Who cares about you most? Wechat told you.
Who cares about you most? Wechat told you.
Modern relationships are hidden in the records of Wechat.

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there is a saying: "the greatest happiness in life is to find that the one you love happens to love you



like coughing, you can't hide it. It depends on how much a person cares about you, just look at his Wechat.

people who really care about you, Wechat often have these three signs, see if you have!

reply your message in seconds

once saw a topic: "what are the most annoying chat behaviors?"

one of the respondents with the highest likes said:

chat with a person, talk to each other about going to take a shower, and then there is no more information;

he replied that he was going to dinner, and then he never heard from him again.

one second it was well said, and the next second it was gone. It is a second for you to return to him, and it is like reincarnation for you.

I think so.

if you send out a Wechat message, but do not receive a reply for a long time, you will inevitably fall into wishful thinking, constant suspicion and anxiety.

and the second reply message actually conveys a kind of sense of security that is cared about and down-to-earth.

Lao Liu is a famous beloved wife in our department. Usually, everyone works and eats together. As long as they receive a phone call from their wife or Wechat, they almost always get back in seconds.

when we chat, we will use it to make fun of Lao Liu's "old wife slave".

Lao Liu always laughs and says, "what do you know? I'm giving my wife sense of security to reassure her."

Lao Liu said that in fact, when he was young, he did not pay attention to the importance of timely reply.

but once his wife sent him a message, and he didn't reply for a long time, so his wife began to think wishful thinking. When she was doing housework, she burned her hand, and now she still has a big scar.

after that, Lao Liu regretted it very much, and he replied to every news from his wife in time.

No matter how busy I am, I will take a few seconds to say so and then deal with other things.

I read a sentence on the Internet: "second response is the warmest skill in the world."

in this era of almost never leaving your phone, it is not difficult to reply to a message, even if you are "busy, talk to you later".

Don't let your reincarnation sink the other person into anxiety and uneasiness.

what a woman wants most is your dedicated love and a unique sense of security.

if you really care about each other, don't let them wait too long. Adults have less and more affection. A phone call answered in time and a message answered in a second are more real than any sweet words.

contact you actively

writer Liu Ting once said, "the most beautiful love letter in the world is to read chat notes." If you don't believe it, flipping through your Wechat chat records, the one who loves you must be full of love. "

I think so.

the chat record is the witness of love. Whether a person loves you or not can be seen from your dialog box.

my good friend Xiao Jing had a relationship that came to a dead end. Xiao Jing and her ex-boyfriend met at a friend party.

some people say that when love comes, it will make people fall into a honey jar, sweet bubbling, but Xiaojing is always worried about gain and loss in this relationship.

on the one hand, they will roll happily in bed because they are like-minded and attracted to each other, and on the other hand, they will feel anxious and uneasy about their boyfriend's behavior that they never contact each other actively.

one day Xiao Jing had nothing to do. When she looked through the chat records of the two people, she found that she had been in love for half a year, and her boyfriend seldom took the initiative to chat with her.

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"do you drink milk tea?" "whatever you want, bring me a drink if you want";

"the place where you are on business trip is very beautiful. is there anything interesting to share?" "it's nothing good, it's all the same";

"it's raining heavily outside. Can you come and pick me up?" "I'm working overtime today, why don't you take an umbrella?"


A relationship begins because of mutual attraction, but the secret to maintaining a relationship must be to go both ways.

the rejection and indifference in the chat record made Xiao Jing feel more and more chilled.

in fact, there is no free time, no life is too dull, there is no story to share, but he does not want to say, he does not want to.

A sentence from the movie "he doesn't really like you that much":

"if a guy doesn't care much about you on the surface, he really doesn't care about you, without any exception."

the person who cares about you will come to you even if you don't ask. Even if it is boring at the moment, he will find sporadic feelings to share with you in the boring things.

he is not very idle, nor is he really bored, but he regards you as very important and is willing to take the initiative to maintain the relationship between them.

Please cherish the person who takes the initiative to contact you. After all, not everyone cares about you so much.

give you special remarks

Weibo has read such a paragraph:

"my wife has more than 1000 Wechat friends, but the name she gave me on WeChat is A, so you can always find me at the top of your contact list."

what do you care? As soon as you turn on your phone, all you can see is you!

remember in the ensembleIn the art show "ace to trump", there was also a particularly warm scene. The host asked Sha Yi, what did he comment on his wife Hu Ke's mobile phone?

Sha Yi wrote Ah Mao on the whiteboard.

at first I thought it was nothing special, but later I realized that it was full of love.

because Mr. Hu's nickname is Maomao, and the letter An is at the top of the Wechat address book.

so teacher Sha Yi affectionately replaced the note "Maomao" with "Ah Mao".

this seemingly unremarkable act may not be as romantic as "I love you" or affectionate as "accompany you", but it no longer reveals the love that he holds you in the palm of his hand and heart all the time.

this is probably the most touching emotion in the world.

because he cares about you, he will give you a special note, because you are different in his heart.

Wechat remarks, although it is only a small act, hides his intention and care for you.

in his eyes, you are a different existence, you have a unique title, and this title is the proof that he loves you.

someone once said: "Modern relationships are hidden in the records of Wechat."

your heart is hidden from who you contact most frequently and who is the last person you talk to before you go to bed.

similarly, in Wechat, there is evidence that others love you.

who likes to contact you most, who always gets back to you in the first second, and who gives you special comments on Wechat? these are the people who care about you and love you.

therefore, in the vast sea of people, if you meet someone who treats you like this, then don't hesitate to cherish it.

, for the rest of your life, may you still have gentle dreams and someone who loves you very much in your tired life.