"Why don't we forget it?"
"Why don't we forget it?"
The best scenery will always be on the road. ​

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yesterday, I received this message backstage:

"I sent him two words to delete each other. Before I sent it, I had been thinking about whether he would be a little surprised or sorry when he saw it, and whether it would be possible to retain him for a while, but not long after I sent it out, his circle of friends was already a horizontal line, and the clown was myself. "

in fact, such an outcome is to be expected.

A relationship that has ended has lost its meaning from the moment it ends.

fall in love, still care about your words would have trotted to find you, a long time of silence, in fact, has long announced the answer.

so this "mutual deletion" may be a temptation with expectations for one side, but for the other, it is more like a catalyst for making up your mind to erase embarrassment in Wechat.

I replied to a line from the girl's Blueberry Night:

"I don't know how to say goodbye to someone I can't lose in life, so I left without saying goodbye."

the end of the show is the normal state of life. Only by taking good care of yourself for the rest of your life can you live up to your enthusiasm.

maybe there is such a person on your Wechat.

it has been a long time since the last chat. I occasionally clicked on the chat interface and wanted to say something, but I finally gave up.

because there is no reason to open my mouth, I have lost the status of greeting.

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will often click on his profile picture to see what has been updated in his moments, hiding his worries like a thief, and secretly rejoicing that there is no record of visitors in the moments.

there is no way. If you add a pass after the word love, everything will be different.

people who have loved seriously are always unforgettable.

but those who have loved seriously cannot be friends after all.

maybe you will still remember to dry one hand in the shower just to answer the news of TA. Remember that TA likes spicy food, doesn't eat coriander, doesn't like onions, and that TA wants to go to Gulangyu to watch the sunset and go to the desert to see the yellow sand. But that's just your obsession.

habit is more terrible than deep love. The saddest thing in a relationship is that the other person has been gone for a long time, but you still stay where you are.

what I want to tell you is that it is enough to have experienced an unrequited effort. It is really free but never cheap. Only those who respond to you deserve your affection.

good love is not only running in and accommodating each other, but more importantly, going both ways and liking each other.

the persistence of only one person, relying only on unilateral efforts, has lost its meaning from the very beginning.

as low as the dust, it never blossoms.

"you have deviated from the route, please make a U-turn in the right position."

navigation is also applicable to life and life. We are no longer children. When dealing with relationships, we should be sober and self-disciplined.

I think of what the form of breakup says: if you have to leave, you have to be clean and beautiful.

every parting is actually polishing us to become people who know how to love and be loved in the long run.

to bid farewell to a wrong person, what you should do is not to indulge in the past, but to pack yourself up as soon as possible and continue your long life with the growth you got in that relationship.

the word "forever" is the same as "oath". If you are sincere and enthusiastic at the moment you say it, you have already met each other.

so, when you feel at ease as a child in love, you must cherish the one who is always with you; if one day you have to grow up in love, I hope you can put on your armor as quickly as possible and continue to fight.

dare to love, but also chic.

people walk alone, sometimes they meet, sometimes they naturally part.

none of us know where our destination is, nor can we predict who will accompany us to the end, but we all gradually understand that we should be grateful when we encounter it, and we must let it go when we are separated.

sometimes let go of some people and things, more importantly, to let go of yourself.

in the process of people coming and going, we will know more about what kind of feelings and what kind of life we want.

, wave goodbye to that person, and then stop dwelling on the past.

give others back to others, give yourself back to yourself, let the flowers become flowers, and let the trees become trees.

the rest of my life is long, be strong and gentle, and always believe that the best scenery will always be on the road.