Whether a person's emotional quotient is high or not, just look at the order.
Whether a person's emotional quotient is high or not, just look at the order.
See your character at dinner and your self-cultivation at dinner.

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at the same time, he also brought a colleague, this colleague and I met for the first time, he left a very good impression on me.

this impression is mainly established when he orders. What are my taboos? he did his homework ahead of time. In addition, he also has his own way about the ordering process.

his versatility makes people feel like a spring breeze.

and I am a person who is not very good at ordering food. I am always afraid of poor care and touch the bottom line of others.

is also this dinner, let me find that "can order" is really an ability, it can quickly improve your favor in the eyes of others.

I often hear people say, "the table is like a battlefield, ordering food is like ordering soldiers."

ordering is seemingly simple, but it often best reflects a person's most authentic level.


shows your communication skills

in the Art of interpersonal Communication, he tells such a story:

the clerk Xiao Liu wants to invite the client to dinner, and the leader requires that he must entertain the other party and try to sign the contract. Xiao Liu did not relax, booked the best local hotel, and chose the highest standard of food.

during the dinner, Xiao Liu was even more smiling, but the customer's interest was obviously not high.

after dinner, Xiao Liu took out the contract, and the other party also used an excuse to put it off.

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Xiao Liu, who did not complete the task, was puzzled. He had arranged the best of everything, but why was the other person still dissatisfied?

Xiao Liu recalled the details and found that the customer had not moved his chopsticks much.

it turns out that the client is already 60 years old, so he will naturally have a lot of precautions in his diet.

but Xiao Liu did not communicate his eating habits with the other party in advance, still less did he stand on the other side to order.

ordering food is never a matter of "taking it for granted". If you don't know how to communicate, you can't order a table of dishes that both the host and the guest enjoy.

Carnegie said: "A person's success depends 15% on professional knowledge and 85% on interpersonal relationships."

A person who can order is bound to have good interpersonal sensitivity.

and can make a table of people eat comfortably, but also can not do without strong communication skills.

when I was still at work, I had dinner with my colleagues. The leader asked my colleague Xiao Li to order, and Xiao Li opened his mouth and asked the leader what he liked to eat.

because there were so many people, the leader was embarrassed to say that he liked braised meat, but he just waved his hand and said "both", so Xiao Li ordered a lot of spicy dishes according to his preference.

from Zhejiang, the leader who is not good at spicy food looks at a table of red chili peppers and blacks his face directly: "I knew I wouldn't let you order."

this order exposed Xiao Li's weakness in communication. It is said that Xiao Li was originally intended to be promoted, but also ran aground because of this matter.

see the real chapter for details. Ordering food is the magic mirror of the details.

A person who can order must be someone who knows how to communicate and empathy.

he can quickly hear the subtext of the other person's words, and he can also quickly get in touch with the waiter and get more information.

such people, not only careful but also careful, are reliable people.


reveals your character

see a message sent by a friend in moments.

he said that when he went to Changsha on a business trip, a friend he had not contacted for a long time saw the location of his circle of friends and made an appointment to have dinner together.

after arriving at the place mentioned by my friend, I found that the restaurant chosen by the other party was his favorite style, and the dishes he ordered were partial to his favorite local specialties.

this series of details made him feel valued.

therefore, for the first time, he, who never posted a circle of friends, posted a circle of friends to publicly express his gratitude.

I can feel his feelings, because a person who can order food is mostly someone who has someone else in mind.

A meal eats dishes, but warms the hearts of the people.

you can see your attitude towards people and things from ordering food.

know that my friend is allergic to seafood and order a table of sea fish and crabs.

know that my girlfriend has a sore throat recently, but she has to say that she is greedy and wants to eat Sichuan food.

knowing that the leader does not eat coriander, he often forgets to tell the waiter not to add cilantro.

this way of ordering will make the other person feel that you don't take Ta to heart.

that's what ordering is, and your mind is included in it:

if you value the other person, you will notice their preferences and taboos. If you respect the other person, you will be able to put yourself in other's shoes and think of others.

for a time, I was particularly keen on clocking in new restaurants, so I formed a "foodie team". Everyone took turns buying, which was a way to relax.

unexpectedly, one of them took this as a way to take advantage. When other people bought a treat, they chose the cheap one when they paid for it.

after breaking up several times in discord, everyone tacitly redrew a group of dinners.

A person who only thinks of himself and not of others when ordering a meal is often not worth making a deep acquaintance.

you know, he is clearly shown on any menu.His character.

when ordering food, a person only cares about his own preferences, which is a sign of selfishness.

it is difficult to form a comfortable relationship when you look down on the big and get along with such people deeply.

A person who can order food is more likely to be liked by others.

after all, what you order is food, reflects self-cultivation, and manages relationships.

order to dish

it is easier to get opportunities

Mencius told Zi Shang, "once you eat, you will get a bean soup. If you get it, you will live, but if you get it, you will die."

however, a simple meal is often not only to satisfy the appetite, but also related to a person's rise and fall and success or failure.

especially what you think of as a rare and ordinary order is a kind of "discerning device" in the eyes of high people.

on Weibo, a blogger once told a story:

she has a friend Xiaowen, who will invite him to attend any important banquet around her and take on the important task of ordering food.

once at a dinner party, Xiaowen accidentally met a boss. Later, by coincidence, Xiaowen became the boss's right-hand man with an annual salary of several hundred thousand.

it is strange that at that dinner table, there were many people with higher education and qualifications than Xiaowen, but the boss just noticed Xiaowen.

later, the boss inadvertently mentioned it, and Xiaowen knew the reason.

the boss said:

"when we meet for the first time, others only care about what they like, and then sit there bragging; only you, earnestly and humorously, ask everyone's taste without showing off carefully.


it turns out that it is the art of ordering food that gives Xiaowen a "ticket" to success.

"Dinner eloquence" says:

"at the dinner table, every drink is Zen, and those who are willing to eat understand the mystery in people's eating appearance and eating habits."

Dinner is jianghu, ordering food is your first move.

right, popularity and opportunities may follow one after another.

how to order food to make a good impression, here are some suggestions:

Don't ask the price in public when ordering

if you order a very expensive dish, it will make the other person feel that you are showing off your "money" and need to be grateful, or you may feel that you are implying that the guest has taken the initiative to reject such an expensive dish.

if you order a cheap dish, the guests will also feel uncomfortable and feel that they do not have a high position for themselves in your mind.

Don't order all at once when ordering

although I have asked about the food taboos of the guests, I can't fully grasp the dishes they like, so when ordering, you can order a few specialties and hard dishes that are not easy to make mistakes, and then ask the guests what they need to add.

if there is a banquet in the presence of a leader, even if the leader gives you the choice to order, he should give the decision back to the leader at the last moment.

Don't worry too much when ordering

being careful is a good thing, but when ordering food, being too careful will seem procrastinating, and guests will think that you are either measuring the price or a person who lacks judgment.

the most important thing is that ordering food for too long can easily make the scene awkward.

if you really don't know the dishes, you can call the waiter, ask about the ingredients and cooking methods in front of the guests, observe the reaction of the guests, and then order the dishes that the other person is interested in.

finally, I will tell you about the experience of "avoiding the pit":

in the face of the dishes strongly recommended by the waiter, do not accept the dishes because you are embarrassed to refuse. If what comes up is the "old products" left in the store, it will make the guests feel very uncomfortable.

generally speaking, "watching people eat" is safer.

order, not only poultry eggs, beans and rice

is a little more sophisticated

A seemingly simple order can often show a person's social ability and self-cultivation.

A person who can order food can always properly express his concern for his friends and his attention to leaders and customers.

such people have details in their eyes and others in their hearts.

A person who can order food often has good social skills, because he can take care of everyone's feelings, even if he meets for the first time, he can communicate well with him.

such people can always be recognized by everyone and favored by opportunities.

see character at dinner and self-cultivation at dinner. A person who can order food will not do too badly.