When you are angry, recite these three sentences silently! (recommended collection)
When you are angry, recite these three sentences silently! (recommended collection)
Forget something, and don't forget to smile.

read with me before bedtime

"not worth it"

Schopenhauer once said: "getting angry at the actions of others is as foolish as losing your temper at a stone on our way."

No one can replace you when you get sick. No matter who you get angry with, you are the one who gets eaten back in the end.

have seen a fable:

A snake climbed into the carpenter's house and was accidentally cut by a saw placed at random in the corner.

Snake is very raw

angry, immediately turned to bite the saw, as a result, cut the mouth again.

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the snake became even angrier. He wrapped himself around the saw with all his strength, trying to suffocate it.

in fact, it was not the saw that killed the snake, but its own rage.

I like this sentence very much: "No matter how big it is today, it will be a small thing tomorrow; if it is a big thing this year, it will become a story next year."

being angry is just punishing yourself with other people's mistakes. In the end, he hurt his body and trapped his heart.

Life is the mood; life is the state of mind.

only when the heart is calm, can you be angry and peaceful. To let go of others is to let go of yourself.

"Don't pester"

as the saying goes, it is often easy to compete with the same people, but not short or long with fools.

when it comes to bad people and bad things, we may not be able to gag others, but we can change our mindset.

one day, Confucius' students were sweeping the fallen leaves in front of the door when a guest came in.

the guest said, "since you are a student of Confucius, I would like to ask you a question. How many seasons are there in a year?"

students answer: "Spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons." The guest shook his head and said, "No, there are only three seasons a year."

the two argued endlessly, and the guest bet with him: "if four seasons, I will kowtow to you three times; if three seasons, you kowtow to me three."

the student agreed, and then Confucius came out. As soon as he asked about the situation, he smiled and said, "there are three seasons in a year. Where are the four seasons?" You'd better kowtow to others! "

when the man walked away happily, Confucius explained:

"that man is all green and the grasshopper has changed. Grasshoppers live in spring and die in autumn. They have never experienced four seasons. Isn't it a waste of time to argue with him about the four seasons? "

in life, there are not a few people in the "three seasons".

if you really want to identify the ugly Yinmao with him, it will not only waste time, but also easily lead to hostility and irritability.

writer Zhou Guoping once said: "Life should have uncompetitive wisdom."

I don't get angry, I don't think I'm a pussy, I don't care. To ignore it is not to make a mistake, but to stop the loss in time.

"it is better to be angry than to be angry"

Zhihu was once asked, "how can I not be angry?"

the highly praised answer is: "anger means strength, so the best way to resolve anger is to strive for success."

in acting

circle, Zhang Xiaofei was just a "fish and shrimp" trampled on by people in show business.

when she went to the crew for an interview, the female producer wantonly pointed out her appearance: "do you think there is something wrong with your face?"

her eyes were blown up while filming, but the crew scolded her: "what a big deal, don't act so delicate."

when she participated in the variety show, her partner bullied her without fame, changed the script at will, refused to communicate with her, and she could only shed tears in silence.

dormant, precipitated and polished until the age of 35, Zhang Xiaofei finally became popular with a movie "Hello, Li Huanying".

5.3 billion box office, hot search constantly, attend the party to sit in the front row, roadshow clothing brands are also becoming more and more high-end.

those who once looked down on her were instantly silent. She got her head out and got the respect she deserved.

there is a dialogue in the Song of patience in Hanshan:

Hanshan asked, "how should some people in the world slander me, humiliate me, despise me, laugh at me, deceive me, and humiliate me?"

pick up the answer: "put up with him, let him, avoid him, tolerate him, let him, respect him, ignore him." In a few years, you can look at him. "

in the adult world, other people's attitude towards you is often related to your strength.

the best revenge in the world is not punching each other and making senseless excuses.

it's about trying to reach a height that others can't reach when they despise you.

it is better to be angry than to be proud, it is better to complain than to change, and it is better to ask for help than to ask yourself.

Gumi said in "several degrees in the World": "the difficulty of life is not to make you angry, but to become more leisurely."

people come to the world once, taste all the ups and downs.

forget something and don't forget to smile. Don't lose your heart if you lose anything.

learn to let go and let go, then you and I will not have a bad life.

finally, I will send you the relief ballad:

when the sun rises in the East China Sea and sets in the West Mountain, there is also a day of sorrow and a day of joy.

when things happen, people are comfortable and their hearts are at ease.

, give yourself a clear heart and peace of mind, don't let life be lost to emotion.