"whoever you marry, you will have your life."
"whoever you marry, you will have your life."
Finally, may you work hard all your life and be loved all your life.


We often hear such words:

"just meet a nice person."

how does that make a nice person?

he is honest, stable, has a house and a car, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, and has a good temper.

but I want to say:

No matter how old you are or how much pressure you face, don't lose your mind.

you should learn to distinguish between true and false feelings, to know the truth of life, to think about your own situation, and to understand each other's nature.

you need to consider which decisions will affect your life, which problems can be dealt with, and which problems cannot be mastered.

because some people have only one marriage in their life, and an unhappy marriage will kill you at once.

so when dealing with marriage, you must be cautious and clear-headed.

there are many things in the world that can be accommodated, but not marriage.

because, in your accommodation, there are clues of the joys and sorrows of marriage.

have you found a phenomenon?

cheating or domestic violence

comes out, there is often a sentence in the comment area: no longer believe in love.

it's funny. Why does other people's love influence our view of love?

when a friend's love is sweet, he shouts "Love is worthy of trust".

lovers who show love break up and yell at "sure enough that love is unreliable".

you see, most people's understanding of love should be based on others.

I remember a message saying:

"you have hurt me too much, and my lesson is too painful. I have lost my expectation of love. After being separated from you for many years, I am no longer willing to believe in love.

you and I have known each other for 10 years, and you can say that you can change as soon as possible, so how can the people I just met deserve to be entrusted to me for life? "

emotional poison chicken soup, everyone has tasted it. But it's not fairy tales that lie, sometimes it's ourselves.

because the relationship is not simply to find someone to live, but to find a partner in life to integrate resources, reduce investment risk and improve the quality of life.

Luo Xiang, a professor at China University of political Science and Law, said:

looking for a partner does not depend on his appearance, social status, or economic income, but on whether he has a heart of respect for people.

Don't just look at his attitude towards you and your parents, because when he pursues you, he is sure to show his best side.

Look no further than frugal fannies cocktail dresses and radiate your elegant beauty. Just do it and enjoy wonderful shopping experience.

not all marriages end well. If you get on board, the first task is not to cry and regret, but to get ashore in time.

you don't get married and have children to be a victim:

so keep a clear head, improve yourself, cultivate your mind, and be emotionally independent.

whatever cause you sow, what fruit you get.

your life is precious, don't bury it on a marriage contract.

there is a widely circulated line in "the leftover is king":

you should not marry for your parents, nor should you hear any gossip outside. If you hear too much, you want to get married.

you should marry the person you like and grow old together.

hold your head high, be very tough, look forward to, as if you have won.

Marriage is not a person's whole, it is a personal choice, no one can control, let alone interfere.

what really affects you is not bad people and bad things, but your vision and pattern.

We cut through all the difficulties and forge ahead, not to put the spiral of fate into the hands of others, nor to wronge ourselves and pray for the mercy of others.

but in order to take the initiative to fight back, save yourself and break through the tight siege when the rainstorm strikes.

finally, may you work hard and be loved all your life.