When people are over forty, don't show off these things in moments. They seem to have face, but they are actually very cheap.
When people are over forty, don't show off these things in moments. They seem to have face, but they are actually very cheap.
You can be proud of success, but you don't have to show off.

Billingsky said: "all real and great things are simple and humble."

low-level people show off everywhere, showing off their teeth and claws, grandstanding and boasting for the slightest achievement.

High-level people are modest and gentlemanly, gentle and moist, confident but not arrogant, arrogant but not arrogant.

what makes a person noble is not his birth or ability, but his humble demeanor and posture.

when people are middle-aged, don't show off these three things in moments. They seem to have face, but they are actually very cheap.


in the past, people showed off their wealth and had ten cents on their waist.

nowadays people show off their wealth. Every time they chat with others, they must talk about their own cars and houses, lest others should not know that they have money.

there are also people who like to show off their financial resources from different angles in moments, which are essentially the same.

as the old saying goes: wealth is not exposed, you do not walk alone.

extravagance and showing off wealth are easy to attract envy and bring disaster to yourself, but it is only a matter of time before something goes wrong.

when he has made a fortune, some people are rich but do not show it, while others are afraid that the world will not know.

struggle to middle age, naturally can accumulate a certain amount of wealth, but the money is to make themselves and their families better, not to show off.

when you walk in the world, you should avoid showing your edge. Show off everywhere, light is easy to be targeted by evil people, serious is to incur disaster.

the fact that wealth is not exposed is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also the wisdom to settle down.


there are such people in life who always say the word "contacts" and like to show how many Wechat friends they have.

this kind of people post on moments, either attending a cocktail party of some famous person, taking a photo with a famous person, or having a big talk with some big boss.

knowing people doesn't mean you have connections, and being close to wealth doesn't mean you have wealth.

Fan Shengmei, one of the heroines in Ode to Joy. She is also keen to attend cocktail parties and dinners of all kinds of high-class people, and always wants to meet rich people at cocktail parties to change her fate.

but then, something really big happened at home. When she humbled and begged those people for help, she was either politely declined or did not answer her calls.

those connections are like a mirage.

networking is not who you know, but who can be there when you need it.

socializing around and getting to know all kinds of people often makes people fall into the illusion of having good friends all over the world.

the reality is that relationships built by playing games are like castles in the air, and the wind blows away.

people who are middle-aged and have no connections but keep boasting about themselves will only become the jokes of others.


there is a good saying: lack of modesty is lack of insight.

there is a day outside the sky, and there are people outside the world. Those who have seen the world have seen the vastness of the world and their own limitations. Even with great achievements, they are still low-key, introverted and open-minded.

share a story:

at a gathering of writers, a well-dressed young man walked around the venue like a general patrolling around, holding several novels he had written.

when he saw a middle-aged woman in plain clothes sitting in the corner, he ran over and said, "Hello, my name is Franwell. I have written more than thirty novels."

the man became a little exasperated and asked loudly, "how many novels have you written?"

the woman said: I have only written one.

the man looked disdainful and said: Oh? Which one? I wonder if anyone has heard of it.

the woman replied: "gone with the Wind".

after hearing this, the man was extremely embarrassed. It turned out that the writer in front of him was the world-famous Grit Mitchell.

the still water runs deep, and the wise man is silent. People who are really knowledgeable and cultured tend to keep a low profile, they are intelligent but do not show off, they have prestige but not publicity, and they have status but not high status.

you can be proud of success, but you don't have to show off.

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writer Feng Jicai wrote in his book:

low profile is to live in your own world; high profile is to live in someone else's world.

when you are over forty, you should see through vanity, and you don't have to pay too much attention to the vanity and show off to the outside world.

but keep a low profile and live a good life, pursue a life of inner longing, and enjoy a peaceful and quiet, indifferent and open-minded, happy life.