Whether or not people agree with each other is just one word.
Whether or not people agree with each other is just one word.
​ doesn't think about the past and doesn't fear the future.

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there is more or less a relationship between people.

some people say: one flower, one world, one dust fate.

whether people are in harmony or not depends on one word, fate!

predestined, there is no need to please

Bi Shumin said, "our lives do not exist because we are liked by others."

in one's life, we have to meet a lot of people, some with deep fate and some with shallow fate.

it's impossible to get acquainted with everyone.

if you can get along with each other, if you have a few more words, you may become a good friend for life. If you can't get along with each other, just be an ordinary friend.

there is no need to deliberately flatter and wronge yourself in order to make the relationship a step higher.

there is no need to waste energy to please anyone. Everyone in the world can't be your friend.

when people get along with others, the most comfortable state is that they don't please each other and remain natural in front of each other.

I don't need to flatter you, and you don't have to flatter me, get along with each other, and take care of each other.

people can't satisfy everyone, and they can never live a life that everyone likes.

some people come, they do not refuse to come; others go, but those who go do not stay.

there must be that person in your life, and you can be yourself in front of him.

people who get along with each other do not need to please, fate is natural.

No chance, no need to force

the poem says, "those who know me say I am worried; those who do not know me say what I want." Leisurely heaven! Who is this? "

people who get along with each other can understand your every move.

people who don't get along with each other, even if you waste your breath, you can't explain it clearly like a chicken and a duck.

some people are destined not to get along with each other. Since they are not predestined, leaving three points of leeway is the greatest goodwill.

it is useless to explain to those who do not understand you, to insist on those who do not love you, and to cling to those who do not care about you.

Don't take others too seriously, there is nothing that must be done by him.

who can live a lifetime without regrets?

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Su Shi said in his words: "people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing."

put down what you missed in order not to miss the future. To lose is to lose, to be scattered, to be far away.

years are like an hourglass, you can't stop you from slipping away, and you don't have to stop what you precipitate.

it should be yours, sooner or later it should be yours, it shouldn't be yours, it should never be yours.

people who don't get along with each other don't have to force it. It's natural to miss it.

go along with fate, just be happy

Li Yu, a novelist of the Qing Dynasty, wrote in his novel the 12th floor:

"probably the predestined person, the head meets, spends every effort to create the painstaking effort; without the predestined person, the head is different, also spends every effort to create the painstaking effort." Who is predestined? "

people who are tricked by fate, there are always people who happen to be unlucky, but they are always missed. But no matter whether it is predestined or not, it is the result of the Creator's painstaking efforts, which is beyond the human ability.

some people say that a person who takes a walk in the world is a passer-by after all. Since a passer-by is in a hurry to enjoy the scenery along the way, there is no need to be concerned about the situation and be persistent in case of trouble.

cherish what you have, do not covet what does not belong to you; abandon you, do not deserve to be sad, never leave and never give up, we should depend on each other.

if it is true, treat each other from the truth, if it is false, leave as soon as possible.

whether you admit it or not, many things are not up to you.

to follow fate is not to avoid the world passively, but to see through the wisdom and open-mindedness of life.

A man cannot ask for the first half of his life, but he cannot ask for it for the second half of his life.

ask, do not, is to strive for, work hard, get what you have in your life, but not in your life.

can not ask, is prosperous, come and go along with fate, life has nothing to gain, it is all karma. "must not" is "get", get a heart with the wonderful use of fate.

Zhuangzi said, "the heart of the supreme man is like a mirror. He will not meet him, but he should not hide it, so he can win things without hurting him."

people work as hard as a mirror, then those who come can see, those who go do not leave their shapes and shadows, everything follows fate, and all things are inviolable.

if you know how to follow your fate, you will be able to live a carefree life. Life is like a play, so long as you are happy.

those who get along with each other naturally hit it off, and those who don't have to force it.

cherish fate when predestined, treat each other well, go with fate when not predestined, and bid farewell quietly.

Don't think about the past, don't fear the future, may you follow fate for the rest of your life!