When you reach middle age, put away your generosity.
When you reach middle age, put away your generosity.
Living a good life is more important than anything else.

Life is only a few decades, and he has unwittingly entered middle age.

many people begin to feel that after working hard for half their lives, what they get is not satisfaction or happiness, but the busier and busier they are, and the more lonely they live.

in fact, when we think about it, along the way, we are busy taking care of others, pleasing others, working hard for our family, but often forget to care about ourselves.

but the rest of your life is not long. You really don't have to please anyone.

you should learn to be kind to yourself and not be too generous to others.

mind your own business about other people's lives

tell me one little thing.

once when eating out, there were few quiet people in the restaurant that was not the place to eat. Even a couple in the restaurant could hear the quarrel clearly.

the main idea of the dialogue is that women have swallowed their anger over the past few decades, while men are outside ambiguous with the opposite sex.

the more women talk, the more aggrieved they are, and when they talk about being uncared for when they are pregnant, they are now left with a problem.

but the man on the other side remained indifferent, smashing his mouth and replied impatiently, "what else do you want to do? is it interesting to say that, huh?"

the girl at the cashier wanted to give a few words of advice, but as a result, the woman turned her head and accused her of "you are sick!" It's none of your business. "

the girl froze and had no choice but to shut up and stare angrily when she got up to check out.

when you see this, many people may think, mourn their misfortune and be angry with them.

from another angle, it is impolite and kind to interfere in other people's lives in the name of concern.

there are as many ways of life as there are people in this world, including hardships and joys and sorrows, such as people know whether they drink water cold or warm.

A friend has an aunt who is providing for the aged in the countryside. when she saw many children of relatives and friends staying alone during the summer vacation, she volunteered to help take care of them.

in order to cook for the children, he specially bought a big iron pot and had a rest in the living room and bedroom.

but the children were naughty and noisy by nature, and their aunts couldn't stand it for a long time, and the next month, they politely offered not to take care of them.

Auntie didn't understand why she put herself in a dilemma when she was obviously well-intentioned.

in fact, such things are not uncommon.

when we were young, we always liked to do everything to please others.

when people reach middle age, everyone has their own responsibilities and burdens, and they can no longer set out courageously with a voice like when they were young.

it is understandable that relatives and friends can help if they are in trouble.

but do not overexert yourself and firmly refuse things that are beyond our reach. On the contrary, they will not be looked down upon.

you know, one of the rules of life is to do good deeds and not to meet others.

worry less and be idle less.

if you stay awake for a few more years, it will be easier to live a happy life.

Children's life, let go in time

once I saw a report that parents are now supporting themselves in poverty and raising their children and grandchildren.

indeed, as parents, no matter how tired they are, they don't want their children to suffer.

worry about going to school when you are young, worry about your job after graduation, and help take care of the children when you get married.

but also want to save more money for the children, even if there is only a penny, will be spent on the children.

is like Yan Peng, the mama's boy in Xiao Shu de.

parents run a company, paddle at work and play games when they get home from work.

parents have prepared all the mortgage and training fees for their children after marriage, and they can even get a "bonus" as long as the wife gives birth to a second child.

it seems that his life is extremely easy, but there is no difference between such a child who is ignorant, fooling around and waiting to die.

it is instinctive for parents to love their children, but blindly giving is no different from poison to their children.

parents will always grow old and run out of money. What will happen to their children in the end?

forced out of the greenhouse, it is difficult to move in society, and life is gradually becoming bleak, which is the last thing parents want to see.

Lao Li, a relative, is notoriously doting on children.

take your son to dinner, and it doesn't hurt to casually spend a few hundred yuan, and it takes a long time to eat a box lunch worth more than ten yuan.

my son is very generous when he asks for pocket money. His clothes have been washed white and he is reluctant to buy a new one.

Lao Li thought, be kind to the children and train them to become talents, so that they can enjoy themselves in the future.

but now, after more than a decade of graduation, my son stays at home all day without going out to work, and he can only rely on the meagre wages of Lao Li and his wife. Everyone shook their heads.

it is time for family reunion in old age, but an unpromising child is enough to make the evening scene bleak for a family.

every child has his own way to go. Parents can only protect their children from the wind and rain for a while, but can't take care of them for a lifetime.

Lin Zexu once said a thought-provoking remark:

"if Zi is better than me, what is the use of asking for money? if you are virtuous and have more money, you will lose his will; if you are not like me, what is the use of keeping money? foolishly and making more money will increase his faults."

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our children should always learn to grow up on their own, face the ups and downs alone, and accept the test of society.

the most precious asset that parents can leave to their children is the ability to fly and withstand the wind and rain alone.

therefore, don't spoil the child all the time, let the child suffer some hardships and experience some setbacks.

only children can understand diligence and hard work, and it will be easier for them to gain a foothold in society and be strong in life when they grow up.

hypocritical friendship, when broken, break

A person cannot live a lifetime without the guidance and help of friends.

but in the middle of life, the more you can find that the relationship between people is fragile.

people's hearts may not be exchanged for hearts, and your heart may not be treated well.

there is a neighbor in the neighborhood who made a lot of money when he was young. He used to hear the hustle and bustle of pushing cups and changing cups from his family every night.

during the holidays, their family is the busiest, with an endless stream of door-to-door visitors and those who curry favor with each other and ask for help.

the neighbor likes to make friends and is embarrassed to refuse, but the neighbor aunt doesn't think so and often complains privately with my mother:

"his friends, every time they say that money is not a problem, but in the end they never see anyone who has really paid for it and want to take advantage of it.

when drinking, they all shout that the two brothers have a good relationship, and if something really happens, I won't see them one by one. "

I didn't expect it, but then my aunt was right.

neighbors failed to invest, and those who shouted at each other's brothers stumbled and stayed away.

not to mention the person who pretends to hold it, disappears completely overnight.

my aunt is angry, but what can she do? she can only admit that she has married the wrong person.

when we were young, we could not do without the exchange of interests between friends.

is keen to participate in the wine board, try to make friends with various circles, create and maintain feelings.

but the older we get, the more we understand that meaningless dinners and drinks not only fail to expand our network, but consume our health and energy.

hard work in the first half of our lives gives us the ability and capital to choose what we want to live for the rest of our lives, and it is no longer necessary to be on call as we did when we were young.

for those unimportant friends, don't make deep friends, and false friends don't have to pay any more.

the real friendship is the heart, not the form.

if you are well, I will not disturb you; if you need it, I will go and help.

True friends don't need too many pleasantries, so they might as well have a good meal with family and friends.

the exchange of sincerity for sincerity, and the exchange of treasure for treasure, can last for a long time.

living a good life is more important than anything else

when one reaches middle age, half of one's life has passed.

once we strived for perfection, thinking that our efforts would be rewarded and our efforts would be rewarded.

but when you get to a certain age, you don't have to please everyone, you don't have to be so kind and generous to everyone.

every day for the rest of your life is precious. You should learn to be responsible for yourself.

Don't worry too much, and don't give blindly.

in the limited time, do what you like and leave the good time to the people you are willing to cherish.

to live a good life, it is enough to simply come and leave without regret.

, the rest of my life is not long, so don't be too generous.