Whether the marriage is good or not can be seen in bed.
Whether the marriage is good or not can be seen in bed.
May the person next to you be your sweetheart and be the only one in your life.

most afraid of at a certain age, suddenly understand a song, but also most afraid of at a certain age, suddenly understand a sentence.

"Love produces happiness, while marriage produces life."

this is what French writer Moroa said in a speech.

the happiness of love is unparalleled, regardless of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and the sophistication of the world. But marriage is different.

once you enter the hall of marriage, it means to start a new life that belongs to each other, and it is unknown whether the road ahead will be rough and twists and turns, or happiness.

all family passwords need to be deciphered by two people, and the most obvious one is your bed.

the bed is the place where couples spend the longest time, witnessing all the subtle emotional changes between you.

so if you want to know whether a marriage is good or not, just look at your bed.

A good couple, have a chat before going to bed

Papi Jiang once taught the single Jiao Junyan the secret of a happy marriage in the variety show "my Girl".

she says that no matter how busy she is at work every day, she and her husband will spend half an hour or more chatting before going to bed. Let's talk about what happened today and what trouble the two stupid cats in the family have done.

chatting for half an hour every day makes them closer and get to know each other better when they have little time to get together.

it is true that nowadays, most couples are busy at work during the day and take care of their families at night. Apart from the time before bed, they have little time to chat.

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if you don't cherish this period of time, then husband and wife will lose the last opportunity to share and be gentle. Over time, the two people also do not want to talk to each other and become more and more strange.

many people think that the biggest killer in marriage is infidelity and asexuality, but it is not. Nothing to say is the last straw of marriage.

cheating may be forgiven, no sex is acceptable, nothing to say, but it is a big taboo in marriage.

when there is no communication between you, it means that the marriage has entered a countdown and may fall apart at any time.

A good marriage must have something to talk about, especially before going to bed, which is the most suitable time to talk.

after lying in bed, don't always play with your cell phone, talk to your partner more and let him know what you think, so that you can achieve the same frequency on the road of marriage.

chatting before going to bed can not only deepen your understanding of each other, but also shorten the distance between the two hearts and warm up the relationship.

so, cherish every opportunity to chat, do not let time be spent in silence, let your love be eliminated in silence.

whether you like it or not, you'll know

I have seen such a jingle on the Internet: first-class husband and wife sleep in separate rooms, second-class couples sleep in separate beds, and third-class couples sleep in the same bed.

many people regard it as "words of wisdom", but is that really the case?

in my opinion, even if you share, no matter how good the relationship is, you will get points.

my friends, Dabin Arlene and his wife, are the "victims" of sleeping in separate rooms.

because of his work, Dabin always works overtime until very late. after having a child, he is afraid that the smell of alcohol will affect the child, so he proposes to sleep in a separate room, saying that he will sleep together when the child is older.

but before the child grew up, Dabin had an affair, and the family, which was originally with Mei Mei, fell into a quagmire. Arlene also suffered from postpartum depression and finally ended her divorce.

the maintenance of marriage requires 100% effort, but the break-up of marriage only takes a second, and the decision of that second determines the future outcome.

it is no exaggeration to say that many marriages break down from separate beds.

nowadays people are very busy. If they don't even sleep together at night, the time for a couple to meet is numbered and the communication is pitiful.

if this goes on, the separate bed will become distracted, and once the mind is alienated, the emotion will also be alienated.

A study by the University of Herdfordshire in the UK shows that

94% of couples who snuggled up to each other while sleeping felt happy with their marriage, while 68% of couples who slept far away were satisfied with their marriage.

from this we can see that the way husband and wife sleep together is the best way to evaluate the quality of a marital relationship.

in a marriage, couples who are at odds with each other sleep back to back even if they lie in the same bed, leaving a lot of space between them, and no one wants to get in touch with each other.

actress Cheng Lisa and her husband Guo Xiaodong once shared their stories about "sleeping" on the show.

both said that as long as the other side is not around, they will not sleep soundly, or even insomnia. Only by hugging each other can you sleep soundly and call each other your own "sleeping pills".

people are the most defenseless when they sleep, and only by their loved ones can they sleep soundly and at ease.

whether a person loves you or not will be known after a short sleep.

most people go their separate ways when they sleep in separate beds; hugging each other in the same bed is more likely to be happy to old age.

Marriage is not easy, and do and cherish, do not easily choose separate beds, leaving the possibility of centrifuge for marriage.

Lin Qingxuan said: for most men, love is a process of subtraction.When the freshness becomes less and less, the sweetness becomes less and less.

with the passage of time, love disappears and marriage comes to an end.

but for someone who really loves you, time will only deepen his love for you, not less.

have read such a sentence:

those who want to sleep with you don't necessarily love you, but those who love you must want to sleep with you and only want to sleep with you for the rest of their lives.

bed can be said to be the place where love loyalty can be best reflected.

A man who loves you must be faithful. From the beginning of being husband and wife with you, there will be only you and no one else will exist in this life.

to him, you are the only existence.

only men who do not love you will be half-hearted, looking around, hoping that the red flag at home will not fall, and the colorful flag will flutter outside.

so open your eyes and find the one who really loves you.

most good marriages come out of sleep. Naturally, we can't do without the chatter before going to bed, the warm embrace when sleeping, and the appearance of the waking partner.

A small bed contains the most authentic appearance of marriage.

", may the person next to you be your sweetheart, and be the only one in your life.

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