When my heart is tired, I throw away these three things.
When my heart is tired, I throw away these three things.
Don't care about other people's eyes, just warm your own sun!

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writer Liu Tong once said such a paragraph:

"these years, it is often necessary to make up your mind to throw away some clothes and delete some photos and numbers.

like rice in a rice pot, it can come down with a hard shovel, and the walls are covered with scars. If you soak in water for a while, you can come down, and everything is complete. "

many things can be separated by soaking in the water of time. At that time, the struggle is not meaningless, it can prove to myself that I can be ruthless to myself and leave anyone.

sometimes we live so tired because we have too many things on our minds.

when your heart is tired, you learn to subtract from your life, get rid of these things and go on your way light in order to find happiness.

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throw away the irreparable past

there are many things in this world that are often not as desired, just like the full moon is missing, the flowers bloom and fall, and like the flow of time, after passing away, they never come back.

in fact, we meet too many people and things, in the final analysis, but a "fate" word.

if you are predestined, you will always come back to you in a circle. If you do not have the chance, you will not be able to stay after it.

the past is the past. Even if you can't forget it for a while, you must learn to let it go.

No matter how beautiful the memory is, it is a memory after all, but the present life still has to go on.

cherish what you have now. If you lose it one day, it will not be too late.

all feasts in the world will come to an end, no matter how long the road will come to an end, and the hot water will still get cold. this is how we all grow up day by day.

now that you've missed it, you might as well laugh it off.

always indulge in the past, the burden on our hearts will become heavier and heavier, and it will be ourselves who will get hurt in the end.

lose false friends

it is said that people cannot try, and the more they try, the colder they get.

if you are not poor once, you may never know how many people really care about you and how many people are just perfunctory.

these days, when you are proud, there is no shortage of people who are nice to you.

when you are frustrated, you will find that the people who used to revolve around you have unwittingly disappeared.

and at this time, still choose to accompany you silently, is worthy of your life to cherish.

A true friend, who doesn't have to try to keep in touch, will give unreservedly when you need it.

such feelings can be met but not sought.

Please remember that you can only talk to everyone and don't throw your heart away.

it's not that whoever you treat well will always be nice to you.

instead of spending time and energy to please those who have nothing to do with them, it is better to be yourself quietly and ignore the hypocrisy.

lose someone who doesn't love you

Zhang ailing once wrote such a sentence:

"when I saw him, she became very low, low in the dust."

maybe everyone has been so humble in their feelings, silently loving someone who doesn't love you.

it's not that he's ruthless, it's just that his affectionate side never shows to you.

however, no matter how much you love someone, you must learn to love yourself before you love others.

Don't indulge each other blindly and make yourself humble to the dust.

if a relationship depends on your compromise, it doesn't matter if you don't want it.

the reason is simple:

if you change your heart, you will give up if you can't get it.

A person who has no you in his heart is really not worth spending too much enthusiasm on him.

to a certain age, I always suddenly feel very tired, but I can't say why.

too much pressure, nowhere to release, too much mood, no one to tell.

when you are tired, don't think too much, leave behind the people and things that make you tired, and follow your heart.

how simple to live, how comfortable to live, no need to care about other people's eyes, just to warm their own sun!