When talking to others, talk less about these three things about yourself, and you will have more and more blessings.
When talking to others, talk less about these three things about yourself, and you will have more and more blessings.
Some words are hidden in my heart and cannot be said.

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as the saying goes, there is a ruler for words and a degree for teasing.

the measure of speaking is the measure of being a man.

I often listen to the elder's saying, "Don't just say what you say, just think about it first."

think before you say anything. People who are "outspoken" often offend others without knowing it.

say whatever you meet, choose what you say, leave room for others, and never be "aggressive".

to communicate with others in life, don't talk out of your mouth, but form the good habit of thinking first and speaking later.

before speaking, thinking about what to say and what not to say is the key to reducing trouble.

and some words are hidden in my heart and cannot be said.

these "hidden words" are not only to avoid embarrassment, but also to keep the "blessing".

the following three topics related to you are not suitable to talk about with others often.

secrets from the bottom of my heart

there is a saying in Zengguang Xian Wen: "keep your mouth shut and be sincere in defense. You would rather fail me than others."

your mouth should be as tight as the mouth of a bottle, and don't let words go out at will; just like defending the city against the enemy, don't let distractions disturb your heart.

mouth-keeping and heart-keeping, the quietest people in a group are often the most powerful.

it is a virtue to be tight-lipped to others, but to hide your thoughts at the bottom is not only to respect others, but also to respect yourself.

everyone has privacy that can't be told. Once a secret gets out, it's not a secret.

even if we tell others again and again not to "spread it out", the more "hidden" it is, the faster it will spread, and it will soon become an "open secret".

Don't say, it's to protect yourself, so that you won't lose the blessing you have just because the secret has been exposed.

Zhu Ziqing said in the article Silence:

"your words should be like the stars of the night, not like New Year's Eve's firecrackers-who wants the overnight firecrackers?"

words are not much, but words of hope are expensive.

what's on your mind is hidden in the bottom of your heart. Keeping silent properly and cultivating the quality of keeping your mouth shut is a good way to respect others as well as yourself.

Gulong once said:

"know that the more reticent people are, the more valuable their words will be. If he talks about kung fu and demeanor, he must be intimidating, and the price of his words will be even higher. "

the mouth is the heart, and the tongue is the seedling of the heart. When people stop talking, the heart is quiet, and the quiet person is stronger.

Old memories

everyone has many things in the past, either sad or happy.

but it's all over, so don't always turn it up. Your past has nothing to do with others. Just keep it in your head.

there are always many people in life like sister-in-law Xianglin, who wish everyone knew about the misfortune they suffered, and finally made people avoid it.

Life is really hard, and it is those moments when we cry bitterly in the middle of the night that make us grow.

everyone's life is doomed to go it alone.

when you complain too much about your past, you will inevitably fall into a situation of self-pity and self-pity, which will eventually paralyze yourself and ruin your life.

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there is a Pygmalion effect in psychology.

that is to say: people will achieve what they think and believe in their hearts. On the other hand, if you believe that things are constantly subject to resistance, these resistance will arise.

A lot of times we think we can't do a thing well, but in fact we're just setting limits on ourselves.

if you dwell on the past and complain too much about your past sufferings, you may really become a "complaining woman"; if you talk too much nonsense, you may really become "rubbish".

look up and walk forward, practice a meditation, and watch the flowers bloom and fall.

only in this way, the mind will be more calm, become positive and sunny, and let yourself be a blessed person in the future.

my own grades

the more a person shows off, the easier it is to lose something.

"achievements" represent the past. If you can't extricate yourself from the happiness of the past, you are more likely to be complacent and stand still.

he who laughs last laughs sweetest.

Xunyou in the period of the three Kingdoms was modest and avoided disasters and paid great attention to concealing his edge.

since he was assigned to the post of advisor, he has made great contributions to Cao Cao's battle, planning military aircraft and defeating the enemy. Among the many advisers and strategists in the Cao camp, his position is among the best.

later, Cao Cao became Wei Gong and appointed him as Shangshu Ling, which can be described as a great favor.

but he always knew that "the edge should not be bullied".

with his own wisdom and strategy, he can easily deal with the complex relationship between the top and the bottom.

what is the reason?

Gai is very different because he is at home and abroad, and he is very different from the enemy and himself.

when he took part in the military plane, he was brilliant and brilliant, but to Cao Cao and his colleagues, he was always careful not to show his edge, not to compete with others, to hide his talent, wisdom, and merit as much as possible, and always showed humility.

the low land becomes the sea, and the low man becomes the king.

the better a person is, the more he knows how to hide his edge.

as the saying goes, "if the wood is better than the forest, the wind will destroy it; if the pile comes from the shore, the current will be turbulent; if you walk higher than man, the crowd will not be right."It is. "

exaggerating and showing off your excellence will not only expose your cards, but also hurt others and incur disgust.

Wise men never talk about their achievements, but they are always sought after and respected to welcome the glorious moments of life.