Whether the marriage is good or not, you can tell by the words.
Whether the marriage is good or not, you can tell by the words.
Talking well is the most beautiful way to get married.

Bai Yansong made an emotional remark at a new book launch:

"many couples divorce not because of state affairs, but because of trivial matters. On the contrary, they will divorce if a word does not go well."

it seems that it is a trivial matter to say the same thing. Some of them are just noisy and awkward, but some are really divorced.

when it comes to the reasons for divorce, it just sounds like a few words to outsiders.

when you are in love, it is easy to find each other's advantages with appreciation, and what you say is sweet talk.

when you enter into marriage, all you see are each other's shortcomings, and you fall out if you don't say a good word.

if you want to have a good marriage, start by talking well.

it seems like a simple thing, but it contains too much content.

to speak well is to really cherish

there is a couple in Japan who have lived together for 65 years.

they have never blushed and lead an enviable life like an immortal couple.

Japanese director Ken Fuhara wanted to make a documentary about their lives. He wrote four letters before he got his approval.

their lives were made into a moving documentary with a high score of 9.5.

this is the story of 90-year-old architect Shuichi Tsudan and his 87-year-old wife Hideko Tsudan in the Fruit of Life.

when they first met, Hideko's gentle attitude and bright smile fascinated Xiuyi deeply.

especially with the later in-depth contact, Yingzi's and euphemistic words convinced Xiu again and again.

in old age, Xiuichi still said to the camera: to me, she is the best girlfriend!

No matter what decision Xiu makes, she always silently supports him and lets him do what she wants.

although Hideko never says "I love you" aloud, she never says a word of complaint and always smiles.

they respect each other in life, always talk to each other with a pleasant face, and talk about the common things of their parents.

but the warm tacit understanding makes people deeply moved after seeing it.

as a saying goes: "the most eternal happiness in the world is ordinary, and the most lasting possession in life is to cherish."

couples who really cherish each other will treat each other in the most gentle way.

in marriage, there are a lot of trivia, there are good and bad things, and there are the best parts and troughs in the relationship.

words may not be as strong and sweet as honey, but they must be as intoxicating as a warm spring breeze.

couples with good feelings will cherish each other by talking well, cherish each other's joys and sorrows, and face the difficulties of life together.

speaking well is a cultivation rooted in the heart

speaking well is a self-cultivation rooted in the heart.

David Polly wrote a book called the garbage truck Law.

he said that in this world, there are some people, like a car full of garbage, full of remorse and anger, often out of control.

when more and more rubbish is piled up, they need to be dumped and released.

in marriage, I am most afraid of having such a spouse.

not long ago, I saw the real experience of a netizen on Zhihu.

her husband is a man with a successful career, but he is always busy and seldom eats at home.

if the husband comes back for dinner once in a while, either the food is not to his taste, or he scolds the child for being noisy.

one day, her best friend came to the house with her children for dinner, and it happened that her husband also came back. The house was quarreled by the children, and toys were thrown everywhere.

the husband frowned when he entered the door, and without saying hello, he began to complain: look, what are you busy with all day long? the house is like a pigsty. Can I go back to this family?

the wife, who did not come to Taiwan in front of her best friend, was also angry and said angrily, "if you don't come back, you won't come back. If you come back, you will have a quarrel, and don't go back to this house for the rest of your life."

my best friend didn't eat dinner either, so she ran away with the children in a hurry.

the wife cried and felt very aggrieved. She was alone at home with two children. From morning till night, the husband was not only inconsiderate, but also lost his temper easily.

as a result, they developed from a trivial matter to complaining to each other, escalating to personal attacks, and finally to attacking each other's families.

starting from not talking well, it ignited the fuse of the quarrel and set off the crisis of marriage.

Marriage is not a place to be reasonable, but it must be a place to be emotional.

the most hurtful thing in marriage is to fall out when a word is not to your liking.

tongue is a knife, don't hurt the one you love.

irritability, irritability, in the final analysis, it is selfish.

all bad temper in marriage is the internal cause of lack of breeding.

on the contrary, those couples who have something to say well tend to turn the big things into small things, enhance their feelings and live a harmonious life.

speak well, is the most considerate and gentle

like Xi Murong's sentence very much:

there is a kind of love called tenderness. I believe in the nature of love, just like the simplicity and tenderness of life.

people who have watched the TV series "settling down" must remember an old couple in the play, Grandpa Song and Grandma Jiang.

they have no children, only depend on each other.

Grandma Jiang called Grandpa Song: Mr. Song. Words are gentle, eyes are affectionate.

Grandpa Song's love for his wife was even more meticulous. He refused to treat his illness and let Grandma Jiang keep money for his old age.

Grandma Jiang chose to sell her house and treat Grandpa Song even if she lost everything. When they came to the end, they were all thinking about each other.

especially Grandpa Song's instructions on his deathbed are very touching.

"Don't just talk, look at your feet."

"Don't forget your keys when you go out. Where do you put something?"

in the ardent exhortation, there is infinite tender consideration and love.

read a paragraph:

There is no argument that navy blue formal dresses are the basic requisites in the world of fashion. Whatever your choice, take advantage of a huge discount of 70 percents!

"Don't think that as long as you take money from home, home is not a place to put money, but a place to rest assured. Only by putting your heart at home can love and happiness stay with parents."

many marriages have become "hollow" mode.

under the impact of rude words again and again, I sharpen the feelings that should have been gentle.

gentle words are the glue of feelings, turning two hearts into one heart.

the so-called Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), do not leave, do not give up, is not endless words, stay together until old, gentle to wait?

talking well is the most affectionate confession.

Yes, "Love is to appreciate each other's strengths, marriage must be tolerant of each other's shortcomings"!

after a rough emotional road, two people can finally tie the knot, which should be cherished extremely.

No matter what happens, the contradiction between two people should be resolved on the premise of good speech.

if your heart is full of love, you are not willing to say something that hurts him.

if you are an educated person, you will definitely keep your mouth shut in front of your lover.

feelings need to be gentle, such as cultivating a pot of flowers, gentle wind and rain, sunshine and rain, is the right attitude.

talking well is the most beautiful way to get married.

as the introduction to Yi Tiao says: all lives that have not been spent in beauty are wasted.

so is love.