When you are more and more silent, you don't want to say it.
When you are more and more silent, you don't want to say it.
Predestined to live without a chance to go, a breeze to send Baiyun.

the story of tea

there is a saying:

"if you experience too few setbacks, you will feel that all trifles are troubles.

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when you experience more truth and falsehood and see the truth of the world, there is not so much sorrow. You are more and more silent, and you don't want to talk about it. "

after middle age, I often feel lonely and silent.

because when you open your eyes every day, you are surrounded by people who depend on you, but you have no one to rely on.

more and more silent, less and less want to say, is clear:

Life comes and goes, and very few people can walk into their hearts.

No matter how much pain and grievance there are, you don't have to tell everyone. Others will comfort you, or you may listen to jokes. You are always the one who can really cure yourself.

in fact, silence is a kind of maturity, looking down on a lot of things, seeing a lot of people clearly, not making noise, not making a sound, and having the power of being quiet.

look down on the things in the world and practice a normal mind

when I was young, I always cared about what others thought of me. When I heard gossip, I was bitter about it. When I was misunderstood, I was eager to argue. When I met someone with a little grievance, I would say.

has experienced more and more things, and I like silence more and more.

Life is your own, so you don't have to show it to others, and you don't have to care about what other people think. Sometimes, there are many mistakes, and silence is more persuasive than explanation.

Life, it is better to see through than to be bearish. Good and bad things will eventually become a thing of the past, there is no need to be too persistent.

people who can't get used to it, just turn around silently; learn to deal with things that you can't let go; learn to let go of things you can't get around.

decades of life, in the long river of time is only a short moment, looking back, no matter how big things are small, why worry about it?

Nan Huaijin once said: "three thousand years of reading history is nothing but fame and fortune; 90,000 miles of enlightenment will eventually lead to poetry and wine countryside."

the most rare thing in life is to practice a normal mind, gain or lose, silence.

take a light view of everything, and everything is in the middle of a joke.

to let go of the past is to let yourself go

in the past, I was always looking for someone to complain about the pain in my heart. Later, I like silence more and more, and I don't want to say it more and more, because to let go and let go of the past is to let go of myself.

after reading a story, a sufferer asked the Zen master, "I can't let go of some people and things."

the Zen master said, "there is nothing in this world that cannot be put down." the sufferer said, "but I can't let it go."

the Zen master asked the sufferer to hold a cup. The Zen master poured hot water into the cup. The water was full and overflowed, and the sufferer was scalded and let go immediately.

the Zen master said, "if it hurts, it will naturally let go."

Life will always experience some deception, injury, and even disappointment, if you keep struggling, it will be yourself who will get hurt.

put it down, not to forgive those who hurt you, but to be gentle to yourself and not to punish yourself for other people's mistakes.

"flirtatious is not talking about Fengsheng, but being speechless is the longest". Silence is the highest contempt for those who deceive, hurt, or fail you.

Let go of the past and move on in silence so that you can meet "another village around the corner" after "it looks like there is no road" and get to where you want to go.

if you can't get around, just go with it.

coming from the years, I have come to understand that many people and things in the world are beyond our control.

sometimes you have to have it in your life. Don't force it all the time. If you can't move from side to side, just follow fate.

these years, through the ups and downs, there have been tears and pain.

some things are untouchable and can only be silent; some people have no choice but to be silent.

accustomed to seeing the evil intentions of people, it is also a kind of free and easy to choose silence and change with fate.

is becoming more and more silent because it is becoming more and more mature.

unpleasant things are very common, it is impossible for everything to go well, can not be controlled, can only let nature take its course, do not complain, do not get angry, do not demand, do not grieve, let it go with fate.

joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows are like the four seasons of life.

if you adapt to your own fate, you will not be confused, trapped in love, afraid of the future, and do not think about the past.

"predestined to live without a chance to go, a breeze to send Baiyun", learn to follow fate, is the first way to let go of troubles.

some people say:

"No one cares how you cry in the middle of the night, and no one cares that you have to go to sleep over and over again and get through a few autumn.

outsiders only look at the results and support the process on their own. When you understand this truth, you will not be hypocritical in front of people and complain everywhere for relief. "

when you become more and more silent, it is a sign of maturity, the introversion and calmness that life teaches you, and the greatest humility and tolerance to others.

for the rest of your life, may you be silent and calm, be at ease with the situation, be flattered or disgraced, and watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall; go or stay unintentionally, follow the clouds and clouds of the sky.