When you go to bed, it's your life.
When you go to bed, it's your life.
Sleep well, refresh yourself, and good luck will come naturally.

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"did you sleep well last night?"

around this sleep problem, the 2021 White Paper on exercise and Sleep gives the answer:

at present, more than 300 million people have sleep disorders, about 38% of adults have insomnia, and the proportion of sleep disorders is 10% higher than the world average.

that is to say, nowadays many people can't sleep at night, can't get up in the morning, and have no energy during the day.

however, sleep is about a person's life, and you are your life when you sleep.

remember that the German philosopher Schopenhauer once said:

"Sleep is the interest we pay on the capital that is recovered at the time of death: the higher the interest rate is, the more timely the payment is, the later the payment will be."

people who don't sleep well lose in the first place!

do you remember when you started staying up late?

at the beginning, maybe I just need to work overtime occasionally, maybe I just want to finish this TV show, or maybe I have a chat with friends.

when I woke up the next day, I thought I would be drowsy, but I didn't expect that I was "doubly energetic" and even had a feeling of earning time.

so you begin to stay up comfortably and continue to have a more exciting nightlife.

"just stay up late. What does it matter?"

"I am still young and physically able to bear it."

"anyway, everyone is staying up late, so I'm not alone."


under all kinds of excuses, you sleep later and stay up longer and longer.

and every time I stay up late, I am overdrawing my body!

British scientist Beveridge once said:

"getting less sleep doesn't mean you have more time than others, but it may make you die earlier than others."

the more late a person stays up, the worse his health will be.

therefore, never underestimate the harm of staying up late. If you can't control yourself, then your life will be the same as every night you get through.

A self-disciplined life begins with going to bed early

have you ever had such an experience:

There is nothing more desirable than one of our corset wedding dresses. You’ll be proud of your glamorous look.

make up your mind to go to bed early, but always procrastinate to go to bed and habitually pick up your cell phone. As a result, you brush it in the middle of the night, and you regret wasting your time.

every time I want to play for another five minutes and then go to bed, but ten or five minutes later, I still can't resist the temptation of "having fun in time".

I want to get up early for breakfast and take good care of my body. But a year later, I went to bed later and later, was listless every day, and never ate once.

day after day, year after year, we keep making plans and hearing the sound of broken plans and growing anxiety.

but I never thought, why can't I go to bed early every day?

I remember seeing a list of "sleep corresponding personality" on the Internet:

before 9 o'clock: leisurely people;

9-10:00: health expert;

10-11:00: self-disciplined;

11-1 a.m.: social experts;

after 1: 00 a.m.: the king of staying up late.

different time to fall asleep reflects everyone's different character, and different character directly determines different fate.

for those who are always unable to go to bed early, the biggest problem is that they are lazy and unaware, know but cannot change, and change but cannot persist.

Plato said a sentence:

"self-control is a kind of order, a kind of control of happiness and desire.


A person can't control his life if he can't even control how many hours he sleeps.

the small thing of going to bed early may seem trivial, but what helps you change is the way you look at things and the rules of action.

those who can go to bed early can understand the happiness of living in the present.

those who can go to bed early can realize the beauty of ordinary life.

those who can go to bed early can understand and cherish the fullness of time.

Anthony Trollope, a famous British novelist, said: "the thing of going to bed early has the power of dripping water to wear stones." A trivial daily thing, if you insist on doing it, can outperform those difficult things. "

if you want to exercise self-discipline, start with a good sleep.

put down your phone an hour before going to bed, read a few pages of books, and go to bed immediately when drowsiness strikes.

get up at one o'clock in the morning and don't make excuses for staying in bed.

when you start to keep a regular routine, you will find that the rest of life will become very easy.

an open life begins with going to bed early.

people who are really good at sleep quotient know how to control sleep quotient

some people say:

"Sleep is a spiritual practice. What is more important than EQ is our sleep quotient.


the definition of sleep quotient given by American psychologists is

sleep quotient is the degree to which the body and mind recover physical strength and energy per unit sleep time, and it is the most important standard to measure sleep quality.

people who can sleep peacefully all the time, and those who are not disturbed by the outside world are people with high sleep quotient.

such people are more likely to gain strength in the face of difficulties and have a clearer mind when solving problems.

Life is a battle, and no one can accomplish it in one battle. When you strive to move forward, you should also know how to save your energy for yourself.

as Junichi Watanabe said, "A good sleep is a real talent." Without the ability to sleep, people cannot maintain a healthy body and concentrate on their work. "

A really good person knows how to actively control the rhythm of his rest.

so keep in mind these three sleep tips and remember to go to bed on time is the most important thing for everyone.

create a good sleep environment

once watched the video of "Global people" interviewing Dong Qing. When talking about how to have time to rest after busy work, Dong Qing talked about one detail:

"TV sets and other electronics are never put in the bedroom. I take a book to the bedroom every night and go to bed after reading for an hour."

give up playing with your cell phone before going to bed and only use the bed as a place to sleep. Creating an optimal environment for yourself to sleep is the most critical step in successfully falling asleep.

develop a regular routine

writer Matsuura Mitaro said in "Integrity":

"go to bed around ten o'clock every night, get up at five in the morning, exercise every other day, walk ten kilometers quickly, and then go to work at eight o'clock.

this regular life is one of the very important jobs for me. "

only when you work and rest regularly can you sleep healthily.

give yourself some psychological cues

sometimes, people can't sleep because of things that haven't been done during the day, stress of life, troubles of work, bad feelings. The whole person becomes unable to sleep over and over again.

there is a good saying: "forgive everything before going to bed and wake up without asking the past."

learn to give your mind a "holiday" so that you can easily go to sleep.

in this life, don't neglect to rest because you are busy, and don't stay up every night because of trouble. a good sleep is the cure for everything.

have a good sleep, and you win

someone in Zhihu once asked, "how can I get through the low ebb of life?"

Bi Shumin once answered this question in her book: "wait quietly and sleep like a hibernating bear."

No matter how bitter your heart is, have a good sleep and everything will be relieved.

No matter how tired you are to make a living, have a good sleep and have peace of mind.

No matter how busy life is, have a good sleep and enjoy yourself.

Turgenev said that sleep is like a cool spray that cleans up all the business in your head.

this is the way life is. Go to bed early, get up early and nourish your spirit. Nothing is insurmountable.

I sleep soundly at night and wake up to a brand new day.

give yourself a chance to catch your breath, get some sleep, and you will find that there is no trouble at all.

have a good sleep, feel refreshed, and good luck will come naturally.

, may you be a happy person, starting with a good night's sleep.