When you understand impermanence, you won't make it public.
When you understand impermanence, you won't make it public.
If virtue does not match, there will be disasters.

there are unexpected events in the sky, and misfortunes and good fortune happen all the time.

the world is constantly changing and you never know what will happen to you next.

the magnificent scenery of today may be a mess tomorrow.

if the clouds are bleak today, it may be sunny tomorrow.

as the old saying goes: when you understand impermanence, you will not show it.

A true wise man, no matter how great his achievements and glory, is not arrogant.

Life is impermanent

there is a sentence in "ideal Theory":

"death is the center of the circle, and impermanence is the radius. No matter how old you are, you are equal to the distance from all life to death."

how fragile people are, a virus invasion, a tiny mind wandering, an accident without warning, will make life disappear.

Su Shi was proud of himself and won Jinshi at the age of 21.

the emperor approved it, and Ouyang Xiu, the examiner, appreciated it, which can be said to have a bright future.

this joy has not yet returned to his hometown, Su Shi's mother died suddenly.

I remember vividly the figure of my mother seeing her off when I left Sichuan, but when I returned to my hometown, there was only one tomb left.

Seven years later, Su Shi returned to Beijing after training in Fengxiang. His wife, Wang Fu, was seriously ill and died.

A year later, his father, Su Xun, died.

in a short period of eight years, Su Shi has tasted the pain of everlasting separation between heaven and man.

both his parents and wives left him, leaving only his brother Su Zhe to depend on each other.

there is a sentence in the Book of Life and death in Tibet: "approaching death can bring about real awakening and a change in the concept of life."

when a person feels the impermanence of life, he understands the ruthlessness of the laws of nature, his own smallness, and knows how to fear and cherish from the bottom of his heart.

Luo Xiang, a well-known legal scholar, was admitted to Peking University from a remote town in Hunan.

after obtaining his doctorate, he successfully became a professor at the Law University.

because of the smooth wind and some honors in the first half of his life, Luo Xiang was a little arrogant.

he looks down on no one, no one.

when you talk about problems with others, you are always aggressive and you must make sure that the other person is speechless.

until once, during a study visit to the United States, he drove through a cliff.

A normal person is sure to turn on the steering wheel at this time, but he doesn't.

at this time, a car roared past. If he had hit it, he would have been hit.

if the cliff is 20 or 30 meters long, there is no chance of survival if it falls.

A series of coincidences made him pass by death, and afterwards he said:

"I don't deserve to have this script. If it were not for the shelter of fate, all the dreams, all the ambitious plans for life, are just a joke. "

when you know your own smallness, you also know humility.

in 2020, Luo Xiang bilibili's fans broke 10 million and became popular all over the network.

when asked about the secret of fame, he said, "in the face of a special point in life, I can only attribute it to fate."

low-key and humble, he is not the defiant Luo Xiang at that time.

Jiang Xun once said, "death is the most important lesson in life."

when a man understands that death is a thing that comes at any time, he puts aside his arrogance.

when a man understands that death is a sure thing to come, he puts away his sloppiness.

the Greeks said: live to death.

only by knowing the impermanence of life can we live up to this life.

gains and losses are impermanent

Guo Ziyi pacified the an-Shi Rebellion, was made king of Fenyang by the Tang Dynasty, and sent people to build the Fenyang palace.

Guo Ziyi has nothing to do, go to the construction site to check.

he said to a civilian husband, "the foundation of the wall must be firmly laid so that the house will not fall down."

who knew that Min Fu said, "three generations of masons in our family have only seen houses change owners, and we have never seen any house collapse."

Guo Ziyi thought deeply and never came to supervise the work again.

after the completion of the palace, Guo Ziyi entertained the guests, invited the masons of that day, and invited them to their seats.

when the guests were puzzled, Guo Ziyi pointed to the craftsmen: "they build houses."

and pointed to his nephew: "they sell houses."

the former bustling Fenyang Wangfu was soon transformed into Fanxiong Temple.

saw him rise a tall building, saw him entertain guests, saw his building collapse.

the gains and losses of fame and position in the world are as uncertain as the wind and scattered like clouds.

one second it's in your name, and the next it's in someone else's hand.

A Dream of Red Mansions says, "come and go naked."

brought nothing when he was born and nothing when he left.

in that case, what is there to boast about these things?

when Su Shi was in Fengxiang, his boss, Chen Xiliang, built a Ling Xu platform.

Su Shi wrote Ling Xu Tai Ji.

there is a saying: "however, after several generations, we want it to be like, and there is no survivor." On the other hand, when it comes to the loss of personnel, all of a sudden, all of a sudden, there is a loss of personnel. "

those in ancient timesThe magnificent palace has long been in ruins.

it is hard to predict the gains and losses of life.

people who understand this:

when they are proud, they are not crazy, because they know that there are bound to be ups and downs ahead.

Master Hongyi's last words are only four words: "the intersection of sorrow and joy."

in the face of the ups and downs of life, it is better to be calm and calm.

things change

the ancients said: "the hexagram dare not be counted, and the fear of the world is impermanent."

God's will is never high and hard to question. many times, if a person wants to get things done, five points depends on hard work and five points on luck.

it's up to man to think things, and heaven to get things done.

No one knows what kind of cards God will give himself.

when Su Shi was young, he became famous in the capital. Everyone knew and everyone knew.

everyone thought that he would be the assistant of the Song Dynasty in the future.

but Su Shi's life changed completely because of a snitch.

Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou.

the old friends shunned it, and the road to official career came to an abrupt end.

Su Shi spent almost all his life on the road of relegation.

he has a poem saying: "Life knows what it is like everywhere, it should be like Fei Hong stepping on snow and mud." Occasionally there are fingers and claws on the mud, and Hong Fei recalculates things. "

people's life is like a drifting Feihong, accidentally falling in the snow mud.

occasionally leave some paw prints, the things of life are also so accidental and impermanent.

Destiny is unpredictable, and things are changeable.

those who are abandoned by fate are relieved; those who are favored by fate are therefore in awe.

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he was demoted back to his hometown because he offended the emperor.

at that time, the internal division was coming to an end, and Tseng Kuo-fan believed that there was no hope of realizing his ambition in this life.

who would have thought that within a few years, the evil forces would start all over again,


only then did Zeng Guofan have the chance to recover for the second time.

had it not been for this opportunity, Zeng Guofan would probably have become a depressed old man in rural Hunan and would never have become a ZTE official who would have turned the tide.

so Zeng Guofan said, "always in awe is the way to carry blessings."

fear of destiny and impermanence of the world.

A person's wealth and fame are not only personal efforts, but also blessed by heaven.

if virtue does not match, there will be disasters.

the more wealth you have, the higher your position, the more you should strive to cultivate morality and make yourself worthy of the care of heaven.

if one's own virtue is not enough, arrogance and arrogance will come to an end sooner or later.

Su Shi said: "people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing."

impermanence is the norm of life.

Learning to face impermanence is a compulsory course for everyone.

Life is impermanent, learn to be in awe;

impermanent gains and losses, look down on fame and fortune;

things are changeable, cultivate virtue and cherish blessings.

impermanence is the gift of life, for better or worse can only be accepted.

accept impermanence, embrace impermanence.

A person can be full of peace and ease in this impermanent world.

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