When people reach middle age, they learn to enrich themselves.
When people reach middle age, they learn to enrich themselves.
When you learn to love yourself, the whole world will love you.

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when people reach middle age, they suddenly understand a truth:

"the first thing you should learn is how to be good to yourself."

for most of the past, we have been trying to play a lot of roles, being daughters, wives and mothers. But I can't find the time to be nice to myself.

if you live for others in the first half of your life, don't regret it for yourself for the rest of your life.

after middle age, you must learn to enrich yourself and make the rest of your life wonderful and beautiful.

keep your face

there is a sentence in "waiting for migratory birds for fifteen years":

"everyone has a love of beauty. Before understanding the smart mind, the good and excellent inside, the first thing people see is the face. "

take care of your face, not heavy makeup, not grandstanding, but clean skin, clear eyes, appropriate makeup. Is the whole body exudes a beautiful, friendly, let people want to get close to the temperament.

maintenance is not an occasional mask or a sudden thought of running, but a refined way of life, a habit of pleasing the body and mind, and a persistent self-discipline.

A woman is responsible for her appearance in this life. You may not be beautiful, but you can't give up decorating yourself.

exercise regularly, don't eat greasy and spicy food, sunscreen every day, apply facial mask frequently, learn to dress and match, learn to make up properly.

people who insist on maintenance and non-maintenance lead a different life.

someone once asked a regular maintenance friend:

"you spend so much money on maintenance, but you don't see anything more on you."

the friend replied, "I spend money on maintenance. I don't want my body to have more, but I want to lose something."

for example: you have age spots, I don't; you have wrinkles, I don't; you are bloated, your skin is saggy, I don't …... "

taking care of yourself brings not only youthfulness and beauty in appearance, but also inner confidence, elegance, and the ability to manage your life.

take care of body and mind, enjoy life

in the first half of life, I spent too much energy on my family and work. In the second half of my life, I learned to be kind to myself.

once saw a piece of news, which was very touching.

A mother said that she likes to stay up late, only the time at night is completely her own, not to be disturbed.

when you become an adult, it means that the carefree life has gone away from us, and every day is either a responsibility or an obligation.

you have done a good job. Some people praise you for being capable, others praise you for being sensible, but no one sees the strong outfit behind your smile and does not understand the surge under your calm expression.

you think that growing up means giving yourself and taking care of others, but in fact, growing up also means being kind to yourself and not wronging yourself.

next time you try to love the people around you, remember to love yourself as well.

Don't forget to eat breakfast no matter how busy your life is, remember to go to bed early no matter how tired you are from work, and take time to relax no matter how short the weekend is.

to be kind to yourself, you should take care of not only your body but also your heart.

in this life, people live in a mood. Taking good care of the body and mood is more important than anything else.

in the second half of life, you will no longer feel sorry for things that are not worth it. If you think about everything, your heart will not be tired.

Learning to make yourself happy is the meaning of life.

study and travel, increase experience

once upon a time, I spent too much time at work and too much energy on others. I couldn't read a book a year or traveled anywhere in years.

when you talk to people, you only feel empty and can't find a common topic.

Maugham said: "Women should read more and cultivate a taste and self-cultivation that distinguishes others."

when you reach middle age, don't let yourself waste your life on unnecessary things.

it is better to set aside time every day to turn off your cell phone, order a column of sandalwood, find a good book, and talk to the wise than to worry about vulgar things.

maybe you used to have the bad habit of procrastination. From now on, learn time management and improve your productivity so that you can do more things at the same time, such as traveling.

arrange your time and give yourself a holiday.

those hearsay beauty, you have to really feel before you can have a vivid experience;

for those rare scenes, you have to see them with your own eyes to increase your horizons and knowledge.

and it is with these things in your life that you become precious and unique, worthwhile, and look forward to tomorrow.

although life is lingering, poetry and distance keep us alive.

Don't worry about it any more, take it easy

when people reach middle age, they should learn not to be confused.

Don't be confused because the world is clear, and you don't worry about the past.

many people are so sad about yesterday's mistakes that they waste the happiness they should have today.

there are also people who are bitter about the mistakes of today and let tomorrow fall into a painful cycle.

yesterday's frustration and regret let it stay yesterday, and your sadness, your care, can't make any difference.

forgive everything before you go to bed and wake up as a freshman.

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writer Lin Qingxuan said:

"when we live in the present moment, we can cut off the sorrows of the past and the fears of the future.Only when we cut off the sorrows of the past and the fears of the future can we be truly free. "

the more people care, the less happy they will be. When you keep internal friction and happiness is around you, you won't even notice it.

when people reach middle age, they will no longer argue about trifles or blame for their mistakes.

if you care about it, there will be haze everywhere, and if you relax, it will be sunny everywhere.

in this life, people will be happy if they don't care about it, and they will be surrounded by happiness if they are calm and calm.

letting go of everything and being pessimistic about everything is a free life.

it is not too late for people to learn to enrich themselves when they reach middle age.

Let go of unnecessary people and things and spend your time and energy on yourself.

you have to understand that instead of pinning your hopes on others, invest in yourself and live the way you most want to be.

in the end, you will find that women who know how to enrich themselves will not be too bad.

because when you learn to love yourself, the whole world will love you.

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