Whether people agree with each other or not, just one word!
Whether people agree with each other or not, just one word!
For the rest of my life, I hope we learn to love and be kind.


the Buddha said: all dharma are born by fate, and all dharma are destroyed by fate.

in this life, there is no love and hate for no reason, no gathering and breaking up for no reason, who you will meet and who you will accompany for a reason.

in fact, whether the relationship fits or not, after a long time together, none of us can control it, only in one word: fate!

for those who are predestined, there is a line between you, and pulling and pulling will not break;

people who are out of luck, even if they are tied together for a while, will break open sooner or later!

those who are predestined with you, do not ask, do not stay

it's coming, it's unstoppable!

is like being thousands of miles away, doomed to meet;

is like countless shoulders, doomed to stay.

fate is a very delicate thing. The person who is predestined with you, you and he are like a Taiji picture, put together into a circle, black and white, each half.

those who are predestined to you are destined to complement you.

each of us has a jigsaw puzzle and takes it to find the other half.

if you are introverted and want to meet a cheerful person, then your partner must be a cheerful and talkative person;

if you are strong and want to meet someone who loves you, then your partner must be a person who puts you first.

fate, in fact, there is cause and effect, it carries your hopes and expectations, to help you find the right person!

predestined with you, there is no need for you to ask or stay, he is the other half you are looking for, aren't you the other half he is looking for?

those who have nothing to do with you, ask for the useless, wait for the useless

fate is over and is doomed to pass by;

fate is gone, and we are doomed to each go west and east.

say cherish to a person who doesn't care about you, and then burst into tears, people will not be moved;

to a person who doesn't care about you in his heart, no matter how painful it is, he won't look back.

the reason why fate is so precious is that it is reluctant to come.

there is a sentence in the Love of the City:

how small, how small we are compared to the forces of the outside world! But we have to say: I will always be with you; we will never leave. It's like we can make our own decisions.

it is only a matter of time before people are doomed to be separated.

those with deep fate will accompany you for a little longer, decades to the end of your life.

if the fate is shallow, if you spend less time with you, you will go your separate ways in a few months.

is destined to be separated, so before we separate, all we can do is two words: cherish!

what kind of gathering and dispersion do you need to experience in life before you can learn to cherish it?

Get ready to purchase chic short white prom dresses and flaunt your body. There is no collection like ours.

when the building is empty, I want to go to the picture of laughter and laughter.

after years of flow, I remember the moments of talking and laughing in the past.

God's will is like this, teased by fate!

what kind of gathering and dispersion should we go through in life before we can learn to cherish it?

We always think that those who contain us will always be tolerant, but we still lose them because we are unscrupulous.

We always think that when fate comes, it can last a lifetime, but it is cold and cold, because we take it for granted that the deep fate is broken up.

cherish the people around you, no matter how long is only a lifetime, will eventually be separated.

Sanmao said:

patience, tenacity, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness are all synonymous with love.

for the rest of my life, I hope we will learn to love and be kind, not greedy, not calculated, not cheated, not hurt!