Whether a woman is blessed or not can be seen by her mouth.
Whether a woman is blessed or not can be seen by her mouth.
​ wish you from now on, learn to talk, eat well, and remember to smile.

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the University of Manchester in England once did a study: "what is the sexiest part of a woman's body?"

the final conclusion: the mouth is one of the most attractive facial features of women.

this is true. In life, most people's understanding of their mouth is to eat and chat, but in fact, it is far more than that. A smart woman will develop a clever mouth to give her points.

therefore, to judge whether a woman is lucky or not, you can tell by her mouth.

A talking woman is adorable

there is a saying that goes like this: "A lucky woman may not be able to talk, but a woman who can talk must be really lucky."

I think so.

mouth can best reveal a person's self-cultivation. A woman who can talk wins as soon as she opens her mouth.

when it comes to Lin Chi-ling, the audience's impression is not only the goddess, but also high EQ and decent behavior.

do not realize that before the age of 30, sister Zhi Ling is also a girl who is silent and inarticulate.

at a dinner, a film investor praised Lin Zhiling's beauty, but said:

"Beauty is beautiful, like a half-mute, two words pop up after two hours of eating, stupid, doomed not to be popular."

this sentence was like a sledgehammer, giving Lin Zhiling a heavy blow.

for those who cannot express themselves, even if you are very capable, there is no way for others to appreciate you in a short period of time.

from then on, Lin Chi-ling began to read books, take classes, and practice, improving her communication skills step by step.

at a press conference, the reporter asked Sun Honglei: "you once said that Lin Zhiling is a vase and that she is unwilling to cooperate with the vase. How did you break your promise so quickly?"

Sun Honglei was so embarrassed for a moment that he couldn't think of a word to explain it for a long time.

Lin Chi-ling said with a smile, "the best answer is for us to sit here together today. Besides, talking about my vase is also a compliment. "

between a few words, he not only resolved his own embarrassment, but also helped Sun Honglei out of the siege and blocked the reporter's mouth.

A woman who can talk always puts herself in other people's shoes, alleviates the awkward atmosphere with gentle words, and leaves enough steps for others with humility and courtesy.

such a woman knows how to be measured, has a strong ability of empathy, and exudes the charm of high EQ from the inside out. No matter where she goes, she will sparkle and like it no matter where she goes.

A woman who knows how to eat loves life

the ancients used to say, "to eat is a blessing, and to eat well is wisdom."

A woman who loves and knows how to eat must also be a woman who loves life and knows the way of life.

she can not only add icing on the cake by cooking delicious food in a happy life, but also convey the hope and joy of life through delicious food in a difficult environment.

Sanmao is like this.

Sanmao, who first arrived in the Sahara Desert, did not complain about the vastness and barren nature of the desert, but quickly adjusted his state of mind.

in order to ignite her and Jose's yearning and passion for life as soon as possible, she began to try cooking, mailing ingredients from her mother and friends to make all kinds of delicacies.

she made vermicelli chicken soup for Jose. Jose took a sip and asked him what it was. She "cheated" Jose and said:

"this is the first rain in spring. It falls on a high mountain and is frozen one by one. It's not easy to buy!"

she mixed vermicelli, spinach and minced meat together to make a northeast "zygote cake", which made Jose think it was a very expensive shark fin.

Jose's boss came to the house to order "fried winter mushrooms with sliced bamboo shoots". Coincidentally, there were no bamboo shoots at home, so Sanmao used sliced cucumbers instead of sliced bamboo shoots and made a dish of "fried winter mushrooms with cucumbers", but was praised as the most tender bamboo shoot slices.

in the difficult desert life, tasting delicious food brought Sanmao and Jose countless joy and happiness, but also let them spend a beautiful and unforgettable years.

the relish under this regular recipe is Sanmao's attitude towards life.

Taste is the beginning of all life aesthetics.

Women who know how to eat are actually enjoying life. She does not necessarily care about whether the ingredients are precious or not, but she must attach importance to the quality of the ingredients. Even if she is making the most common vegetables, she must choose the most crisp and tender stems and leaves.

Wang Zengqi said: "eating in all directions is nothing but a bowl of earthly fireworks."

in this world, only food and life can live up to.

A woman who knows how to eat always keeps an original heart and enthusiasm for life, focusing on the present porridge and rice, so that ordinary days shine.

A woman who loves to laugh is lucky

read a sentence on the Internet: "Women who love to laugh will not have too bad luck, because people who are too unlucky can not laugh at all."

I think so.

A woman who loves to smile is like a blooming sunflower, where the sun shines, it is your dazzling smile, and your heart is full of sunshine.

this kind of you makes people feel warm and comfortable, brings positive energy to people, and makes people want to be treated kindly.

when it comes to the hottest movie of the year, "Hello, Li Huanying" deserves it, and there is no doubt that Jia Ling is the hottest new Jin female director this year.

Jia Ling, who has always been in the comedy industry, impressed the audience the most is the loveliness of laughing with two little pear eddies.

some people say that life must be very smooth for women who love to laugh, but it is not true for women who love to laugh.No matter whether life is smooth or rough, she can face and resist with a smile.

this is the case with Jia Ling. Whether in the face of the teasing of fate or the onslaught of life, she never chooses to give up or give up, but chooses to face it positively and bandage the wound tightly with the coat of a smile.

as she said in the interview:

"I am a comedian. When the camera is facing me, I should make the audience laugh. At least I can't make you laugh. I also make you feel physically and mentally happy."

so I hope to bring some emotion to the audience, rather than bring some annoyance. "

Jia Ling, who loves to laugh, is not free from troubles, but gives her heart and heart to herself and her delicacy and softness to others.

she cured the unloveliness around us with her humorous kindness.

Jia Ling said, "if you make others happy, you will also be happy."

this is true. When you laugh, you will not only make others happy, but also cure your own depression and sadness and sweep away your troubles.

laughter may be a good medicine, giving people warmth and touching, giving themselves hope and redemption.

if you smile at life, life will return your miracle, and the girl who loves to laugh will not have too bad luck!

Do not think anymore, do not look anymore, short sleeve wedding dress is all you need to bring out the best in your feminism. Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

in fact, the world is fair, no one is born with good luck, but those lucky people must know how to manage themselves well.

May you learn to talk, eat well and remember to smile from now on, and you will become better and better yourself!