Why do you keep exercising? That's the best answer I've ever seen.
Why do you keep exercising? That's the best answer I've ever seen.
Exercise and non-exercise, have a different life.

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in Zhihu, there was a question: "at which moment do you think exercise is useful?"

there is a highly liked answer:

"when the elevator has no power but to take the stairs, when you don't have to worry about getting fat if you eat too much, when you are calm, rather than afraid to get the medical report."

although the benefits of exercise can be found everywhere, very few people really love sports.

there are many times when we refuse to exercise for various reasons.

for example, you always think that exercise is a waste of time, but you don't know how long it will take when you wait in line to see a doctor at the hospital.

for example, you always think that exercise consumes too much energy, but you don't know how much energy it takes when you are suffering from illness.

for example, you always think that exercise has no obvious effect, but you don't know how slow the effect will be when you lie in bed and take injections and take medicine.

it is true that exercise is not everything.

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but most people who like sports have healthier bodies and stronger bodies, and even have a better state of mind.

the problems caused by not loving sports are often overlooked by us, and even you will pay a huge price for it.

in fact, exercise not only plays a role in physical exercise, but also makes you feel happier, giving you more happiness and healing.

A netizen said that during the period when he broke up with his girlfriend, he was particularly depressed and in a very bad mood.

since then, he has fallen in love with running. He originally wanted to vent his depression, but the more he ran, the more likely he was to forget his troubles.

so he began to run every day, and sometimes when he really didn't want to move, he forced himself to run five kilometers.

but later he found that although running, the muscles will have soreness and discomfort, the body will have fatigue and fatigue,

but when he beat himself again and again, he would find that all the unpleasant things had been left behind during running, and he soon came out of the shadow of being lovelorn.

I wonder if you have found that people who love sports seem to be more optimistic. They seldom worry about anything and seldom fall into emotional troughs.

exercise can't help us solve the problems we actually encounter, but it can help you adjust your state so that you can have a more positive and optimistic attitude and face many disappointments in your life.

most of the time, many people have tried exercise again and again, but they never really realize the many benefits that exercise brings to them.

for example, in order to lose weight, some people used to get up and run 10 kilometers early in the morning, but they didn't lose weight, but stopped exercising and rebounded immediately.

for example, some people have persisted in jogging, squatting and lifting dumbbells for the sake of their health, but they seem to have spent a lot of time and energy without getting any better.

for example, in order to reduce stress, some people also go to the gym to sweat when they encounter troubles and problems, but they don't seem to be in a better mood except sweating.

in fact, exercise will not give you immediate results.

only by exercising every day, so that you don't slack off, don't be lazy, don't give up, can you really realize the benefits of self-discipline in your persistence day after day.

you don't have to give yourself much exercise intensity on a whim, but even if you keep running one kilometer a day for a long time, you will naturally see the change.

you don't have to rush for success. You should always see the effect after running, sweating and exercising. Just stick to it, and time will give you the answer.

you don't have to exercise with a strong sense of utilitarianism, maybe you will push yourself at first, but when you immerse yourself in the process of exercise, you will naturally feel happy.

there are many times when we all know the need for exercise, but few of us really take action.

Don't think that sports are very tiring. If you sit still for a long time, you will be more tired.

Don't think that exercise is time-consuming. If you don't check your phone for a few minutes, you'll be free.

Don't think that exercise is something that can be put off for a while, because illness won't give you time to prepare.

so please don't hesitate, don't wait, and don't get hot for three minutes.

to make a suitable fitness plan for yourself, you don't need to compare the exercise time with others, the speed of exercise with others, and the intensity of exercise with others.

maybe you only need to change into running shoes and sportswear for half an hour every day to exercise.

maybe you don't have to go to the gym, even downstairs, in the community, at home, you can do a lot of exercise.

maybe you don't have to put a lot of pressure on yourself, as long as you can keep exercising every day, you will naturally gain a lot over a long period of time.

in the end, you will find that you have a different life between exercising and not exercising.

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