When people are at a low ebb, they can best see the warmth and coolness of human feelings.
When people are at a low ebb, they can best see the warmth and coolness of human feelings.
May you smile magnanimously and see the sun in your eyes.


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I saw this paragraph on the Internet the other day:

people can't look at the surface, but they will show their true shape over time.

Don't go with your feelings, you can only see the truth when you are in trouble.

sharing weal and woe to see true feelings, sharing weal and woe is a true confidant.

I quite agree with you.

in a lifetime, bosom friends are hard to find, lovers are hard to find, and true feelings are rare.

when people are desperate, they can best recognize true love

if your partner is seriously ill, what choice will you make? will you never give up, or will you turn around and leave?

I have seen a lot of indifference and ruthlessness of "husband and wife are birds of the same forest and fly separately in the face of disaster".

I also know that "the husband is the rock, the concubine is the Reed, the Reed is as tough as silk, and the rock is not transferred" is precious and rare.

reviewing the Reader a few days ago, I was once again moved to tears by the story of Ding Yizhou and Lai Min.

at the age of 21, Lai Min was found to be suffering from a rare disease called cerebellar ataxia.

the disease will cause her cerebellum to atrophy, resulting in her unstable walking, unstable standing, and even loss of life.

because her body began to be abnormal and out of control, she had no choice but to quit her job. At the same time, the boyfriend who has been dating for many years also chose to break up.

suffering one after another tortured her, but luckily she met Ding Yizhou.

Ding Yizhou, a classmate of Lai Min, had a secret affection for Lai Min when he was a student.

when he learned about Lai Min's illness, he found Lai Min and told her that he was willing to take care of her for the rest of his life.

Lai Min feels that Ding Yizhou made a decision on the spur of the moment, but Ding Yizhou said firmly: "it's not sympathy, it's love. It's the only thing I'm sure of in my life."

in the following days, Ding Yizhou showed his sincerity with practical actions.

in order to treat Lai Min, he went to hospitals large and small and spent all his savings. In order to save rent, he moved from the city to the countryside.

until one day, Lai Min told Ding Yizhou that she didn't want to lie in a hospital bed waiting to die, but wanted to go out and see the outside world.

on January 1, 2015, Ding Yizhou quit his job and set off with Lai Min, a wheelchair, a bicycle and a dog.

because of the lack of funds, he worked as a part-time worker and walked at the same time. He worked as a clay worker, rushed to harvest crops, and helped others herd cattle and sheep.

although he worked hard, seeing Lai Min's smile, he thought it was worth everything.

out of the "heart-shaped journey" on the map, netizens call it "mind-wandering couple".

what is the simplest in love?

vows are the simplest.

what is the hardest thing in love?

sharing joys and sorrows is the most difficult.

true love can only be precipitated over a long period of time.

what is true love?

my answer is:

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when you are in a desperate situation, he still does not abandon you, does not give up, and shares weal and woe with you, fighting side by side.

people can best see the hearts of the people when they are low.

when you are in a desperate situation, it is the most rare emotion in the world to have someone who loves you to give you company and strength.

but not everyone will do this to you, and more people will just give each other the cold shoulder.

they will let you know what is reality and what is the heart.

think of a former American businessman named Jason Wippon.

he created a website that received 9 million visitors in just a few months.

at the age of 19, Jason Wippon appeared in the famous American Fortune magazine, and at that time it was thought that he would be the next Bill Gates.

many investors and financial institutions saw great potential in him and offered him loans, which made his company go public soon.

and his company's stock has risen several times in a very short time.

for a while, he became the subject of all the media attention, and he was on camera--

dating beauties and supermodels, attending different parties, surrounded by respectable friends, living in luxury and spending hundreds of millions of dollars.

No one thought that his life had undergone earth-shaking changes in just two years.

the share price fell, the company declared bankruptcy, and overnight, he became a penniless ordinary man.

the beautiful women around him suddenly disappeared, and his friends with fame and wealth shunned him at a distance.

when he wanted to rebuild the website and decided to make a comeback, he asked a lot of friends to borrow money, but none of them would lend it to him.

Jason Wiespen said:

"after all these things, I finally understand that money only recognizes money, it doesn't recognize people. The reason I failed in the past was that I always thought money recognized me. "

money is really a good thing, it can help you see through the hearts of the people, but also can measure the warmth of human feelings.

if people are down, fewer people will help you, more people will laugh at you, and people who take you seriously will change.Less, there are more and more people who don't take you seriously.

this is the way life is. When you are in full swing, you can't tell who is real or who is not.

only once will you really realize that who cares about you and who uses you in this world.

as Mr. Yang Jiang said:

"only when you are humble, do you have the best chance to see the truth of human feelings in the world."


people know their hearts best when they are down

A period of out-of-date experience shared by Tao Hong when she participated in the program "Women's 30 +"

Tao Hong said:

"when I was thirty and my career was just right, everyone would look up at you and look up at you."

but when you slowly fade out of the sight of others, those friends who were full of excessive enthusiasm for you will suddenly turn a blind eye to you. This is not one, it's a bunch, it's a bunch, it's countless. "

at that time, she knew that this was the so-called cold and warm human relationship, and people were cool when they left.

I suddenly thought of the program "Xiao Shuo" hosted by Gao Xiaosong, and Han Han was invited as a guest in one issue.

in the program, they talked about their former grudges.

they didn't know each other at first, but an article written by Han Han indirectly offended Gao Xiaosong's good friend Lu Chuan.

in order to support his brothers, Gao Xiaosong said on his blog that he would also sue Han Han because his song "Youth without regrets" was quoted in Han Han's novel "Triple Gate" without his consent.

in response, Han Han published the article "Gao Xiaosong wants to sue me, it is only natural to say that Gao Xiaosong helps his buddies, but also calls on fans not to attack others."

the two "don't fight and don't know each other", and have forged a deep friendship ever since.

Gao Xiaosong was jailed for drunk driving in 2011, just as his movie Dawusheng was released.

he asked someone to call Han Han and said:

"my movie premiered in Shanghai, can you go to the show?"

but only Han Han, who is usually the least sociable, was present on that day.

Gao Xiaosong lamented in the program:

only when you have such an experience in life can you see the hearts of the people.

there are too many people in life who will lean forward when you are happy and run away when you are down.

there is always a person, such an experience, will let you instantly grow up, instantly see the hearts of the people.

but it doesn't matter, only in this way can we know our hearts and know who really cares about us.

We don't need to care about the superficial emotions between people, those who are best friends don't need them, and those who make friends don't need them.

Bai Juyi said in "the difficulty of travelling":

"the road is difficult, not in the water, not in the mountains, but only in the vicissitudes of human feelings."

never forget, change your heart for your heart, and you must cherish it when you get it.

May you be full of loneliness and courage and not be disappointed

be sure to remember,

when people are desperate, they can best recognize true love.

when people are low, they can best see the hearts of the people.

people know the truth best when they are down.

when people lose power, they can see the people around them more clearly.

when people are at a low ebb, they will feel the warmth and warmth of human feelings.




May you be full of loneliness and courage, and may all your happiness do not have to pretend;

May you change your heart, may you smile magnanimously, and your eyes are full of sun.