When you are middle-aged, don't show off this in your moments.
When you are middle-aged, don't show off this in your moments.
May we, no matter how time flows, keep a simple heart.


as the old saying goes, "if the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it; if the pile comes from the shore, the current will be turbulent."

the big trees that rise above the forest must first be blown down by the strong wind, and the mounds beyond the river bank must first be washed away by the current.

this is also the case in dealing with the world. If you show off yourself everywhere, you will not only earn vanity, but also lead to disaster.

when you reach middle age, don't show off these three things in your moments.

money is not exposed

people who like to show off their wealth are at a very low level. If they have ten cents on their waist, they will make a noise in their clothes, fall into the eyes of money, and live a boring life.

whenever you talk to people, you must talk about your own car and house, lest others don't know you have money.

nowadays, many people like to show off their financial resources in their moments in various ways.

Laozi said, "if the house is full of gold and jade, you can keep it; if you are rich and proud, you will take the blame."

extravagance and showing off wealth are easy to attract envy and bring disaster to yourself, but it is only a matter of time before something goes wrong.

there is a very rich man named Shi Chong in the Western Jin Dynasty.

according to records, his home is luxurious and luxurious, the magnificent rooms are connected to each other, and even the toilets are very exquisite, with more than a dozen handmaids dressed in fine clothes serving.

Shi Chong not only likes to show off his wealth, but also likes to fight for it. When he heard that another rich man, Wang Kai, used syrup for washing pots in his home, he ordered the kitchen to use candles as firewood.

Wang Kai made a forty-li-long barrier out of silk, and Shi Chong knitted fifty miles out of satin.

made a fortune, some people are rich but do not show, some people are afraid that the world will not know, Shi Chong belongs to the latter.

the good times didn't last long. Later, Shi Chong was killed and his fortune was gone.

the generation of rich people do not end well, and they do not live as long as ordinary people.

struggle to middle age, people can accumulate a certain amount of wealth, but the money is to make themselves and their families better, not to show off.

whether you want to satisfy your vanity by showing off your wealth, or if you want to catch people's attention, it is often counterproductive, either by people with bad intentions or by richer people as a joke.

there are not many friends

there are such people in life who always say the word "contacts" and like to show off how many Wechat friends they have.

this kind of people post on moments, either attending a cocktail party of some big guy, taking a picture with so-and-so, or having a big talk with some big boss.

networking is not who you know, but who can be there when you need it.

Fan Shengmei, one of the heroines in Ode to Joy. She is also keen to attend cocktail parties and dinners of all kinds of high-class people, and always wants to meet rich people at cocktail parties to change her fate.

but then, something really big happened at home. When she humbled and begged those people for help, she was either politely declined or did not answer her calls.

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those connections are like a mirage.

taking part in all kinds of entertainment and getting to know all kinds of people often makes people fall into the illusion of being busy and busy, thinking that they have good friends all over the world.

in fact, it's just a playful relationship. People without strength are all castles in the air, and the wind blows away.

instead of pinning your hopes on others, you should pin your hopes on yourself.

in life, there is always a kind of people who seldom socialize, attend dinners and parties, but are always mentioned that their excellence is the best connections.

when people reach middle age, they should know how to keep a low profile. People who have no connections but keep boasting about themselves will only become jokes of others.

does not boast of itself

as the saying goes, "the water is deep and slow, but people are expensive and words are late."

how deep the water is, you may not be able to see it on the surface. Rivers that do not see the bottom are often calm; what can make people see the bottom at a glance can only be shallow water.

only shallow people like to show off mystery and blow their own trumpet to everyone. People with high profile and publicity often have no practical information in their bellies.

"the saints are nameless, but the great ones are invisible". People who are really knowledgeable and cultured will not get carried away and show off everywhere.

there is a story that has been told over and over again:

one year at the beginning of the new semester of Peking University, a student from out of town came to report with a big bag and a small bag. He was so tired that he left his bag by the side of the road.

Ji Xianlin came at this time, and because the young student didn't know him, he asked him to look at the bag for himself.

Ji Xianlin readily agreed, and by the time the students finished the formalities, nearly an hour had passed.

Ji Xianlin's humility makes him more respectable. Every year on the first day of the Lunar New year, as long as he opens the door, he can always see that the snow in front of the door is full of greetings and words of greeting. It is the young students who do not have the heart to disturb him to express their reverence to him.

there is a good saying: only high but not proud, high but not proud.

learned people tend to be modest, low-key, unobtrusive, and work silently, so that they can better do the task at hand, be down-to-earth, and ask nothing.

you can be proud of success, but you don't have to show off.

Feng Jicai once wrote: "to keep a low profile is to live in your own world; to keep a high profile is to live in the lives of others."

when you reach middle age, if you want to see through vanity, you don't have to pay too much attention to the vanity, but to pursue the life you really want and show it to yourself.

Don't show off, but keep a low profileStatic to my own world, enjoy a peaceful and calm, indifferent and open-minded, happy life.