shackles of negative energy and covered with hostility.

will Bowen said in the World without complaining:

if you don't like something, change it; if you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain.

A woman of good character knows how to restrain and cheer up. They know that complaining will not only do them no good, but will push the people around them further and further away.

they will talk to someone and know that enough is enough, and they are more likely to learn to explain themselves and move forward again.

Red packets can only get in and out, and love to take advantage of small things

as the saying goes: money is character.

I believe you must have met such people in Wechat:

you sent a voting link with a thank-you red packet, and someone is always the first to grab it, but doesn't want to help.

someone mistakenly took your red packet, but refused to return it, or even withdrew from the group immediately.

someone has little acquaintance with you, but the dialog box is full of messages from him asking for red envelopes.

an old classmate who has no contact suddenly greets you with the money, and then you get in touch, only to find that you have been blocked.

snatching and handing out red envelopes, there are two simple actions with a clear view of character.

reach out your hand again and again, it's disturbing, but you can't get in and out, it's a small pattern.

A woman of good character never covets petty bargains. They will not lose face because of a little petty gain, nor do they want to fritter away each other's friendship.

they don't forget their shape after they get it, and they will give it back accordingly. They know very well that red packets are like human feelings, and only when you go back and forth can you last for a long time.

WeChat red packet, the amount of money is not large, but can recognize friendship, but also the most popular.

Daniel Gorman, a famous psychologist, once said:

"the degree to which you are comfortable determines the height you can reach.


if you have these four kinds of people in your moments, please be careful.Get along.

if you have one in mind, I hope you will start today:

pay more attention to discretion before chatting and think more about each other. Swallow the inappropriate words and pick out the thorns in the words.

being mean and humorous are two different things, outspoken and frank are two different things; being yourself and being impolite are two different things, indifference of importance and temperament are two different things.

character is seen in every word and deed, and personality is known in every move.

We don't have to be a person that everyone likes, but we can try to be a sincere and measured person who is not annoying.