When you look down on everything, you won't be tired to live.
When you look down on everything, you won't be tired to live.
See through the vicissitudes of the world, the heart can be clear and bright, safe and sound.

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if you go through the end of the mountain and the river, you will eventually be full of willows and flowers.

when you look down on a lot of meaningless things, you will find that there is something better waiting for you.

Life is full of tribulations, and living is a kind of spiritual practice.

except for life and death, they are all small things, but do good deeds, don't ask about the future, just look down on it.

look down on the gains and losses

having ups and downs is life, and having gains and losses is life.

in the storm, a ship sank and the only survivor was washed up on a desert island. He expected someone to get him out every day, but the miracle didn't happen.

in order to survive, he built a cabin out of branches, but unfortunately came again, a fire destroyed the cabin, and he felt deep despair in the thick smoke.

when he wanted to give up his life, a big ship came to him and he was saved.

"how did you know I was here?" He asked.

"We saw smoke rising from here and thought maybe someone was here." The crew answered.

whose life is not owned while lost? Losing something is not necessarily a bad thing. What you lose here, you will find it somewhere else.

look down on the gains and losses in order to encounter the most beautiful scenery in the deep valley of despair.

be bearish on people's hearts

know the world but not the world, the calendar is smooth and naive.

Nalan Xingde, a great talent, said a long time ago: the old man's heart is easy to change, but the old man's heart is changeable.

there has never been anything immutable in this world, and there is no consistent heart.

if you swear to be a friend for life today, you may go your separate ways tomorrow; if you swear to protect love for a lifetime today, you may become dispensable tomorrow.

therefore, those who have left, do not humbly retain, light feelings, do not struggle, far away from the heart, do not deliberately force.

if you look down on the hearts of the people, you can be a sophisticated but unsophisticated person. Even if you have fallen and been hurt, you still have love in your heart and light in your eyes.

be bearish on the past

wave your sleeve and leave the past behind.

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there is an old man in England, George, who has a habit of turning around every time he passes a door and shutting it gently.

the friend asked strangely, "is it necessary for you to close all these doors?"

"Oh, of course it is," George said with a smile. "I've been closing the door behind me all my life, and when you close the door, you leave the past behind."

the greatest pain is clinging to the past, and the greatest happiness is to be pessimistic about the past.

correct if you are wrong, admit if you lose, and start all over again if you fail.

when you have come to an end, you will eventually be full of willows and flowers.

look down on the past before you can travel light.

Lu Yao wrote in the ordinary World:

"in this world, not all reasonable and beautiful things can exist or come true according to their own wishes."

Life is a pocket, and the more things you have in it, the heavier the pace of moving forward.

look short and look far away, shake hands with the world and make peace with the world, so that you can start to a better life.

be satisfied with what you already have, and be bearish on what you can't get.

see through the vicissitudes of the world, the heart can clear the wind and the moon, safe and sound.