Who you think you are
Who you think you are
Recognize your position and value.

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the world is cold, who do you think you are

A camel, painstakingly across the desert, a fly lying on the back of the camel, without any strength, also came.

the fly sneered and said, "Thank you for your hard work, camel." Goodbye! "

the camel looked at the fly and said, "when you were on me, I didn't know at all. When you were gone, you didn't have to say hello to me. You have no weight at all. Don't take yourself too seriously."

the famous performing artist Ying Ruocheng once told a story.

he grew up in a big family, and dozens of people sat together in a big restaurant for every meal. On one occasion, he had a whim and decided to play a joke on everyone.

before eating, he hid himself in an unnoticed cupboard in the dining room and wanted to jump out when everyone couldn't find it.

it was embarrassing that everyone did not notice his absence. When everyone was full and full, he wilted out and ate some leftovers and soup.

from then on, he told himself: never take yourself too seriously, or you will be disappointed.

it can be seen that no matter where you are, no matter how important you are, it doesn't matter if you leave at all.

anyone who leaves will still live, and there are many people who are more capable than you and more talented than you, so let's not be too ostentatious, not too ostentatious, not too high-profile, not too defiant, because few people care.

Don't be too flamboyant as a man.

do not think that you are very good, without you, the earth will still turn around, without this platform, you are nothing!

be modest and keep a low profile.

in my life, I will meet countless people.

in the scenery, there was a group of friends who were called brothers. When they were in trouble, they found that those "old friends" had all disappeared. In the past, the friends were scattered, and the people who fell into the well were pouring in, and the world was cold.

Don't take yourself too seriously, in the rush of life, you are just a passer-by, in the long course of human history, even less than the weight of a grain of sand.

do not take yourself too seriously, it is a kind of self-cultivation, a kind of demeanor, a kind of noble realm, a kind of outlook attitude.

is a kind of maturity in mentality and an indifference in mind. Being a man with this state of mind can make you healthy and magnanimous.

doing things with this state of mind can make life easier and more secure.

with this state of mind, you can make the people around you like to get along with you more.

Don't show off your money, it's like paper in the hospital;


to show off your work, when you fall down, countless people will do better than you;

Don't show off your room. If you go, it will be someone else's nest.

Don't show off your car. If you leave, the car key will be in someone else's hand!

the only thing you can show off is your health!

when everyone else is gone, you can still bask in the sun, drink tea and enjoy a healthy life.

Please be kind to yourself, because the parts are not easy to match and the price is extremely expensive! Not in stock yet.

there is water in a thousand rivers and months in a thousand rivers, and there are no clouds in thousands of miles. Let go of yourself and repair your own character.

character is a person's best card

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the ancients said:

virtuous things, that is to say, as long as people have good virtue, there is nothing that cannot be carried. On the contrary, people cannot achieve great things without virtue.

these famous advice warn us that we should be willing to suffer losses and think more of others in order to achieve success.

at the same time, virtue is a blessing, and only by being kind can you get the respect of others.


kindness is the key element of a good character.

one must always be grateful in order to be admired.

be more kind-hearted and do more good deeds.

only in this way can we be calm and calm and reach the point where we do nothing wrong on weekdays and are not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night.

keep one's word

A man can't do anything well without credit.

the key to interpersonal communication is trustworthiness.

the ancients regarded trustworthiness as one of the very important conduct of a man, paying attention to words and deeds, and trustworthiness.

the end of life is the blue bridge of the broken soul of love. Zengzi killed a pig for his son because of one sentence, which is a trustworthy story through the ages.

if people are not trustworthy in society, certainly no one will want to associate with them, let alone win the trust of others.


as the saying goes, "tolerance is great".

people should have a tolerant heart and be able to tolerate things that cannot be tolerated in the world.

We should learn to tolerate people who disagree with us, especially those who have contradictions with ourselves.

to be tolerant of others is actually to untie your own mind, otherwise, it will only put pressure on your own mind, and it is you who will suffer.

We should admit the differences between people, pay more attention to other people's strengths and strengths, tolerate other people's shortcomings, and treat others in two ways. If there is a dispute, there will be two defeats, and concessions will benefit both sides.


honesty is the foundation of life, and honesty is a virtue.

people's insincerity should not be made friends.

"if you want to be a great task, you must be faithful",

We treat our work the same way. Whether we are reporting work or reflecting problems, we must seek truth from facts and never practice fraud or break promises to others.


modesty is an important part of good character.

"modesty makes one progress, pride makes one lag behind"


whenever you think less of yourself, it is always a good thing, which is conducive to your own progress on the one hand and to getting along with others on the other.

the ancients said, "No matter what kind of person you are, you must not be snobbish, no matter what you are used to, you must not have a rough mind



when you do anything, don't always think that you are capable and indispensable. This is not good and is easy to be annoyed.

humble people love them all.


A person may not be a great person, but he can be an upright person.

A man of integrity must first act according to his conscience.

Wang Yongbin of the Qing Dynasty said, "ask for a conscience to govern me and leave some leeway to be a man." that's what he said.

all office-bearers can proceed from their conscience, and he is definitely a noble and upright man.

people should also have a correct concept of right and wrong, and they should have their own opinions when they encounter problems. They must never say hello to you, hello to me, or to everyone.

We should adhere to the truth, and we should not turn a wrong into a right because of a good relationship, nor should we turn a right into a wrong because of a bad relationship.


people are both precious and constant.

to do anything, you must have determination, perseverance, patience, and the spirit of persistent pursuit, which is the key to a successful career.

otherwise, nothing will be accomplished.

this is the truth of the so-called "dripping water wears away a stone and grinding a needle with an iron rod".

Feng Yuxiang said, "those who achieve great things in the world are fools." because once these people have identified their goals and just move forward, they will achieve success.

on the contrary, some so-called smart people, because of their high brain speed, look around and think about their careers, but they still can't get things done.

We might as well be fools and look down on ourselves. Why not?

in our daily work, as long as we are sure of something, we should try our best to finish it, do it well, and strive for the pleasure of success.

this perseverance and courage is the concrete embodiment of persistent pursuit.

in life, no matter being a person or doing something, as long as you constantly improve your self-cultivation and recognize your position and value, you will be able to reach the highest state of life.