Whether a woman is blessed or not can be seen by her mouth.
Whether a woman is blessed or not can be seen by her mouth.
To get along with others, the surface depends on the mouth, but in fact it is the heart.

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as the saying goes, "words are the voice of the heart and the mouth is the mirror; if you talk one or two, you know human nature."

in speech, there is often a person's self-cultivation; between words, there is often a person's character.

A woman's fate and happiness are usually known by her mouth.

Life must be bitter if you don't choose your words; if you speak arrogantly, your life will be desolate.

A smart woman never acts like a hero in her mouth, but treats life with her heart.

because they know that a person's mouth hides a lifetime of fengshui and happiness.

A woman who can talk is lucky

Cai Kangyong once said:

"the more you can talk, the happier others will be. The happier others will be, the more they will like you. The more others like you, the more help you will get. People like this will be particularly lucky. "

I think so.

A woman leaves a good impression on others, not only her appearance and temperament, but also her speech and behavior.

language, as the gateway of the soul, is the most direct expression of one's thought.

therefore, the way you talk to others determines what you look like in the eyes of others.

in a program, Huang Xiaoming praised Yang Yuying and said, "I grew up listening to your songs."

and Yang Yuying immediately replied: "you are also worthy of our 'write' idol since childhood, you are born to be the hero."

in a few words, he not only avoided the problem of his age, but also praised Huang Xiaoming, but also used his sense of humor to draw everyone's distance.

in fact, half of the so-called worldly sophistication is hidden in words.

Smart women often know how to observe their words and emotions, and can help others solve problems in a few words.

such people, wherever they go, will release their goodwill and make the people around them feel comfortable and want to get close.

therefore, if you want to be a "lucky" woman, you must first learn to speak. If you say more pleasing words, you will have less trouble, and you will naturally have better luck than others.

A woman who knows how to eat loves life

I have heard such a sentence:

"Food and scenery can withstand all the sadness and confusion in the world."

Women who really know how to eat must not be pessimists. They can not only feel the taste of happiness from food, but also draw the power of hope from the little things in life.

at the end of the TV series Thirty, there is a short story.

in the story, a couple support a pancake stand, a family of three, although poor, but very happy.

every time my mother finished making the cake, she would collect the egg whites in the remaining eggshells.

then wrap the egg white in onion rings and borrow some ketchup to make a special snack.

A woman who really knows how to eat often has a love of life and a nostalgia for the future, even if she is in trouble.

Wang Zengqi said: "eating in all directions is nothing but a bowl of earthly fireworks."

only those who pay attention to eating are those who really know how to enjoy life. Only then can they taste all kinds of things in the world and taste all kinds of life.

and know how to eat women, always maintain a first heart, a love, such a woman, will eventually get the preference of fate.

A woman who loves to laugh is delightful

someone on Zhihu asked, "Why are women who love to laugh the most likeable?"

one answer says:

"everyone likes to be with happy people, and even if they indulge in sadness and depression, they can recover quickly in each other's smile."

Yes, women who love to laugh can always give people a touch.

when you are depressed, a warm smile can let you out of the time of depression; when you are reunited, a knowing smile can bring you back to the good old days.

in their bright smiles, even a cold heart will be covered with heat one day.

perhaps, life is full of grievances and entanglements, but people who love to laugh will put these sorrows at the bottom of their hearts and use their own smiles to warm tomorrow.

Jia Pingwa once said:

Slip into the super charming in our short sleeve wedding dress. Shopping with us is a guaranteed wonderful experience.

"the real calmness is not to avoid noise and disputes, but to deal with life calmly."

if life is like a mirror, smiling is the best way to face life.

only by turning your heart to the sun can you be fearless of sorrow.

Please spend the rest of your life with a woman who loves to laugh. She will bring you warmth and sunshine, as well as redemption and strength.

Feng Zikai once said this:

"if you love, life will be lovely everywhere;

if you hate, life is hateful everywhere.

if you are grateful, you can be grateful everywhere;

if you grow, everything can grow.

the world didn't choose you, you chose the world. "

this is true.

everything in the world has cause and effect, and their own blessings are, in the final analysis, their own accumulated virtues.

A person who knows how to express is often blessed by God;

A heart that loves life will be happier and happier.

A smile full of sincerity will give people warmth.

to get along with others, the surface depends on the mouth, but in fact it is the heart.

if you want to live the life you want, you must know how to manage your life with your heart.

and those who take life seriously, their blessings will be thicker and thicker, and the future will be more and more smooth.

as said in "Jian Lai": "some people have flowers and trees that grow toward the sun."

for the rest of your life, please talk well, eat quietly, smile often, don't ask about gains or losses, live up to the years, and be the best you can be.

, good night.