Women who never post on WeChat moments on Wechat are not low-key. Nine times out of ten, they are these three kinds of people.
Women who never post on WeChat moments on Wechat are not low-key. Nine times out of ten, they are these three kinds of people.
The most important thing is to live your real life well.

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has his own mind and does not drift with the current

most of the women who never post on moments on Wechat are mature and strong, and don't like to expose their joys and sorrows in moments to get the attention of others.

they have their own opinions, always follow their own hearts when doing things, and will not be swayed by the thoughts of others.

they are also simpler and purer in life. They don't spend much time on Meitu, consider copywriting, count likes, and care about comments.

they prefer to leave this time and patience to their family, friends and children, to have a good meal with their parents, to go shopping with their girlfriends, and to play games with their children.

for them, cherishing the happy life in front of them is the most precious.

know how to be contented, not vain to compare

Yi Shu has a very reasonable saying:

"A lady with real temperament never shows off everything she has. She doesn't tell anyone what books she has read, where she has been, how many clothes she has, and what jewelry she has bought, because she has no sense of inferiority."

Women who never post on WeChat moments on Wechat have less desire to do nothing, physically and mentally, do not like to compare with others, and do not need to share their lives with anyone.

on the contrary, there are many women around them, and their vanity is infinitely inflated.

I like to post some luxury car bags on moments, travel to foreign countries, and various luxury brands dazzling.

once or twice, people still feel novel and envious, and it will be boring to do so every day.

it is said that what a person expects to get after showing off is what she really lacks.

Women with real levels never disdain to show off these false fame and profits in moments. They are more willing to take the time to improve themselves, to read books, to grow up, and to become excellent.

they have a good state of mind, do not compete, do not compete, know how to be content, for them, the inner wealth is the real wealth.

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like Qingjing, don't like to take part in the fun

time is walking, age is getting older, and you have experienced more things, so you no longer like to be lively and care about form as you did when you were young.

things the size of sesame seeds are posted in moments to tell the world, asking for attention and comfort, and now it seems to be very hypocritical.

when I reach a certain age, I learn to be reticent, show no expression of joy and anger, become indifferent to many things, and no longer like to go to endless places to like and comment in moments.

what's more, I don't like to be judged by irrelevant people, which will only add annoyance and disturb my good mood.

most of the women who never post on WeChat moments on Wechat are women who like to be quiet and don't like to take part in the fun.

time teaches them that they are self-aware of the warmth of their lives, and there is no need to be known to everyone.

only when you are calm, can you better taste the happiness you already have.

most of the time, people's joys and sorrows are not the same, whether or not to post in moments depends on their own inner choice.

for everyone, moments are just their own social life, and the most important thing is to live their own real life.